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Snippet of The DFS Bum: Fantasy Football Superbowl LV Strategy

Last Played: December 10, 2021
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Use lineups with skill positions and contrarion play for big tournaments. Put Mahomes in small ones since he’ll be highly owned along with Brady, Kelce, and Hill. Both teams are relatively healthy so you can count on core players present. Although small tournaments have small prizes, first place has bigger ties. Expect to see contrarian lineups in big tournaments.
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e guess. First things off looks like everybody's gonna be relatively healthy. So that's good. So, uh, we don't necessarily need to mine, you know, some, like fourth or fifth receiver that might be in the playing rotation now, or or third or fourth, you know, tight end or running back. It looks like it's gonna be our core guys. So that's good. And then the second thing, um, that I think when we're coming to something like the Super Bowl is really trying to maybe come up with, like, your old raw strategy and how you're gonna approach thes tournaments. You know, for me, it's like the last game of the year. There's a ton of money on the line. There's a ton of different tournaments, so I end up when it's all said and done with, I'll have at least 300 lineups. I know that's how I will go for me. I basically just Sprinkle them all out in all these different tournaments and depending what your bankroll is. And if you're a newer player, there's even tournaments that air five cents of 25 cents, so you can Max under there If you like experienced players like myself aren't allowed to play in them. I can't play in anything that's under $3. And then there's some context there. $3. But experienced players aren't allowed to play in those as well. So if you're newer or have a smaller bankroll, those are things to look at. And then from there, what I've come to find out for me personally is, uh, this will be My strategy is you figured homes is gonna be hand down the highest M V p candidate, particularly fan. What? Imagine it'll be the same thing on draftkings and over the last couple years if you go and you look at all the showdown slates that the Chiefs have played in, um, with Mahomes ends up winning. Uh, there's M V P, and he's in that winning line up. It seems like there's relatively big ties with that, And so for me, I think what my strategy is gonna be in this year or not think I know this is gonna be My strategy is. So there's the main tournament, which has a million dollars for first non fans. What? I'm almost starting to same thing in draftkings. I don't think I'm gonna put my homes in any of those lineups into the big one. You know, What I'll do is there's a sub tournament that z back up real quick. So this one s O, for example, on Fanduel. I think it's like $4.44 or something like that to an ER, and there's like I think, um, maybe like 900 1000 people to fill this tournament or something crazy like that. It's a million dollars for first place. So from there I figured like, Hey, let's go a little bit more contrarian. Uh, in this big tournament, if something fucking crazy happens, let's just take down maybe an insane amount of money. Potentially Last year, for example, Husic. I think that's how you pronounce it. But the fullback for the 40 Niners, he end up being on that winning line up. It wasn't really all that unique group of players per se, but it was like on fanduel Um, being like first place was split maybe amongst I don't know, like 10 people or so, and it was like $180,000 if I remember correctly, may have been over 280 something like that. But it was well over six figures. So for me, that's why I on Fanduel like I say is I don't see myself probably having my home since that Big One is M v P. Just cause I know he's gonna be highly, highly, more highly owned. And then while do there's a subcategory tournament or sub tournament, which only has about 50,000 people, it's $9 data and it's 100 1000 for first. So what I think I'm going to do is take all of my lineups with my homes and I might take some of the lineups that might have like, say, Brady, Kelsey and Hill is Well, I feel those guys is gonna be a top four M v P candidates for this game. And, uh, maybe what I even do, too, is let's just say I've used all the sour and there's no money left over, which was gonna tend to be more of a tie. Maybe I'll just take some of these and I might put those in some of these smaller tournaments and my whole thought process. On this, a swell is. What I found is sometimes if you go into smaller tournament and actually has a smaller amount for first place when there's big ties, you actually end up winning MAWR in the smaller tournaments that's happened to me like it's it's somewhat common, and if you maybe it's not, you know, maybe it's not quite as high, but it's not like in this case, it's not like so millions. For first, it's like 100,000 and the other one, it's not like the tournament. Where is a million like it's 10 times more. I've just honestly, never really seen a work out that way. So for me, like I say, I think that's what I'll do is I'll probably take, um, you know, let's say, uh, I mean, maybe I'll just do with quarterbacks and then I'll just keep the skill. Skill positions in the Big One ultimately ought to get into lines. But I could see myself doing something like, uh in that smaller tournament. Maybe I dio you know, 75 maybe even, like, say, 100 line up some homes because I think he's gonna probably them VP candidate. Let's say I'll do 100 him and then I'll do 50 other with, uh, with Brady. And then from there I'll go and then I'll just build lineups with skill positions. Uh, 150 other lineups. And then I'll take that to guys like, you know, Tyree, kill Travis Kelsey. Uh, go, Godwin. Um uh, you got Avon's. Maybe throw in, like for net. Uh, maybe clad as Roeselare. Darryl Williams would probably a nice dark horse guy, things like that. So, again, I think this video is this kind of our first look video. I think these were just kind of some things to think about is like, what? Your strategy you're gonna be. How much bankroll are you going to devote to this tournament? Um, you know, And And here's something, though, too. Is, uh so I just mentioned here's my strategy. I'm gonna do the contrary and play on the big tournament. Now, if you don't want to do that or maybe you're just gonna do a handful of lineups, you can take that and use that to your advantage because most of the players that experienced players, particularly the guys that do 150 lineups, they're gonna have Mawr contrarian plays in that big tournament as well. So you'll just see some fucking crazy ass lineups. And their guarantee it and their thought is, is like, Why not, You know, especially those guys. They have so much bankroll and for them, you know, they're going to get into that tournament for a little over $600 which is just pennies toe some of the big time players that literally doing maybe, like, up to $10,000 a day or thousands of 10 $1000 a day in, uh, different, you know, DFS things. So to them, that's nothing. Eso that being said is, if you're just doing a handful of lineups, maybe not doing that 150 max, or even if the 150 max, you could kind of take that knowledge and just be like, all right. Hey, I don't really care. Um, if there's, uh, about a million million bucks, I just wanna win. And I don't really care if it's a big tie. And I know that, uh, if I just stick to this real core group of players in in fact, you know, if you even maybe just did like 10 or 20 lineups and that big tournament or maybe like $100 budget and just really work with a small, good core group of players. And then do me like, you know, reaches chances are you probably not doing pretty well make some money on it, So those are just some things to consider from that.
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