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Snippet of The Beerists 419 - Monday Night Hop Huts and Ethics

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Listen to this audio snippet of episode 419 of The Beerists where the hosts will try 6 beers from Atlanta's Monday Night Brewing. 3 are from their Hop Hut and 3 Situational Ethics variants! Also, Rubio succumbs to his secret curse, and alcohol grossly inhibits elocution. As the hosts get tipsier more is revealed about the beer craft world.
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Oh, right. So it's all condensed. So I wandered off that main strip, so I was like, I don't really wanna pay $30 to see a fake gun fight. Uh, just the first thing that happened. 20 wandering the tube stuff. You were killed by a rattlesnake. Alright. Uh, no. I wandered outside of that main tourist area and I found the brewery in Tombstone had a great time there. They had really tasty beer, but none of them are below 7%. Holy shit. Really. And the highest one was 13%. Oh, Jesus. And I had not eaten because I did not want to eat the food. Their in tombstone. So you were stuck there for two days, getting sober again. You know, all the food in Tombstone is bacon and cans of beans. It's all cowboy food. Eso I ended up having to hang out in Tombstone for a lot of our longer than I'd plant just because of the beer. So you were there for an hour, hour and 15 minutes is enough time to grow a sweet, sweet mustache in this suite. E need to borrow some of your wax Grant. Yeah, You got it. She came back drinking sarsaparilla from a tin can. Did they have any? Like, I'm You're Huckleberry ale there? No, no. Their names were not Western themed. Which is silly, right? Yeah. They were trying to not be part of the gimmicky, touristy things like that. You're in Tombstone. When you walked into the brewery, did the piano players stopped playing and everybody turned to look at you, and then they took your guns at the door. You guys ready for this? Uh, sounds like a good trip. You guys ready to drink? Yes. Okay, this first beer is called everything. Now it's a New England style I p A From Monday night brewing out of Atlanta, Georgia, this is 7% a b v 60 i abuse. It's a limited release released February 7th of 2020. And this and the other two beers that were having on this first half are only available in the Monday night hop hut in their west midtown location. It's kind of a tiki themed section of their brewery. I guess these air, packaged in 16 ounce cans and super tropical flavors like mango, papaya and coconut abound alongside of mouth feel that smoother than a pina colada that's smoother than a pina colada. E O Mike, I'm just stealing things from both of you. It's cultural appropriation, Bunky, Donkey and fucking Pinocchio over here, which makes this unfiltered i p a everything hopped without a host seven galaxy Sabra, Vic Secret and El Dorado. And apparently, according to their website, they spent a bunch of time actively trying to make better beer than the best New England I. P. A is out there and we're going to see if they did what they set out to Dio. Well, it's hazy, it's milky is fuck I got a bunch of ah shit floating on the bottom of mine. Yeah, some floaties pulp, but no slug Booger. That was like Mike was born. Thank God, listeners, if you're curious to see that it is on the Facebook page under the last episode, right, it's a leech, people that it was. It was a yeast tapeworm and it smells like pineapple. There's a bright tropic ality to this orange eucalyptus. Do I need to talk about what e remember correctly? Saburro usually presents as pina colada on, and it does. I mean, this smells like that for sure. Get a little bit of a strawberry note in there, too. I'm loving the aroma because there's no mosaic in it. Tastes pretty good. It's thick, very juicy. And what's the alcohol? Seven. I feel like I I recognize that. Yeah, for sure. Well, you would. You're the best at it. Of all of us. Apparently. What you did really good at nailing alcohol percentages in our blind shows. Did I? Yeah. Oh, man, I just averaged whatever everyone else was guessing, I think that was my trick tasting this thing. It is really mild on the bitterness. It does have some, but it's a backseat player to the tropical pineapple coconut. Kind of like what they described here. Yeah, and I think the bitterness is really almost playing in tandem with the alcohol percentage. There is a little bit of a vapors alcohol, qual
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