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Snippet of The House of REP - Movie Reviews & More!: PS5 Built-In Microphone and Media Remote

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Gaming Reviews: PS5 Listen now to Gaming Reviews: PS5 for snippets of gamers reporting on the console’s style, UI, controller, headset, media remote, graphics, and exclusive games.

Sony’s newest console, the PS5, was released September 2020 and most users are loving the UI from set up to gameplay. While there’s a ton of mixed opinions on the console’s new look, PlayStation devotees are still vying to take the tech piece home. A playlist for those who are considering a PS5 purchase or who want to know if they’re having a similar experience to other users.
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Listen now to “PS5 Built-In Microphone and Media Remote” from The House of REP - Movie Reviews & More!. Port to plug in other headsets and light easy to use remote.
Welcome to 'The House of R.E.P.' Listen to movie reviews, game reviews & more! This is made by a passionate team of indie filmmakers 'The R.E.P Knights.' They dream big, love films and know their stuff. This podcast is hosted by charismatic leader and talented filmmaker Rey Janjua, listen to him share his thoughts and passions on film, his journey through the business and more.
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um, the controller. Nice stuff. Integrated microphone. They've replaced the button on the top. So the PlayStation button is now a PlayStation logo instead of like a rounded button with the logo within it. So I do like that. I was kinda hoping it would be slightly whiter, you know, to contrast. See, now that's a design feature that I would have. Well, because it's just like perhaps even that crystal design. Maybe they might radio, you know, like maybe if they make aversion to they might make it crystal to differentiate it. But having a microphone built in is very useful. Having ports to plug in your headphones is useful. So if someone doesn't wanna spend too much on like a beefy headset, you know they can do that. Yeah, you can plug in other headsets, you know, like so you know, there's a lot of fidelity and freedom with this, which is really good. The remote is click eso. The media remote also is something that, you know is really nice. You got this pebble design feels like a pebble stone, and you have It's very, very light and just very easy to use. So you know what more can I say it's a It's a very good media remote just does what it needs to do, especially if you if you love films and you don't wanna, like, accidentally drop your control, you want to take care of it. You could just keep the remote around with you because, you know, on the sofa, you know always might fall or get lost, so it's best to have a remote instead.