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Snippet of The House of REP - Movie Reviews & More!: PS5 Controller Has Better Weight & Increased Latency

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Listen now to snippet “PS5 Controller Has Better Weight & Increased Latency” from The House of REP - Movie Reviews & More!. Beefier battery and same analog positioning.
Welcome to 'The House of R.E.P.' Listen to movie reviews, game reviews & more! This is made by a passionate team of indie filmmakers 'The R.E.P Knights.' They dream big, love films and know their stuff. This podcast is hosted by charismatic leader and talented filmmaker Rey Janjua, listen to him share his thoughts and passions on film, his journey through the business and more.
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position. So going to the controller. Very nice design. Better weight. The distribution is nicer in the hand. So the way the boomerang kind of, um you know, like, what I would say is the kind of arms off the actual controller they sit very nicely in the palm. Yeah, it feels very similar to that weird boomerang prototype that we saw. I was like, Who's gonna do we gonna chop that robbers or something, right? Yeah, it's so funny. Like a doubles is like a battering or something. But but this control I love the two tone design. What they sort of kind of like kept is the kind of positioning of the analog the analog area feels like it's something that, you know, someone thinking, Okay, It's not broken, so we're going to keep it. So that black part, um, is still very similar to the deal. Shock, Miss Sister do shop for Yeah, So the deal shock four on this are very similar. The changes, you know, become more apparent when you look at the raised deep pad. It's got this kind of crystal effect, which is very good. And then the buttons are also got this crystal effect. But they feel very nice. Very tactile. Very Yeah, very premium. That's a great point. Also just very false when scrolling and tapping. And I know that this is gonna be a really good controller for me because I love my beat em ups and museum pro like B M up players. So we mostly, like, you know, deal with ourselves. We've been playing since, like, the early Street Fighter two, um, kind of early, more combat day. So, like, you know, we constantly playing justice d o a c d o a. Five tech it more combat, you know, like Dragon Ball Z fires, because anything thing, it feels that feels a lot faster. So, like also, another interesting thing is that as soon as the controller was, um, sort of boot it up with system, it went through an update so you can actually update controllers. So I'm thinking that these are mapping configurations, timings and other things to try and tweak the controllers, you know, capabilities and compatibility, or maybe even to increase the battery life. Possibly. Yeah, that's a very good point. Stress testing the battery life on This is something that I'll be looking into on, you know, seeing in the long run. Because the I have to say that when you compare the deal, shop four with the next books One controller, which is still my personal favorite controller right now to use when I'm playing games, it's just got a longer battery. So basically I will. I will rotate batteries with a charger, but they were lost for, like, days, not Sessions s. So that's something to take into consideration. Like the I think, um, what happened is is that Sony wanted it to be very light eso when they wanted the deal shot to be, ah, very light. They compromised on the actual capacity of the battery to make it lighter. But the new deal senses heavier. So I'm thinking, is God a slightly beef of battery, sort of beefy a battery to compensate for the haptic feedback triggers on the other kinds of power with a rumble. So it should be better overall on a very good because when you boot up Spiderman for the first time, you can actually feel the train moving on Whenever you kind of like, you know, sweep the web or whatever, like, you know, yeah, whip it out. Without that weapon, you actually get the feeling that you do
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