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Snippet of The Guilty Feminist: Sandi Toksvig

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The Guilty Feminist
Last Played: December 07, 2021
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Listen now to snippet “Sandi Toksvig” as The Guilty Feminist talks about Kamala Harris, ditching London’s Women’s March, and the Mary Wollstonecraft naked statue.
Ever felt like you should be better at feminism? Join comedian Deborah Frances-White and her guests for this comedy podcast, recorded in front of a live audience. Each week they discuss topics "all 21 first century feminists agree on" while confessing their insecurities, hypocrisies and fears that underlie their lofty principles.
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I'm a feminist, but I would be willing to cause the first and maybe only scandal off the Biden White House if Carmela Harris would agree to run off with me and make me her first lady. Oh, that's very good. E would be open to it. I would be open to it if she asked when I saw her in that white clickable outfit. Oh, that speech, that speech with that one on. I know we're not allowed to talk about the fact that she had a beautiful outfit on because everyone got very upset with the papers did. But I'm sorry. It was a very beautiful outfit. I know comment on men's outfits. I know we don't, but I'm commenting on her because it was amazing. Why were they upset about it? They got upset that I think it was the telegraph who talked about the outfit. And to be fair, it was in the outfit section of the Telegraph. I think the political section of The Telegraph commented on the politics and the outfit section. Not that I'm a fan of that. I'm not. I'm not here to defend a not an apologist. The Telegraph just to be clear, but I think it was the It was thesis ilk. Blouse section off the telegraph That was saying nice silk blouse and everyone went You wouldn't say that if a man had a silk blouse on on, uh, the wrong. But I just was like I couldn't I was like, Oh, yes, Don't talk about the outfit. But the outfit itself a statement. Deborah. It was a political statement to wear a white outfit. So I have no problem with us talking Sometimes, of course, women shouldn't be classified by their clothing, but in this instance, she did. It is a political statement, So I think it's fine and legitimate to talk about her outfits, don't you think? What was the political statement? I don't know if you recall the number of women in Congress who wore White, is it? We're talking about the white outfit that she had on. Yeah. Yeah, for Americans, it represents suffragettes. Oh, so here it would be screen purple and white. Yeah, America was because Hillary Clinton wore white on the night she didn't win, but thought she would. It's a really big glass ceiling above her that was about to open It's a really big important feminist statement for by American women on There was during the State of the Union Trumps state of the Union. A huge number of women, mostly Democrats, obviously turned up in Congress wearing white. Oh, I missed that. That passed me by. I just thought she looked incredibly hot. You can look hot and make a political statement at the same time. That's what I think. That's what I think I'm all about, that I'm a feminist. But I am not above saying to a man who don't you look strong when there's something really heavy to be lifted. You know, that's why its strength is upper body strength, Sandy. The other sort of strength is the ability to get someone else to pick something up. Yeah, so we had a flat tire on both my wife not thrown into a flat tire drop on when I don't know what's happened, and I know perfectly well have to change the time, just couldn't be asked. They couldn't have been more charming and strong, so strong, so strong. So it's another skill. It's just upper mind strength rather than upper body strength, to get someone else to do it. A woman once stopped it late at night, knocked on my front door and she said, I'm sorry to bother you this before mobile phones. Darling is quite old. Story said I'm sorry, but can I use your phone to call the A? I got a flat tire and I said it a bit ridiculous and take ages for them. We were living at the country. Take ages to them to come out. I'll change it. So I went out and I chose to tired for and and she drove up. She came back the next day with six bottles of wine. I mean, I said, Please, the fan belt, anything just break down here again because it s absolutely bloody marvelous. Wow, There's wine in it. Were you Sandy talks figure that point. I've always been Studio E suddenly transformed myself into somebody else. I was sandy toxic at that time, and I did. When I was born, did she know that you were sandy toxic? They were Well, I mean, were you Sandy talks figure where you Sandy talks figure you famous? I mean, don't know, darling, I've been on tell you since I was 23 I'm 62. So probably I was doing something at the time for her story that she's had for the rest of her life. In that case is I knocked on a door to use the phone to get someone to call the A and Sandy Toxic changed my tire. Okay, Yeah, that may well be Maybe she came back to six bottles of wine hoping you'd invite her in. Yeah, Didn't happen. I drink more. I I'm a feminist, but I genuinely feel I'd be doing something good for America by running off with Carmen with Carmela Harris. Because I would be upping the representation in the White House if Carmela was in a same sex relationship. Oh, that's very good, darling. That's a gift to the White House. It's a gift to America. Well, I'm a feminist, but this is terrible. Terrible on I thought I've never told anybody. That's why I'm going to reveal it. I am a feminist, but on the day I was hosting the women's march in London, I decided I'd go into a bit of marching, and I'm not very good with crowds, so we got to the march, realized how crowded it waas on my wife and I went and had coffee at Claridge's hotel instead. Oh, that's very bad. Wow, I know. Look, you open to the march. Your presence was felt. Yeah, and I hosted the whole thing on stage. So I waas I was there. But for the actual cold bit with lots of people, I was in Claridges. Oh, and were you worried about getting packed in Claridges? While I never worry about getting a lot of big thing, I can. I just say, in my defense, it was the only place nearby That was something. It's not like Bean, since that's why everyone's assuming. Very mean There was no Cafe Nero. No, It's very bad, though, to say what we're doing on the day of the women's march having coffee which averages E. So I'm very short and I find marching. It's always to be the tall people. I don't know what that is, so I spend my I mean I'm right down by the the armpits and the farting. It's not it's not pleasant for me. I'll just put that out as a defense. No one's gonna judge you. Well, they might fuck him. Fuck! Um, well, I'm a feminist, but the Mary Wollstonecraft statue discuss. Um have you seen it? It's just come out. Uh, it's Bean unveiled in London. It's been in the is all over Twitter today. Um, she's naked on my main question is, how did she have time to give birth to feminism and also get abs that toned? What do you mean, she's naked? Yeah. Okay, so it's a It's a big silver little Italy and then it's like got a foot at the top and then a tiny, teeny Mary Wollstonecraft. But we know what she looks like. There's loads of paintings of her aunt. It's more like a sort of faceless Barbie. But is it God, I'm so happy I'm unveiling it to you, Sandy. Toxic. This feels like a big moment for the podcast, but Maggie handling she knows what she's doing. She's my medicine first statue turn in the world, which seems remarkable given she is widely seen as the mother of families, and her ideas were remarkable for her time, like she was out there on her own, saying these things. She's incredible. She's one of my heroine's on. She's I'm going to be completely honest and say that it really saddens me. It really saddens me because she had the finest mind of her generation on I don't want Oh, I hate that I would dis Maggie Handling is work because I really admired Maggie. I think she's a fantastic artist. I think she knows now that many people find this a misstep. I don't think you're alone and where everyone loves her. Everyone loves her, but nobody seems to have. Maybe some people love it, I don't know, but the Twitter action I've seen has not bean a great response so far. Why is she naked, though I don't understand that I don't understand what that's about. And also what's interesting is that you have to think about the time when Mary Wilson Croft was alive. It was the very clothing of women. That was partly what hampered her didn't enable her to get out and about, and dual the things that she wanted to do. If you have to imagine the constrictions of the clothing that she's wearing, so to show her naked, it just seems to me the antithesis of what she actually went through. It just it pains me. Maybe that's why they've done it. Maybe she did it because maybe she was, you know, talk to the people who commissioned, I don't know. But maybe it was about freeing her from the course. It but Isaac possible everything else and the knickers as well. Way can't put in a bikini. I think you could free you from the course. It or not, I don't think you could have run in jeans and a T shirt. All of that could have been quite interesting. She's not in a contemporary feminist get up, but not tired in her bush, which I quite like it. So that way we couldn't have her in one of sandy toxics outfits. A tartan shirt and striped e. Think that West West Kit? I mean, that was my instant reaction. I haven't seen it. My instant reaction is that I'm disappointed. I guess maybe what? Who knows? And you never know what an artist is trying thio say. But maybe they're trying to say this is who she was underneath. I mean, there's so much sadness about her. She tried to kill us off, um, to jump off Putney Bridge, actually, Um and It's such a wonderful story. What we know is that she was rescued by a passing boatman called Mr May Onda taken home by Mr May. And the only sentence about it that we know is that it was that Mr Mays, How's that? Mrs. May persuaded Mary off the rightness of living. You have to understand the boatman's wife would have been illiterate at the time. So this is an illiterate woman talking to quite simply the finest female mind of her time on persuading her of the rightness of living. And I just think that's such an extraordinary story about those. Wouldn't you have wanted to hear that conversation between those two women would have been, um, astonishing thing? And there's so much more to her. I am actually hurting for Mary Wilson Craft that That's how we want to look at her. It actually pains me. I'm afraid
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