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Snippet of The Dice Tower: TDT - Best of 2019

Last Played: February 04, 2021
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The Dice Tower's encyclopedic ranking of tabletop games culminates with the 'Best of 2019' episode. This episode features a never-before-seen three-way crossover pick for first place, which Eric disagrees with.
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finally, number one. Number one, I don't think is a huge surprise for me. Based on my discussion earlier in the episode that is horrified the cooperative game about the universal monsters. Uh, it is a bunch of basically, many pick up and deliver quests. You are running around getting items and taking them to places, but each monster plays a little bit differently. You have a different sequence of things you need to do. You can also adjust the difficulty in facing 123 monsters. Um, it's a little too easy with just one, but three can be very difficult as you as you try and figure out what to focus on Andi, each one plays a little bit differently. I really enjoy this one, and I have given several purchased several copies of this game to give his gift this year so horrified. My favorite of the year in a never before seen thing, I think on the Diced our we have a three way crossover for number one s for Eric The Odd Man out. Hold Your Ground, Eric. Great games E. Don't even have a problem with any of X games. This time I'll have to look at them later and see. There's probably I'm sure there's something you can argue with you. I was for me. This was a no brainer. But I was I was very surprised that you all put this on your list to and that would be like legacy acquisitions incorporated from Dire Wolf Slash Renegade games. A legacy game that for once I finished, right? Exactly. Absolutely. And played again. Wanna play it again? I have plank legacy so much I want to do it again. I played it with the packs. The upper management pack. Oh, I Yeah, I don't have those. Good. Yeah, but I don't even know that I want to do well. They also have the C C team out to now. I don't know that I wanna go through and play it again, but I'll gladly play the game. My version of it, right? Yes, yes. It mean way playable game when you're done. Oh, yeah. We played it like that and then played with the package. It was still great. It's still really good. I have a small local convention that I helped run coming up in a couple of months, and I'm gonna bring my click legacy, and I'm actually gonna ask a group to play it out of the box, as is with the rule. You know all the adjustments in place just to see how it plays to somebody who didn't go through the journey to end up in that space, just to see how they enjoy it. Hopefully, they know basic clank already and just see if how how is it a game you end up where it's just you and your buddies that end up loving it? Or is it a game that, hey, you know, it adds some complexity to clank formula that anybody can jump into. I'm really I'm just doing that experiment because it won't change the fact that I absolutely adore Klink legacy. It was one of the best gaming experiences I have ever had in my life. It was a complete blast. It had great humor, had interesting game play. I just love it, and I'm not surprised to see it at the top of all of our lists. Oh, except for Eric. It is my favorite legacy game that I played. I think this writing is really well done. It's funny, but also is a good story. And I like clank. So that didn't hurt, you know, to throw all that together. I'm very excited about it. My number one.
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