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The Joan Hamburg Show
Last Played: January 29, 2021
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Randi Weingarten is the former head of New York City’s United Federation of Teachers and current president of the National American Federation of Teachers. In such a position, Weingarten tasks herself with revamping the image of teacher unions in the U.S., and balancing the interests of numerous teacher and educational groups in the United States.
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Randi Weingarten was the first leader to go after major stores like Wal Mart not to sell guns until Congress dealt with safety and with legislation and all of her efforts worked. So ah, thank you on that part. How's everything, Randy? Thank you, Joan. It's for stuff. It's fabulous to talk to you and to talk to your listeners, you know, You know, since I've been the national president, you know, home is always go home. And, you know, I just loved every time I can either get back to New York or talk to New Yorkers because that's home. And so it's really great to be on the phone with you. I'm actually in in Chicago right now with all of the leaders of unions from across the country. We're having our quarterly meeting right now, but I think you just hit it in terms of what's going on even with. And it was great today to see all these companies and CEOs not being scared of the NRA as it used to be, and saying to Congress and to Mitch McConnell in particular, You know, you have to do something about safety because we've had over 280 shooting and look at where New York is. You don't see them in New York City. You don't see them in New York State because of actually a whole bunch of policies that have been done by government of Cuomo by Connecticut by New Jersey. The bottom line for us is how do you make sure that kids feel safe? You can't actually get education curriculum critical thinking unless kids just feel like they're in a safe and welcoming environment. That is why we have been so fixated on the issues off trying to get common sense. Um uh, violence measures into place or anti gun violence pressures in the place. And you made a big step and took a big step, especially when it came to like a WalMart, which definitely created shock and to all the gun people, because this has not happened before. And look, you know, we have in our union where 1.7 million people and a lot of people think about us as you know, the Union in New York City in Chicago, but half of our members actually lived in rural and small town, and when we started this advocacy two years ago. I have to tell you, I started with that advocacy personally, and our union started this advocacy in a real way. In the aftermath of Newtown, the Newtown local Sandy Hook. Those are our members. And when you look in the eyes our teachers and parents who have lost a child, you have to do something. And that's who we are. The union You know, the caring comes before the fighting in terms of making a difference in the lives of kids. Without question is ourselves. We committed ourselves that we were gonna fight, not not just become a sense gun laws. But how are we going to get a wrap around services, how we're going to deal with trauma? And unfortunately, the Broward local Parkland is Our local is well, and I'm still there are a couple of kids from Parklands. So I have done recommendations for and in in for high school college, and I'll never forget we were in Pittsburgh with one of you know, I call them. My kids were in Pittsburgh and one of these young adults there was there was like fireworks from, you know, the stadium. Because Facebook I saw her freeze as if it was a gunshot. It never goes away when you know. So that's why we go. Let's let's go after Wal Mart. I mean, you know, they they do something different. And you know, I'm not a big fan of Walmart because of labor and the education, but they do something different. It's gonna mean that other retailers well as well, and I give them credit it. Well, what's now happening? No, What now happened? Absolutely. It definitely has. And
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