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Snippet of The College Investor Audio Show: The Best College Scholarship Search Websites

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Audio Guide to Choosing the Right College Deciding where to go to college is a huge decision! Factors in deciding the best school might include price, distance from home, available majors, campus community, etc., which vary from person to person but are important for everybody to consider. This is an individual process and students should look out what's best for them instead of following their friends or continuing their parent's legacy, so this playlist is meant to guide high school students in making the right decisions for themselves. Parents are encouraged to listen to gain valuable insight about how the college application process may have changed since they were in high school, and how to help their child make the best decision for their future. Vurbl Education & Learning Audio
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Valuable websites for finding scholarships to help pay for college! Fastweb, College Board,, Peterson's, Scholly, Sallie Mae, Unigo, Niche and
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fast Web is the first search website we're gonna look at today. Fastweb dot com. They've been around since 1990 six Wow! And established itself as a leader in scholarship searches. Using fast Web, you can search for scholarships based on your area of study strengths, skills and interests. Therefore, if you will be studying engineering at your college, you can find specific scholarships that are available to engineering students. Makes sense. You can also filter your scholarship search based on a demographic like if you're an African American, Hispanic, bilingual or even a veteran. You can also search for scholarships based on these criteria as well. College Board So college boards. Pretty well known for their college search and college prep programs. They also offer a robust scholarship search engine that covers 2000 200 scholarships worth. Get this six billion dollars college board matches you with scholarships based on your college major interests and demographics. Scholarships dot com What a brilliant name. They promise up to 19 billion dollars worth of scholarships and grants in their database, ready for you to search and use towards your college education again. This is free money. Come on When you create an account with them, you're entered into a drawing to win $500 right off the bat. In order to use their scholarship search engine, you're going to need to create a free account on their website, Petersons. So Peterson's first came online in 1997 and their print version for College Search has been around longer than that anyway. One of the unique features about Peterson's is the fact that grad student student grad students can also look for scholarships here, too. Now, while the first three on this list focus heavily on helping first time and current undergrad students find scholarships, Peterson's has a section dedicated to helping graduate students find those to the search tool on the Petersons website also allows you to look for grants, prizes, fellowships and forgivable loans. The tool is free and you can search through over $10 billion worth of scholarship awards. I like that. Scali s C h o l l Y. It's a student success app that gained a lot of publicity from being on popular TV show Shark Tank, which has nothing to do with actual sharks. Uh, that was disappointing the first time was it for you to I digress. They can help you with math problems. They can even they even have a built in editing and proof reading tool to that helps students write better. So cool. Now you can find and apply for scholarships on Scali as well. The cost. In order to use it, you do have to create an account, and then access to all of its features will cost you $45 per year. What's the catch? Okay, so according to Scali, they provide students access to little known scholarships, which ultimately give you an edge. Because not many people are applying for these, for an app that costs less than five bucks a month could be worth it, even if all you want is $1000 scholarship, because the odds of winning that scholarship are a whole lot higher. Sallie Mae Sallie Mae Scholarships Search engine allows you to search through five million scholarships worth 20 for a billion dollars. With a B. It is free to use, but you do need to register for an account with them. Once you do register with them, you'll be entered into a sweepstakes to win $1000 scholarship. You know, go. So you know, goes another one of these powerful search engines that gives you access to search through 3.6 million scholarships and grants. It's astounding how many there are. They also offer a $10,000 scholarship, where you submit a 250 word essay answering questions like Imagine a historical figure is brought back to life. Who is it? What's their favorite mobile app? That's pretty cool. Niche or niche, if you will. If you create an account on niche today, you will be entered to win a no s a $2000 scholarship. Yeah, a $2000 scholarship just for registering with niche, niche, whatever. And then, of course, they have a super friendly user interface for searching for college and grad school scholarships. College scholarships dot org. Org. So, on college scholarships, you don't need to create an account. Just search through over 23,000 scholarships based on deadlines, gender, ethnicity, state and award amount. As soon as you hit the website