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Snippet of The Game of Thrones Podcast: Fiercest Female Moments

Last Played: January 26, 2021
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Join hosts Kristen Snyder, Ryan Malaty, Mina Wahab, and Lauren LoGrasso as they discuss the latest news, fan theories, and the Fiercest Females of Game of Thrones!
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So let's take it to number five. Sansa. Orchestrating Peter Bayliss is e. I mean, this was such that is such a great moment. And Ryan loves Peter banished, So he's very sad about this, but it's like I don't feel like a lot of us were shocked at this moment. We were afraid that Aria was the one that Sandra was going to kill, and it was because because the sisters have been at each other. But because Santa was sort of raised under SERC and raised under Peter bail ish, you know, she is able to pull off this huge manipulation on top of someone who raised her how to do it. Yeah, you know, it was a pretty pretty unfair trialing. And, uh, you know, if you guys watch the show or listen to the show regularly, you know how much of a fan of little finger I am? So this is this is tough for me, Thio Santa has definitely had fierce moments. And but, man, this was This was one that I lamented. Definitely not at all. I was like, yes, well deserved. Don't try to rape her and, you know, do everything that you did marry her off to Ramsey and didn't try to rape anybody, though. Debatable. He hadn't raped the energy at the very least. And there was a kiss. That was kind of awkward. Uh, yeah. I was so happy when this happened, and I totally didn't see it coming. I thought that Aria she was gonna kill Aria for sure. So this was a great moment. And I love that you put it on here because not only was a great moment for Sansa, but it was a great moment of two women uniting instead of going against each other, which we way too often see in this life and on TV. So kudos to them for showing what can happen when women unite murder, kill them all, but like necessary murderers. It was It was pretty hard core. I thought it. Lee Littlefinger is gonna get out of it somehow, like he always does, or at least be arrested and put in a cell or something. Hoping I was hoping you were hoping, but it didn't know. Well, I mean, just songs as a character. I know a lot of people had seen her as kind of whiny and weak for so long, but she really came into her own. I mean, she survived Ramsey, which is a woman's worst nightmare. Somebody like that literally an animal of a man, which we see quite often. Unfortunately, yes, but you know, songs that you've got to give it up to her because she's come a long way and I feel like she's really going to continue to be fierce. This is just the beginning, for she's had, like, the greatest story arc out of any of the characters e that I just feel like she started out kind of being like this ditzy like, Oh, yeah, I really like King Joffrey And yeah, he's great. And, yeah, I'm sure my father was beheaded. But I still love King Joffrey. And I'm like, what? And then you just see, like, this progression of her character becoming like, more and more badass and fierce and, um, kind of being somewhat propelled by this revenge motif. Um, not not in the same way that Aria is, like, not to that degree. But we kind of see like this this growth within her she might jump on board with Definitely and you know, Naz in the chat is saying his favorite sounds a moment was unleashing the hounds on Ramsey. And I thought, you know, that was amazing. That was sweet revenge. Thanks for bringing that up. That was an amazing moment. I think that we all loved as well. Let's get into moment for any time. Danny says drug car. I mean, this is a picture of crassness, you know, the slave driver. And, you know, this was really I think, the first time that she ever used her dragons Thio, you know, kill a slave master or anyone. And was it in? There was in the house of the undying with very little baby dragon. Okay, Cars. And she burned the the thing. What is it called? The mask. But not a person. You know, talking about her kill. You remember she was chained up. That guy, this Harry guy who looked like a ghost? Yeah, totally for his name. But he's one of these in Qarth. It was in Qarth, and he was one of the He was like e look like Nosferatu, Remember? Exactly. And you know what? I didn't I didn't. Now I remember. But I didn't then because I just felt like this was really the first time when she was showing like a crowd like that was like a private and she was saving her life in that moment of her e guess that's what kind of triggered her to know, though. And it's also important that she had that power. But in this scene, I remember when she did this, I was just, like, blown away. And I actually had crassness. Come on. Our show this season. Yeah, I know him. He does cross fit. And I used to be a huge and across it hurt myself. I'm sorry. I'm still fierce. Yes, you are. Thank you. But anyway, I just remember this moment really making me get on board with generous. I wasn't sure for a while, but then at this moment when she, like, used fire er and blood for good, I was just like, yeah, and I really got on board with her. So that's why I chose this moment. But there are so many, obviously, the fact that she just birthed dragons. Huge. She Yeah. Anytime she says to caress, and she could say it with just such a such a just a position because she'll just say Just say a word, a simple word and softly and calmly. But then all hell breaks loose s so it's really you just know it's gonna be You can sit back, relax and enjoy Cem Cem Great a destruction When she says that word e just feel like like I said earlier, people do see her as like this messiah figure who rose from the ashes. And I think that's a lot of the reason why a lot of people have gotten behind her because she's like a leader that's easy to stand behind. Well, and the cool thing. Did you all read any of the books? Yeah, we read part of okay in the first book. It's such a cool scene because those people, the dothraki it first did not want to follow her at all. Or like No, this is bullshit. I'm not following a woman. There's no Cally. See what the hell? And then when she walks out of the flame, they all bow to the ground and go, my queen, my queen. So she's just such a symbol of female empowerment. For me on DWhite can really happen when you own who you truly are
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