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Snippet of The Darker Side of Life Podcast: The Exorcism of Michael Taylor

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Last Played: November 30, 2021
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The Darker Side of Life Podcast goes into detail about what happened during Michael Taylor's potentially botched exorcism and the torture tactics used to drive anyone insane. This 7 hour-long exorcism supposedly cast 40 demons out of Michael, leaving 3 demons left that ultimately led to the murder of Christine Taylor.
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So Raymond Smith, he was the only one so far to say. Maybe Michael should go see a doctor first. Before we do this exorcism. Raymond Smith points to you. Raymond Smith is he's smart guy. But everybody else thought that might just upset Michael Moore. We're going to a doctor, so no exorcism. So it was pretty much out voted. Okay. All right. So the evening of October 5th 1970 for this is at Saint Thomas Church in a nearby town called Barnsley. The Reverend Vincent and Raymond Smith began probably a seven or eight hours of nonstop exorcism for Michael. My God, Like constantly, Nonstop. So they had another priest with a third name, Donald James. I think he was a Methodist, but I think I may just call him a priest because that's easier terminology for me. Because I don't know the difference between a priest and minister, Reverend and wait as the minister, Reverend, I don't know. I just kind of pastor. Pastor. Yeah, like I don't know, really, all the because there's a lot of different denominations here and a lot of different people involved. So just for easy, easy storytelling, I'm just going to call them all priests, Okay? And they told Michael to lay on the floor. They lit all these candles around him. They all gathered in a circle and they begin this exorcism. So for the next about seven hours straight without stopping, nobody goes to the bathroom. Nobody eats. It's nonstop exorcism. So they try to expel these demons for Michael. So he withered and convulsed on the floor. He would spit, he'd yell, he'd scream, he'd cry. He tried to hit him, clawing at him, biting at him. Eventually they had a Tom down, so they tied him down to the floor. So now he can't move. They burned all of his personal crosses and crucifixes and religious things there in front of him, like in front of his face. And they said at the same time they were doing this. It was some kind of cleansing ritual that the cross, the big giant crossing the main part of the church melted at the same time that they did this. I wonder why they would burn the crosses. Wouldn't that be seen as something that if there is a demon that the demon would enjoy, that you are burning this religious iconography. That's a good question. I didn't even think about that when I was looking at all this. All right, So cleansing ritual they burned across the cross melts so they keep on, like without stopping again. And Michael never stopped moving, either. He is tied to the floor, and he's like, withering and shaking and just trying to break free of where they have him tied down. So at several points in the night, they're like dousing them with holy water, like constantly, which I don't know if it's like waterboarding or not. If they're just like pouring all this holy water on him, he's probably choking on a little bit. They shove a bunch of crosses and crucifixes into his mouth. Oh, my God, I don't know if they're playing chubby buddy or what with this, but he's swearing, and I'm still growling at him. He's trying his best to, like hurt these priests that are doing this to him. I probably would, too, if I have people waterboarding me with holy water and shoving crosses in my mouth. I would be pissed off. It's terrible and it goes on for 7 to 8 hours nonstop. I have a hard time sitting still for an hour at my desk after lunch. Exactly Like I have to get up, move around. So the next morning, all these priests and Michael to probably they're exhausted, as you can imagine. But they considered everything pretty much success because they exercise about 40 demons from him. Maybe a little more than 40 they think, and they allegedly remove the demons of incest, bestiality, heresy, lewdness and a whole slew of others. So 40 I can't think of 40 things that they would have an individual demon for. I didn't realize they had individual demons for each. Me neither. Quote unquote sin. Me neither. But these priests are exhausted. They need a break. There's no there's still more work to be done, so they decide. All right, everybody take a break. Everybody go back home, sleep for a couple hours, get something to eat, come back and we'll finish the last three demons that we need to get. So everybody's like, All right, So Michael goes home and there's still three demons inside of him. You know which ones they are. Violence, insanity and murder. God. So I don't I mean, I'm not demonologist or anything, but can you not exercise them in order of preference? Right? Let's get these bad ones out first, and then we'll deal with the kind of lower ranking demons you get. The demon of profanity last which good luck with.
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