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Snippet of the Comic Book Club: The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Episode 1 Review

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Last Played: March 21, 2021
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The first episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is here, and we're breaking down all the big moments on the series premiere.
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Let's talk about talking with your soldier, though. In this first episode here, it's obviously very different from one division. But given those expectations going in here, given what you knew about the series, just broad strokes, how did the episode strike you? Well, I also feel like it's it's tough because it has to follow Wanda Vision now, which is such a quirky, huge hit. And I feel like that is a little tough because it's a little bit straightforward. But what I really enjoyed was this. There's a lot going on. It's not just a simple kind of action thing, which I was happy about. There's a lot going on with these two gentlemen's lives, and it's like we're kind of just really kind of digging into where they are. Uh, I thought it was a fun. I was impressed with a lot of it, and how quickly I was surprised that they're still by the first episode, because we're only getting a small handful here that they're not already together and kind of like working together. So I was like, Oh no, we didn't get them together and you get a whole episode six men. That's what It's all built, Joe. I can't do the whole thing apart. I don't want to do that is going to see him passing each other in the hallway. I mean, Game of Thrones. Hey, yeah, I mean, I think the biggest. When you talk about Wanda Vision and Falcon Winter Soldier like it's if the TV show Friends if they had released Joey first because of the pandemic, you know, it would have been a little bit harder to see what I'm gonna do. You one better. It's if they released episodes first. Yeah, okay for all you Matt LeBlanc heads out. There was a shot against them. No episodes. Was literally about him playing a Joey type character on a show and commenting on the idea of television based on both Joey and friends. So, yeah, it feels like it's skipping a beat. It's like they jumped ahead and then they're going back to the thing that should have come right after endgame. But it's interesting because I think so much of everyone. All the commentary, the consternation, um, the But anger about one division was because the potential was all over the everyone's like we could fantastic for Al Pacino is Mephisto. Who's going to be the Rings? The Mandarin's rings are going to be hidden like all this like stuff. Um, and it wasn't also Paul Bentley's joke, which was hysterical. Kind of fuel the fire for as well. Which didn't help for sure. But what I What? I think if the order of the original order had been preserved and Falcon Winter Soldier had come first, I think there would have been less of that. Because what we see in this first episode of Falcon Winter Soldier to me is like this is like the bridge from Marvel movies to television. It's like has the same pace, the same type of storytelling as the first act of a Marvel movie where, like lots of action, a little bit of introducing stuff, some table setting, the main characters don't even meet here. Um, but you got roadie. Also being the bridge as well pops in, But people aren't like or he couldn't see war machines like No, he's here. He's already he's already watching. Yeah, he left. He came here and then he left. He's out here. It's nice to see him. It was a drop in Yeah, it's nice. He was on set that day anyway, so they just added a bit. That's how Hollywood works, you know? It's like, hey poppin.
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