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Snippet of The Athletic Football Show, A show about the NFL: Russell Wilson Interested In Chicago

Last Played: March 11, 2021
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As a big picture guy who understands legacy, he understands success as the QB of the Bears. Wilson could be the first QB to bring home a championship. Vegas makes sense for him too because of this reason. His desire is to be in the Hall of Fame, make records, and be an all-time great.
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it does seem based on the reporting that's come out. Jeremy Fowler, from ESPN has done a really good job, kind of keeping his finger on the pulse of this. And he's talked about all of the different reasons that Wilson is attracted to Chicago. And when the Bears were first on that list, my initial thought was he understands what it would mean to be the quarterback of the Chicago Bears and succeed and the ramifications that would have. And for somebody with as much as many ambitions, as Russell Wilson has, and the grand ambitions that Russell Wilson has beyond just his success on the football field, I don't think it's that crazy that he would want to play in Chicago, even with some of the concerns about the line, the offense, everything else. Yeah, Chicago, Chicago. Russ is definitely a big picture guy. He's a guy that understands the legacy. Uh, and and I think that even obvious to you when you guys were younger, Absolutely. As soon as he came into Wisconsin, he came to Wisconsin. The biggest reason he came to Wisconsin. Yeah, it was the talent we had, you know, of course, But he said. He went there to prove that he could throw the ball in a pro style offense with big offense. Alignment. That's why he came to Wisconsin. It was to prove himself. Okay, a guy thinking that way already. He's thinking about his NFL draft stock, and it's like, Okay, so that's That's one sign. And we we talked more and more and and countless stories of rust. But, you know, with with Chicago, was we played Northern Illinois in at Soldier Field our senior year, and I think it was the second game of the season. Maybe third. His brother lives there. Um, Harrison, I believe his first name is and Harrison lives there. So he writes really like Chicago. Every time he goes there, he doesn't do so much anymore. But he used to He would ask about the purple pig, which I think is closed now. The restaurant, uh, Michigan Avenue. Yeah, and he would ask about it and like every time he went, he was like, my dad knew somebody. So he's like, Hey, can you hook me up and I'll always be like, It's not me Arrest. I don't know anybody there, but yeah, I can I can, like, put you up with somebody but rust. Like Chicago Rust is a big picture guy. Rest understand the legacy. Chicago makes all the sense. It's It's Chicago. Yeah, I mean, it's It's New York, Chicago and L. A. Like those are the three biggest markets. And if you make it in Chicago, it's just like the line with New York. You make it here, you make it anywhere. Sandwich, Chicago. They want to love you. If you're the quarterback, you're the first Chicago bear quarterback. That can be like, be a guy like or bring a championship home like that. You're there. You're God, right? I mean, you know, it's like if you're a winner there in Chicago, you're got the rest of your life. There's a reason that Dico won one Super Bowl there. And also I got a dick, a steak house all the time. And that's why it's close now and everything. And yeah, purple pig is still opens. Dick Dick is is closed. Okay, Maybe I mixed them up. Okay, but yeah, but take us is closed. Really? Oh, man, I love the bar. There they had they had a little plaques there for the regular. It was great, but the But that's what Russ understands that. And I think the Vegas stuff makes sense to me. To the Raiders are a national team like Raiders could honestly just be a one name team like Seal or like Madonna. Like they could just be the Raiders. Like you know, Las Vegas is secondary to that, and that was the reason they moved to Las Vegas. Really, when I was with them in Oakland, they knew that Las Vegas is. It's very easy to travel to, so people can just make it a weekend out of it. Raiders are a national fan base. One of the top three or four teams have, you know, just fans everywhere, because it's just they have that that tradition of, of, of, of that legacy, I should say of, You know, the play, how they play the bad boys, you know? So people are attracted to that, just like people attracted the Cowboys. America's team. And it's that makes sense to me. The Raiders, not so much. Gruden does make sense. Offensive coach. He'd fit right in with that kind of scheme is heavy, you know, play action and all that good stuff. But also, I just think it's also in. He's in Vegas and you could be a God in Vegas. You could have Frank Frank Sinatra like, um, Jerry Tarkanian is like the only real big sports legacy here. He's like three streets named after him here. Live here and he's, you know, he's basketball coach, you know? It's like, Yeah, that's That's the type of they love sports here. They just have nobody that they could have latched onto. You know, it's not like Randall Cunningham is, you know, like something you know, v Star. But it was like, you know, that's that's his legacy. So that would make sense to me. And then Dallas and New Orleans, just like you just said, It's just just easily makes sense. I just think the Chicago thing is all about legacy for him. He wants to be a Hall of Famer first about he wants records. He wants to be considered an all time great. And what better way to be considered all time? Great, when you're doing it with a big market that's going to market you as an all time great and you're gonna always have that chatter about you. If you're with one of these national teams, you're always going to be talked about, even if your average you're always gonna be talked about. It's just how it goes. And he understands that he's smart enough to understand that. I also think it's really interesting that he's played in Chicago twice during his career, the two times he's played in Chicago. The first one it was in 2000 and 18, when the Bears were a playoff team and it was a Monday night game that they lost. And then it was in 2012, when the Bears were eight and four and it was December. And I'm telling you, man, I was his breakout game. And that's the fact that he the two times he's played here is when the Bears were good and relevant. When the Bears are good, you feel it. It is, and I'm not trying to people that don't understand this city and what the fan base is like. It's a great sports town, right? I mean, the teams have been terrible. It's a great sports town, but when the bears are good, it's just different. It is different than anything else. And there is a feeling in the fall when it happens, and I am not surprised that those are the two exposures he has had to. Soldier Field is when the Bears were on the verge of the playoffs late in the season, like it makes total sense to me.
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