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Snippet of The Best Pick: Oscar Nominations 2021

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Audio Guide to the 93rd Academy Awards The nominees are in! The 93rd Academy Awards are happening on Sunday, April 25th, 2021, and we could not be more excited for the most diverse nominee pool in Oscar's history. Here is everything you need to know about who will rake in the most Oscars, who will surprise us this year, and so much more! An audio guide to the 93rd Academy Awards, only on Vurbl. Vurbl Entertainment: Movies, TV & Events
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The Best Pick recognizes some Oscar snubs this year, from "Da 5 Bloods" only receiving a Best Score nomination and "One Night In Miami" only getting three nominations. We love Riz Ahmed in "Sound of Metal", though.
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it was. It was the wife. And what about Reza? Mid priced the nation like just Britain's finest. Honestly, just to see he's just a star. Like I remember seeing him just do a little Shakespearean speech for the guardian life he did in Iago speech, just like on their website. And I was like Like I know Resume is brilliant, but like he's, we can't contain him. He is a star. He is made of the stuff, you know, and it's really thrilling that he just broke through. And maybe in another year, you know, the film might have gotten as much focus. But for him to break through, he went very deep into the process to portray this character. But it was that kind of process where he, you know, it doesn't interfere with anyone else That doesn't make anyone else's live life misery really great. Chat with him and Louis Theroux on Louis Theroux's podcast, where he talks about this film, and it's fascinating, and he just comes off as lovely as he is talented. He's great. I mean, there's not an actor in most of these lists who I don't like. There's a lot of who I haven't seen. That's the thing that's most exciting. Like like Keith Stanfield is one of my favorites at the moment. Anyone who's going to win any, it's not going, you would probably be happy. I mean, obviously I think Actor is, you know, fairly. Obviously nailed on. Yeah, for reasons that are deserving, let's be clear. But also the other thing you go, Who are you going to vote for? Other than Chadwick Boseman, if you want one of the other actors, Are you going to want to beat him? And it's not sentimentality. That is the important thing we mentioned. He's fantastic in that film. I think people will want to celebrate absolutely any emissions. Any films or people you are expecting to see get nominations. He got passed over. Um, that's a really good question. Well, I mean, we don't have anything for, um, Rosamund Pike Dewey. And I'm fine with that because I think it's a great fun performance. But it's like I've seen your players steely eyed sociopath before, you know, and I don't blame her for I'm not like like, of course, you do that role like it's It's a really interesting role and the film just some interesting things to say, but I don't know that the like. It's a It's a like a best actress. It's like we've seen this from her before. It's kind of a B movie, and she got a Golden Globe like Fine. I thought Palm Springs might get something for its screenplay, but that was that was overlooked, Which is it would have been a reach, especially with Barack in the conversation as well. Probably only one broad comedy, and Barack probably is the one to give it to. I mean, I think the the obvious admissions that I felt people were talking about, though I wasn't convinced either of them. Well, one of them, I wasn't particularly convinced was going to get there. Was that five Bloods, which seemed to be like the emission of the year, like in everything. And I think there was a lot of expectation for Delroy Lindo, and that's a bit of a pity, because everyone likes Delroy Lindo in Basically Everything. And one night in Miami, I expected to see a bit more than it did you know. The five Bloods is nominated only for its score, which seems a particularly cruel way to taunt Spike Lee Yet again, I haven't seen the film. Maybe that's deserved. Maybe a Summer of 85 is a French film. That was one of the best things I've seen this year. And I don't that Francois Ozon, I think. And I don't think that's had a looking. The other big surprise I had was because I think I didn't notice this when we were discussing the Golden Globes on a sort of Patriot thing. Have we all been pronouncing the name of the director promising young woman wrong? How can people say funnel? I don't know what it was all the way through, and I've always thought it's fennel, largely, like as in the hub, Um, and but because the announcement today, for some reason was from London, there's this moment I suspect these people have probably researched this, and it's for now. And I've been doing it wrong all this time. So that was a big surprise. I'm sorry. Emerald Fennell slash final if you're listening, which might be a surprise. Yeah, You know, sometimes this is what the Oscars does. It teaches us to pronounce conventional Wallace. It teaches us to pronounce Harold Funnel. It teaches us to pronounce Mahershala Ali, and we're all learning. We're all learning or growing. It teaches how to pronounce the Delta seems sometimes let's be.