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Snippet of The ATP Project's Podcast: Are Vegan Diets Better?

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Hosts Jeff and Matt discuss the health costs and benefits of the vegan diet compared to that of omnivores. The two discuss the health outcomes between the two lifestyles.
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okay. It's interesting, because when I was looking into this vegan Omnivore vegetarian diet and I was doing a bit of research to see why it is a good a zit can be, um, and I was looking at the gut Microbiota, and what was really interesting was that they found that with Westernized with Western cultures or Western people, if they give them an Asian diet, it doesn't create the same gut. Flora changes as giving an Asian and Asian diet in particular soy, for example, when they fed people that don't have soy as part of the culture and traditional food. When they give them soy, it doesn't create the gut changes and make this particular strains of bacteria that it does in an Asian person. So when they gave the soy to Asian population with a long history traditional food use of soy when they give it to them, they gut flora changes very quickly to make these particular strains of bacteria that helped them to process and utilize the soy as a fermented products so beneficial, beneficial. But when given the story to the Europeans in the Western people, it didn't create the same changes. The gut Flora didn't create the same by chemical pathways or the same chemistry creating the same protective nutrients that it did in other coaches on That's what you're looking at a gun. Okay, so we could go back and say these cultures, you know, don't have this condition because they eat a lot of these foods. But does that mean if I eat a lot of those foods, I'm gonna be protected? Or is was it one man's medicines? Another man's poison? Yeah, eso like it's It's interesting to see that, you know, like I would have assumed. Oh, yeah, But you can't say if I eat the same food as a as a big, 120 kg Australian. If I eat the same food as a 60 kg Chinese person, I'm going to be lean on and have those body shaping body type, you know? So we go back our genetics and foods and lifestyle. We can't compare the two, but now we're finding that maybe it's just the bugs are racist. Is this also met? Why some people might swear by a certain superfood and and or supplement or what have you saying? Oh my gosh, maca powder is the best thing since day dot There may be reasons why it's not beneficial for all people way. See it often, man. I mean again, we've spoken about it with drugs as well to their bodies. Everybody is different. And that's the That's the hardest thing to be able to factor in, You know, 70 cents, 70% success rate with drugs is considered to be a successful drug s. So it's the same thing, I guess, with a lot of these things. So again, this goes down to say, If you're using something that's not working for you even though you're best mates getting brilliant results, it may not work for you. Exactly. Maybe look for something else. Yeah, exactly. It's really interesting because I was doing a little bit of this research just yesterday, just reading through some statistics that are coming out because I just try to get the stats and then because that's just telling us the numbers. And then we try to interpret and work it out from there, because what we're gonna discover is that well, in my opinion, there is no one perfect diet because you're supposed to change what you eat, depending on what your goals are and what's available and from the seasons. And so we probably find that there is no one diet That's great for everyone. But there is actually food tools that we can use our food strategies and people were a little, uh, people look at me as a tool. Yeah, but very few people look at me as a food. Maybe if you got to pump in your guinea. But what I was going to say is, this were potentially the basis of and I know that you're not a fan of that the blood group diet and all that sort of stuff which looked at geographical because what they said was Okay. People with this blood group came from this area, right? And I know that there was a lot of assumptions made. Yeah, So some people swear by it, Maybe they've stumbled into something where they're kind of eating right for their body, and yeah, I mean, I don't want to disparage you. I know. I don't honestly know. I mean, but I know that knows no one knows. That's the point. And so, but Okay, so you look a blood type diet, for example, that the basis of that died A. They were testing these compounds called elections, which a little markers found on food that having an interaction with their immune system. So certain people respond to different to different lecterns. And then they believe that these elections also was linked in with the blood type. So they found patterns were certain blood types would have because, you know, the way they determine blood type is by anybody responses to blood that something. So then they found people of certain blood types had certain antibody responses against different elections, which would create inflammatory or immune problems that can contribute thio disease. You know, age related disorders. Andi other you know, inflammatory sort of conditions s Oh, that was the basis of the blood type diet. There's a lot of holes in the They just talked too much sometimes, you know, like like may they you basically sometimes you gotta accept the fact that hey, we've got some statistics. We don't really know the full story behind it, but this is what we know. We need to share some information without having to go back. And because some people say too much like as a natural path. You know, sometimes certain things work. If you don't know how it works. That's fine. Just say we don't know how it works. You have to make some bullshit story up about fairies and toadstools and, you know, weird stuff and the same with the blood type diets like, Yeah. Okay, so we found these elections for these particular foods interact with these particular things to be aware of that instead of having to go back and say so, if you're a blood type bay, then you were a farmer. If you're a blood tie, Bo, you are a hunt together. If your blood type B you know your your genius and you're amazing on your handsome and stuff your blood type. Yeah, e. And then, if you know, maybe it's like Okay, well, you probably a bit of each of these two categories. Let's just see what happens, you know? So they say too much. They go too far. It's funny. It's like, Okay, one. We know we've got 11 and one or one and one is 11. Yeah, could be, too. That's the problem. I think when people overreach, I mean there's no problem so long as they stay Well, look, here's what we This is science, but and he's in his pocket. Exactly. Yeah, that's called anyway, that so and what I've been doing with these diet stuff is just trying to find some interesting stats because I probably coming in with it a bit biased, thinking that there is no one diet. That's right. But all I've been trying to do is find what's good about each diet. Because if we teach people what's been proven and what we believe to be the best parts of each diet, they can recreate their own diet strategies, depending on their personal goals. And that's what stuff then, of course, I mean, this isn't taking into consideration. Um, other reasons for choosing to be vegan or vegetarian, such as don't like religion stuff don't like getting animals. Did you hear that? They wanna change egg and bacon bay down. I think it's South Australia testimony or something like that. There's a place called Egg and Bacon Bay and Peter want to change it to tofu. Something like Tofu Town. Don't Food Bay. I don't know. Thio, Excel, er, no, not even excel it. They can't because the poor chicken So they call it Salad Bay when the chicken is going to do. If they don't put me again, I don't know anyway Anyway, we digress. Met with Paleo. People were gonna be up in arms. It's gonna be paleo versus versus Peter. Oh, gosh s alright, Pilot. Mob sounds scary. E mobile day, but any any? All right, so anyway, so, like, I was just saying, Is this discussion is not talking about whether you won't eat animals because you don't hurt animals. Yeah, um, which is a very good point, because personally, I'm a bit of a softy. I reckon if I had to kill my animals to eat my meat
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