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Snippet of The Best Pick: Oscar Nominations 2021

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This year, "Mank" leads in Oscar nominations with 10, including Best Picture and Best Director. But could it pull an "Irishman" and leave with no awards?
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they. We've just gathered quickly around the mix to look at the nominations for the 93rd Academy Awards, which were announced a few hours ago. And what interesting reading they make. There is a real division here, so let's kick off with the fact that Manc has got 10 nominations and then the next films all have only six. So you've got Nomad Land, the trial of the Chicago seven Minnery, Judas, the Black Messiah, the father and sound of Metal. Or with six. But there's a really steep drop off after those 10 for bank. And that's very unusual. Yeah, I mean, I mean, I'm not sure whether that's indicative of a wider range of because a lot of them feel order line like one person felt. So, uh, you're not really going to get that many other nominations from promising young woman? Really? That Carrie Mulligan, You're not like Nomad Land. You're just gonna get Frances McDormand. There isn't really, like a supporting role where previously bank has loads of options for that. So I don't think it has that many in the acting that it's just Gary Oldman and Amanda Seyfried. I think you are still going to help. Yeah, also, it was, even if it doesn't win best picture, and I think it's got a good shot at best picture. It's going to do well in categories. I'm afraid so. It's got a good shot of cattle like cinematography, production, design, costume, hair and makeup. You know, because it's a period piece, it's shot in black and white. It's modern Hollywood celebrating old Hollywood. You know, the academy cream jeans with that kind of thing. I expect that talking to Dorney. I'll note, though, I'll note it led the way nominations at the Golden Globes and one Nothing. Yeah, that's what I'm thinking, I think, out of steam. Yeah, The Irishman similarly led the way with nominations last year and didn't win anything. But then again, with the Irishman, it had 11 and three other films had 10, so it had much stiffer competition. Indeed, I don't think that's the thing. It doesn't ever get the feeling that it hasn't but after the awards season, I'm not really expecting it. You know, last year I didn't expect parasite and, uh, different reasons. Expectations can be dashed. Yeah, And speaking of dashed expectations, the entry on the list of best picture nominees that really surprised me is the father, which was, Well, you know, it was It was generally thought Anthony Hopkins was going to get a nomination as best actor, but most of all thought that was gonna be it. Got nothing from the VGA. Nothing from the Producers Guild. No Golden Globes. Yet it's got six. It's got best picture. Best actor, best supporting actress Olivia Colman screenplay, production, design and editing. What the hell is going on there? I saw a very good tweet, which was like Every year at the Oscars. There's a film nominated that doesn't exist, and this year it's the father. Any other best picture nominees jump out to you guys? The thing I kind of noticed was I'm usually reasonably aware of what a plausible nomination, and this felt not only quite sure, but a lot of them were not want to accept. So I didn't expect the father, particularly. That doesn't seem to be having a massive amount of money, but I wasn't really expecting sound of metal or minnery, either. I would have been slightly less surprised. It's bore out has been nominated of all people um, because dominated screen for Maria Buckle over as best sport. I thought it was crazy. Yeah, that might actually have nomination. And I say that not having seen, But it felt like I do have to say, I think my favorite moment of the entire off the announcement with when they announced it the best adapted screenplay and then the entire announced that they had to hold for about five minutes while they read out a the title, the list of names of writers and see the list of people who've done the story. That is a lot of people. If it wins, it's going to be a crowded old stage. What is it adapted from? Well, it's a sequel. Yeah, it's like joke. So adapted screenplay can cover a sequel because it's based on characters from a previous screenplay. Unlike unlike Manc, which is based on events that happened, it is very odd. Oh, come on, those are the very odd. I'm not buying that Marina buying that, But, you know, I'm happy for the people involved. A lot of very talented comedy writers. I mean, while it might be a credit stage, there's something about all these writers now, Um, and it was a diverse room, as far as I know have now an Oscar nomination to their name, which is really cool. So if not Manc, then what? What do you think could possibly take best picture away from? What I do not think is a particularly good film, but we'll save that conversation for another day. I think the idea of it's stealing away does feel a little bit like it's the airport where I kind of don't feel like I feel that it is almost certainly nomad land in terms of the one that feels like it's the heir apparent. Because that's where the momentum seems to be did the governments. And that's where, until the expectations are not, the expectations necessarily mean anything is like the last few years have approved. Really, it's interesting that bank does not have a nomination for screenplay and it doesn't have a nomination for its editing, and that doesn't sound may be very significant. But if you look at just purely statistically, then best editing is a very good predictor of best picture. Yes, the film that seems to be to have the most, uh, you know, people seem to be the most blown away by is Nomad Land in terms of emotionally. And I certainly heard a bit about the father as well, for even for the joke I saw on Twitter. Um, whereas I feel like the trial of the Chicago seven really like, is that just sort of in there? Because it's Sorkin and it's reliable and it's a lot of men in courtrooms which the academy absolutely loves, like And actually, I want to ask you, Tom, because I haven't seen it yet. Uh, promising young woman, Do you think that deserves a place on that list? I really enjoyed it. I think it's terrific fun. A best picture? I don't know. Uh, it's very entertaining and it is very thought provoking. It's not trash. The way that I care a lot is delirious trash. It's more more texture to it than that. Um, but, you know, I sort of said the thing about the trial, the trial of the Chicago seven, The Chicago seven is very well done, and it's kind of glossy and fast paced and funny when it wants to be funny and moving when it wants to be moving But is it is it complex? And will it live with me the way that let's say, Parasite, did I? I don't know about that, but I haven't seen no medal and I haven't seen Munari, and I'm really fascinated to see both of those. Let's just address the fact that this is so evolutionary doesn't happen slowly and steadily. Evolution takes leaps and bounds, and I feel this isn't evolved list of nominations. Finally, three years of doing this This is the most diverse list we've ever had. And this is our final year, and I just feel like we have come to an actual beautiful finale. In a way, we're not starting the podcast. Guys don't take it to mean that we'll do this every year. But in terms of the Oscars during the O. G. Best pick, there you go during the O. G times, you know, and anyone listening your old school, you can call yourselves old school, but isn't that extraordinary? Isn't it heartening? I did feel like the wind had changed when parasite one last year and see that continue through. I really think people realize, particularly the Golden Globes. I actually had a sense that people like you know what? Forget she's gonna be like that. We're not going to take you seriously at all at all. We're not even gonna take you seriously. You're just gonna be the butt of every late night joke for whatever the motivations for the academy and I'm I'm sure it's wanting to to be better. It's the fact that they have a much richer roster of voters. But also, there's gonna be some savvy optics in there as well. I don't care. I'm just delighted by this list. I'm thrilled to see Res Ahmed. I'm thrilled to see. Like the Stanfield, I'm thrilled to see someone called Steven Yeun who I've never heard of. You never watch the walking Dead on On the Best, the Walking Dead, Steven Universe and best director as well. Again, this has happened a few times in recent years. There's a kind of ringer we got. Thomas Vinterberg, who's another round, is nominated as best international feature but is not nominated as best picture, and he's taking up one of the five slots. But then we have a Korean American, a Chinese woman and a white British woman. That's right. We have two female directors nominated in the same year. It's This is impossible. Yes, highly unlikely. Unfortunately, I think it's the white Americans who's going to win. But it's just delightful to see a lineup that doesn't look all the same. It really is. Don't you guys call David I again? I don't know. You're obsessed with bank winning. I would bet the house, not the house. I wouldn't. I'm not an idiot. I would bet actual money. In fact, you want right? Fiver says that it's not Fincher a fiver sweepstake. I'm sure the usual. I'm hedging because if then if Mack wins, I'm proven right. And if McCain loses, I'm happy. Usually this is I'm just quite excited by the prospect of us for having our first Marvel film released, where the director at the time of release has got a best director Oscar, which I think would be the first one if Chloe Zhao one it, which is a