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Snippet of The Good News Podcast: Water Discoveries

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Listen now to snippet “Water Discoveries” from The Good News Podcast. New detached coral reef skyscraper tall near Austrailia and the moon has frozen ice water.
The Good News Podcast is your thrice weekly reminder that not all news is bad.
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for today's episode, I thought I would just share too quick pieces of interesting and novel science news. They both involved water. One is a discovery in water, and one is a discovery of water. Let's start with in water scientists working on a research vessel called the Falco or And Yes, I did look that up. That is the same name as the Luck Dragon in the never ending story. So let me put that to rest for you. Scientists working on the research vessel Falco or have discovered a brand new coral reef as tall as a skyscraper near Australia. This is what is known is a detached reef, and it's the first that's been discovered in more than 100 years. It's hard for me to picture this, but the way it's described is that it is about 1.5 kilometers long, but it rises about 450 m from a deep part of the ocean, almost up to the surface. Apparently, detached reefs are particularly interesting because they are little mountains in the ocean, which mean that new species and interesting creatures can live and evolve there, and one final little piece of never ending story trivia here. The submarine that they're actually doing the exploring with is called Sebastian S u B A S T I N. And I have to think that that's also related to the never ending story. Next, let's talk about the big discovery of water. The moon has water. Over the years, there have been numerous discoveries saying, There's water saying there's ice but there's still been confusion about what kind of water is actually on the moon. But recent studies have shown that rather than hydroxyl, which is just a choke Oh, there is water in the permanent little shady spots covering the lunar surface. And, of course, before you start planning out your moon based water park, the water that's on the moon is frozen. It might even be trapped in glass, and it is super super far apart. If future astronauts are going to make use of it, it's not going to be as easy as running out to the will and cranking down a bucket and pulling it back up. With that in mind, it's still exciting because there are current plans for a permanent Moonbase. At some point in the near future, and being able to pull some a little or a bunch of water from the lunar surface is going to help future astronauts make temporary home on that big gray block of cheese.