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Snippet of The Juice Podcast: Why Cam Newton Will Win MVP

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After Cam Newton's trade from Carolina to New England, The Juice Podcast predicted he'd win MVP. Well, Cam has been re-signed to the Patriots so there's always this year?
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it's did it. It took long enough, but the Patriots finally did it. They did it. They signed Cam Newton. They get it and it wasn't available. And I know I said that word wrong, But guess what? That is the word of the day. Let's get a definition for Edinburgh in a manner that is impossible to avoid or prevent. And I know I said that wrong. Ladies and gentlemen, as usual, predictably, as expected, and that fits their, however it was bound to happen. Cam new into the Patriots was bound to happen. It was bound to happen. It was bound to happen. Now the NFC East is back in New England. Hands and they got can do it for cheap. They got him for absolutely nothing. Seven million up to seven million, up to seven million. What an absolute still for New England. Now a lot of people are saying, Well, Cam Newton is hurt and they have no weapons in New England. Guess what? Guess what? Cam Newton didn't have any weapons in Carolina. In fact, his 2015 season, where they lost one game the last game of the regular season before losing to the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl. Basically, we had an undefeated season before lose to the Falcons the last regular season game. Guess what? His number one weapon was hurt the entire season. And guess who the number one weapon was. Calvin Freaking Benjamin? Yeah, Mhm. His number one weapon at the time was Calvin Freaking Benjamin, who is now a tight end academy play for the XFL. Yeah, And you're telling me that it's gonna be a problem? Because Cam Newton doesn't have any weapons, you know? What can you do? It has in New England, he has a head coach. He has Josh McDaniels, offensive coordinator. He has a system. He has a system. This is gonna work amazingly for Cam Newton. I cannot preach this enough as far as the season goes, if it does happen, I'm putting his name on behalf of M. V. P. Yeah, and that's a fact. I said it. Cam Newton for NFL MVP This upcoming season. He doesn't need the weapons. He doesn't need a Gronk. He doesn't. He doesn't need them all. As he has elder man is enough. He's going to make uh, Macau Harris look amazing. I'm telling you right now. The Patriots might be better than Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and this is no overreaction. Cam Newton is a damn good quarterback. A damn good one. He's nothing like his fashion sense, but playing that quarterback position, he is one of one. He is talented, and now you're telling me you're putting them in that system. But the greatest head coach of all time and Bill Belichick? Do you think they're not going to do numbers? What, are you sleeping under a rock? Let's just look at this schedule. And again, this is if anything happens. Of course, we're still covid is still outside, ladies, and please welcome. Ask, uh, they play the Dolphins. Seahawks, Raiders, Chiefs, Broncos, 49 ers, Bills, Jets, Ravens, Texans, Cardinals, Chargers, Rams, Dolphins, Bills, Jets. So the Emcee East is definitely going to be tough because the Bills they got, they got a squad, They got a squad. Okay? They really do. The bills are talented. Miami had an amazing offseason. They did. And the Jets? The Jets are gonna jets. The Jets is not gonna do anything. They have Adam Gates's head coach. I don't I still don't understand why. Well, today. It's gonna come down, in my opinion, between the Bills and the Patriots. And this is why I'm not radio on Miami yet. I don't think Tua will play. I was in for Miami getting Cam Newton and letting two would sit behind Cam Newton. But they was being on Ryan Fitzpatrick and away from Ryan Fitzpatrick end of the season last year. I don't blame them. Holy crap. That is a raccoon in my backyard. Sorry, that is not a raccoon, That is I don't know what that is. I saw I watched Dr Dolittle that day, my son. And now I'm getting weird animals. I maybe have some type of super power. Or it could be that I don't I don't know. Uh, anyway, so it's between the Bills and the patriots. Uh, for the NFC East, Uh, I really wish Miami did get Cam Newton with Cam Newton, and I think that team would have been freaking load. It would have gave to a solid chance to really learn a player that is almost similar to his place. I was just a little bit, of course to it has an arm and, like, very accurate and Cam Newton is more so mobile. But, uh, I really I really think it's gonna be between Buffalo and New England. And now that New England has Cam new End man, the sky is the limit, cameras out for vengeance and you own a seven million deal. He got a lot to prove. He got a lot to prove to not only himself, but to the league, to show that he still got it to show that these teams made a mistake by not signing him by waiting so long to sign him. This is Cam Freaking Newton guys Cam Newton. He absolutely will be M V P next year. He absolutely will be M V P next year. Now, let's just look at this guy stats. Of course. This this man. His first season in 2011 his rookie season, he was already selected to a pro Bo team. Wise didn't do that good, however. Since then, he's been a baller. Of course, injuries has been unfortunate. But before he got hurt, especially those last two seasons during that season when he played the Pittsburgh Steelers and he got hurt before that, that man was amazing and I know He was amazing. He was on my fantasy football team, and that's a fact. Let me tell you something. The Patriots did a really good job looking at the schedule right now, with Cam Newton leading the charge, they're gonna probably take a loss. They probably gonna split with the Bills. They probably take a loss to 49 ers chief Seattle. So that's four games right now. Yeah, that's definitely gonna I don't I don't know about Ravens. That could be a track game for the Ravens. That could be a trap game for Baltimore. Houston will be a trap game so that the schedule is not easy by any means. They have a very hard schedule, however, mhm Deputy FC's champions. And I'm sure of that. And that's my cold heart prediction for today. Kevin Newman, M v P is going to happen. It's going to happen. His number is going to look ridiculous. It's gonna look ridiculous. And that's a fact. Sure, as always, guys, you can fall