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Snippet of The History of WWII Podcast - by Ray Harris Jr: Episode 39-Hitler bio, Part 3

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Ray Harris Jr. expands on Hitler's rise to leader of the German Workers' Party, ultimately changing it to the Nationalist Socialist German Workers' Party we know today as the Nazi Party. We discover the early stages of Hitler's tactics of political violence in Germany, during his time as the party leader. We also get a sense of his thirst for power during his early stages of political leadership.
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it was dispassionately evaluating what capped it wrong. Everyone thought of how to take power, but the fry corpse had proved that was the easy part. It was what one did after taking power that mattered. Onley by having a plan and be ready to fight. To maintain power would guarantee success. Did Cap declare martial law? Did he arrest the troublemakers? Did he shoot the strikers? Take the treasury? No. So no wonder failed. Hitler also noticed that more than half of the three corpse had the swastika painted on their helmets. Clearly the right was strong and looking for someone to take the lead. For the next few years, the idea of a possible putsch was never far from Hitler's mind. For the remainder of the year, Hitler kept giving speeches, but from now on, the crowds would always number in the thousands. The barracks and the uniforms were truly behind him and replaced with a simple flat and a slightly frayed blue suit and, as always, surrounded by his bodyguards as the chief speaker, the party was really just a physical manifestation of himself, and now that he had control, changes started to be announced and not voted on on Lee, he was allowed to introduce or change material for propaganda. He officially made the swastika the party symbol and even designed and determined the very look and dimensions of the armbands soon worn by everyone. To further demonstrate his power and brand the party along the lines he approved of, he changed the name of the party to the National Socialist German Workers Party. Soon the swastika was on flags, banners everywhere. But even the party logo did not escape his attention. He would draw it over and over, changing his proportions and angles until he was satisfied. Through his study of people. During his speeches, he realized that the look of the party symbol was important. It had to be simple and easy to comprehend. The black swastika within a white circle in a blood red background caught the eye, but it also had a message, Hitler explained in one speech. The red was for socialism. The white for nationalism and the swastika was the pure German race dedicated to anti Semitism. With the popular speeches, money started coming in, but still Hitler lives simply in a two bedroom apartment. It had a bed table two chairs and a bookcase. He would live there at that address from 1920 until 1929. By the end of 1920 it was clear to Hitler that his plan was progressing. He had maneuvered things so that he was by now the only thing that mattered within the party. Still, he needed men he could trust to handle the growing responsibilities. But they had to be the right men. Power hungry, dominant yet passionately devoted to him. The first two to enter his circle of trust, where Alfred Rosenberg and Rudolf Hess Rosenberg was a would be philosopher, yet clever enough, and Hitler used him to make decisions. Hess was looking for something larger than himself to devote his life to, and he decided he had found it throughout 1921 a headquarters was set up in a tavern, a common practice at the time, but the location changed continuously as their needs and income increased. By November of 1921 the party had a headquarters with several rooms serving their dues paying members. The summer of that year, the party even managed to create, organized and put out a newspaper. It didn't come out with any regularity at first, but within two years they managed to make it a daily. Then, after acquiring a second hand American Printing Press, the paper took on a more professional look. As the party grew, it became obvious to the executive committee that Hitler had no intention of sharing power, so they started resisting him. Hitler recognized this when it happened and had been waiting for it to show his strength and their weakness. He simply left for Berlin for six weeks. No one could speak like him, excite the people like him or focus on the tiniest details like him. Predictably, the party suffered while he was away. He returned to Munich on July 11th, 1921 to everyone's relief. But he wasn't finished, demonstrating his significance to the executive committee. Yet to increase the pressure on them, he announced he would be resigning from all party affairs. His plan easily worked. The executive committee asked him to come back to work things out, he replied that of course he would if he were given dictatorial powers. They quickly said yes, but he still made them grovel, signed a document, vote for him and then have a meeting on it, then the whole party had to vote on. The results of the voting on July 29th were predictable. There were 500 43 4 in one against. He took a victory lap by telling them of his new title, Yoon Surf your or our leader later. It would just be deaf. You're the leader. Now that he was firmly in control of his party, it was time to move forward toward an eventual pushed, and that meant violence. Violence now would mean fear and the ability to bluff later, when marching on Berlin on September 14th, 1921 auto ballast dead of the Bavarian Monarchist Party was giving a speech, it was said he alone could rival Hitler and public speaking and debate Hitler. And he would do this often in his political life, decided on killing two birds with one stone. Hitler and several others ran onto the stage Balor Stead was speaking from and badly beat him. The cops came arrested Hitler and his men. Hitler received a three months sentence, but only served one month. Still, he got his two birds. Ballast ed was out, and the people feared Hitler. Political violence was becoming more common in Munich, but that was mostly due to Hitler's tactics and those victims wanting revenge. As events intensified, Hitler created his own private army, and when he had it, it was time to put it to use beyond just defending his person. They needed to be bloodied. So on November 4th, 1921 when Hitler was giving a speech to an audience of about 2200 people, he knew there would be hundreds of Communists in the audience, and they had a score to settle. Hitler only had about 47 bodyguards with him, but had previously told them to watch the Communist members closely. When they searched at him to move forward and show no mercy, He spoke for more than an hour, working the crowd up before the Communists, unable to take the verbal abuse any longer, made for the stage. The bodyguards were ready and gave a good account of themselves. They fought the Communists back for 20 minutes before the melee was broken up. The Communists were escorted out by the police, and Hitler finished his speech. His men had passed