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Snippet of The House of REP - Movie Reviews & More!: PS5’s Astros Playroom Showcases History Of The Console

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Gaming Reviews: PS5 Listen now to Gaming Reviews: PS5 for snippets of gamers reporting on the console’s style, UI, controller, headset, media remote, graphics, and exclusive games.

Sony’s newest console, the PS5, was released September 2020 and most users are loving the UI from set up to gameplay. While there’s a ton of mixed opinions on the console’s new look, PlayStation devotees are still vying to take the tech piece home. A playlist for those who are considering a PS5 purchase or who want to know if they’re having a similar experience to other users.
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Listen now to snippet “PS5’s Astros Playroom Showcases History Of The Console” from The House of REP - Movie Reviews & More!. Features consoles capabilities.
Welcome to 'The House of R.E.P.' Listen to movie reviews, game reviews & more! This is made by a passionate team of indie filmmakers 'The R.E.P Knights.' They dream big, love films and know their stuff. This podcast is hosted by charismatic leader and talented filmmaker Rey Janjua, listen to him share his thoughts and passions on film, his journey through the business and more.
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so going back to the PlayStation five, you've got, like, one game that comes preinstalled. On the console is Astros playroom, which is made by T Masebo. Now this game is quite a nice, uh, demonstration. I wouldn't call it like a glorified demo, because it's not that after kind of playing through it for about half an hour to an hour. This is a very cool game made by the developers to kind of showcase the history off the PlayStation console on. It's almost like a swan. Sorry, a swan song. Two previous generations of Sony console. Like a valentine. Yeah, it's almost like a love letter. A tribute trivia. Yeah. It has some amazing features to show off the consoles capabilities. It runs really smoothly. It runs at four K about like 60 frames or 100 and 20 frames. Andi, um, it has some really nice features in terms of how you use the controller. You control the little character in Astro Astros playroom on. There's some really nice features with the touch pad, and you kind of blow into the controller tea. Kind of, you know, uh, kind of like, uh, yeah, actually like to switch So you use the motion sensors on the adoptive triggers, which are really lovely when you're using the jet pack in that game because you can control the sensitivity off the trust trust. And that's really cool. And these buttons feel amazing when you're actually playing really the game. I've yet to play Astros player. You got to try. When you play, you'll see it and you'll feel it on. Also, you kind of talk into the mike and you use the touch pad to flick him, like in the slingshot. Use a touch pad to fling him out. It's great it worked. It has its purposes, and I would love more and more developers to embrace the capabilities off this controller because it was sorely lacked on the deal shop.