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Snippet of The Bill Barnwell Show: Top Shot To Buy, Sell, and Trade NFL Moments

From Audio: NFL Top Shot?
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The idea of online trading cards makes sense considering our growing relationship with technology. All transitions are made public and the site shares rarity levels. These digital trading cards are the next big thing. Instead of states, these collectibles are NBA moments.
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anyway. Yeah. I mean, like, I want I I need I want top shots to go to golf, and, um, and to, uh, to NFL because those are the sports. Like, I feel like I would be even more in on it than I currently am. And I'm an NBA guy, but not like a NBA guy, you know? You know Dan Devine. When it comes to the NBA, it's no Dan Devine. Exactly. Ormat more sure you know more when it comes to the NBA, but you are someone who is interested in top shot. And so we're not gonna talk about NBA Top shot today. But we are going to talk about the future, what might be an NFL top shot, and each of us are going to come up with different top shots. We'd like to see when NFL top shot that seemingly inevitably occur now. Well, for the uninitiated, I feel like we should give a brief introduction, please, in 1000 words or less. What is NFL top shot? What? Sorry. Excuse me, What is NBA Top shot? NBA top shot is a digital. It is digital trading cards, and instead of continuing to explain it. I will answer the follow up question, which is So you bought a highlight. You bought a picture, and it's a piece of cardboard. And if you if you want to sell it to somebody or actually Okay, so I was digging. I have all my cards from my youth here, Bill, and they're all, like, 90% or more totally worthless, like I even have. But I found a Derek Jeter like O G Derek Jeter, upper deck rookie card that can go for upwards of $10,000. I found it. You know, like you thinking like, 1500 bucks, right? And I find it I'm like, yeah, got money in my pocket. No, I gotta I gotta send this thing off to some company to get graded. Wait nine months, and I got to put it up on eBay, and somebody's gotta bid on it. And I got a mail it to that person. That's not I'm not here for that. I mean, like, I'm all about the love of collecting in cool moments, but like the beauty of top shot is, you're swapping in and out. It's a marketplace, and the moments are while not tangent. I'm just well over 1000 words. Sorry. Well, not tangible in your hand, like they're still cool and you can watch them online. And I just think the way that we operate today with how we, you know, we scan our phones, you know, we live on apps. I mean, everybody screen time is like 12 hours a day. Why are we Why are we Why are we so mad about the idea that we would collect moments instead of cards? I don't I don't get it. I think that's sort of it's the next thing Instead of card collecting, I I think that's really the big differentiator, is that it's just, you know, it is collecting cards, which has gotten very popular during the pandemic. Card values have gone up dramatically, but without all of those nuisances, when it comes to collecting cards, certainly it's not a perfect platform has major issues. Uh, it's almost makes it charming in a way like, you know, a site being down inexplicably for hours per day. Uh, maybe not being able to cash out of the site, maybe being all those issues, But it is certainly an entertaining thing. And it has been very fast and see how quickly I have been gone from being someone who is a casual NBA fan watching games. One of the C cool stuff happened to being concerned about my various top shot players and, uh, how many how that's what I've been. What's your not financial exposure? Just a How much money do you have? A top chef Bill? Um, uh, you know, you can actually look at, but it's cool because it's all Blockchain. Yes, so it's all public information like who bought what what your account is worth. And I would say to It's like someone who I was born in 1981 and I have to appear in my office with me and I'm not going to bring them out of the zoom call here, but I have literally thousands of baseball cards from 1989 1993 in a giant cardboard box. I have sifted the room, and they are worthless, primarily because once cards became popular in the late eighties, really like the surge of you know, these kids, the baby boomer kids, the Children of baby boomers started collecting them. Um, Fleer Donruss score upper deck even was guilty of it tops, of course Mass overproduced these cars and you can just get nothing more worthy thing. Also, those baseball players are all Androids and became, like worth us at some point. But the point being is with this Blockchain technology, you know, the exact scarcity of there is no like, Oh, maybe this is rare, you know, it's you, you know? You know, if something is limited, you know, if something is common and I think that is a beneficial thing from a collecting standpoint, like when you open a pack, you pretty quickly You know what? You've gotten out of that pack just from the way you said it. It sounds like Fleer was your least favorite trading card company. Is that fair to say? Uh, I think I you know, I feel like early on in the in the calcium days of the the card industry, it was like Donruss versus tops was like a f c n thing. So I'm always considered myself a tops and the tops man and an L and NFC man. Classy. Yeah, exactly. Classy. You know, traditional. What have you not you're You're not. You know, highfalutin upper Jack. You know, I wish I'd been fool enough to share. Of course. Who doesn't legislate? We're just collecting Ken Griffey.