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Snippet of The Beerists 234 - New England IPAs

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When the host, John Rubio, talked about New England IPAs a few weeks ago, their knowledge was pretty hazy. Luckily, a bunch of listeners corrected them, and one went so far as to send them a box full of 'em for the show. Yes yes yes yes. That is what they will be drinking and evaluating in this podcast.
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goes off huge PCI esters and brings juicy aromas to the front stage. Number four. Massive hopping, specifically late hopping and dry hopping. It seems that some of the brewery's air for going buttering hops altogether in favor of one or two dry hop stages. There are theories that the timing of these dry hops at the end of primary fermentation causes hot particles to bind to other things in the beer, thus permanent. Top Hayes. I hope this helps to clear up some confusion. Having brewed a number of I PS. With some of these methods, I've produced what are easily the best hoppy beers I've ever made. In my opinion, New England I ps are absolutely a unique style and one best suited for enjoyment rather than argument. James. Nice. Thanks, James. Very informative. Super informative. Got science. Yeah, I know. That's really good kidding. I turned out what s a bunch of blabby stuff about beer. Okay, well, that I actually learned a lot from those guys emails and I also did some other reading online about the subject. So I feel like I have a better understanding of what this is about. Good. Steer the ship Okay, lets start drinking beer. Yeah, yeah, Captain, My captain, The first of which is Super Sessions number two from Lawson's finest liquids out of war in Vermont. This is 4.8% a BV, and it's 11 bucks for a six pack of 12 ounce cans and on draft. And this one was canned on 7 21. And according to their right up super session, number two brewed with Amarillo is designed to be a light and refreshing beer with low alcohol. Yet the full hop character of a session i p. A. Go ahead. You can have more than one cheers taking a look at this thing. It's a hazy. It's hazy golden color. It's not as hazy is something like maybe like heady topper or something like that would be at least my main reference point for the style. It seems pretty clear in my glass. Yeah, for all the hubbub about haziness decent amount of head, Yeah, there was about a finger's worth. It's about half of fingers now, pretty golden in color, and when you rock that glass back and forth, you could actually see a lot of carbonation. There smells fucking incredible Yeah, smells so P. That's the first thing I thought. Like very perfume. Me and Sophie, I get lemon zest on the hop character. Oh, yeah, a little bit of grapefruit pulp. It's a little floral, too. Jasmine grassy e Have orange zest in there, too. Yeah, very citrusy, but it's a light citrusy, not very oily, I guess. There's a little bit of pine resin there, too, but it's not very pronounced, and I really like that slight biscotti. Malty aroma. It's very crack ary. I was expecting it to be a lot juicier upfront, and there's a juicy component. But what I was first taken with is a big cracker. A note. Just have a sip. Yeah, I did, too. That's delicious. It's really tasty. It's also really nicely dry. I definitely get that cracker. He note that you're talking about. It washes into, like that real nice citrusy note and also very perfume E. But it finishes dry. It's really, really nice. I was actually expecting something a little bit juicier, I think kind of like Grant was just based on the aroma, but I'm actually really happy that it's finishing dry. It really tastes like orange blossoms. I mean, the hop character is very floral and citrusy, and it does taste a little bit more like an oily orange peel than it smelled. It smelled more like the fruit on the inside and a little bit of zesty nous, but not very oily. The flavor is definitely more oily and a little bit more bitter than I was expecting. It's like a lot of Citrus pith, a lot of orange and grapefruit and even lemon pith. Yeah, that's just kind of all both dry and a little bit kind of dirty tasting. I mean, it's weird for me to say dirty because it's there's something very clean overall about it. But when you do that thing, where you like, rub your tongue up against the top your mouth after every step, it always makes me think that a little dirty, maybe it's your tongue. Maybe you're tasting the inside of your mouth. E. Get a little bit of hibiscus from this. Okay, I could get a lot of the citrusy notes that you were talking about, but I also get grass, Penis and hibiscus, and I am also kind of surprised by the level of bitterness here, But I was gonna be a little more dialed back, but I like it. Me too. It's enjoyable, really drinkable. So you brought up Hibiscus Grant brought up jazz.
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