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Snippet of The Lefkoe Show: Shaq Thompson His Childhood And Motivation

Last Played: March 11, 2021
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Growing up in Sacramento, CA he had nothing so he’s motivated to make sure his family never goes through that. Believe in the process and control what you can. Football is his way out of a bad situation and he’s always fighting for his next contract. There will always be someone coming for his spot.
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first of all, I want to I want to say my condolences to you losing your mother. I I honestly I was I was looking around the internet, and I saw the story about the letter that you don't want to open. Um and, um, I it's interesting because professional athletes, I'm always amazed at how everyone assumes that they all have purpose, that you all wake up every day and it's like, I got to go and it's got guys, they're they're humans and sometimes they're tired. Sometimes they don't feel it. But you you talked about that, That purpose that happened, Um, how do you How do you channel your love for her and your your admiration for her and also who she wants you to be into, like that daily process where instead of being sad, it's almost like I want to make her proud? How do you do that? Um, just from the upcoming that way that we've gone through not having nothing, um, happening, go down. And we had to walk down the street to take showers like a family friend's house. When we have no water, we had to run electric or next door to our house to get some light. So, like, uh huh. Where did you grow up in Sacramento, California. Gotcha. So with all that stuff, it's just it still weighs on me. Like I got kids. I got this is and nephews and I don't want them to go through what we had, what we went through. So that's that's another purpose of why I wake up every day and why I play football. Um, I love the game and stuff like that, but my mom, she'll wake up and you won't even know she's going through stuff. She would keep the same face. She won't tell you nothing was wrong with her. Nothing. So I'm kinda like that, too. I want If something is wrong with me, I would just hold it to myself. I won't say nothing. Somebody asked me if I'm okay, but yeah, I'm good. But in the inside, I'm, like, really, like, just dealing with, you know, I mean dealing with a lot. And I feel like a lot of athletes and a lot of people I would even say athletes in general. But a lot of people go through that and they don't know how to use that kind of like as motivation to get yourself out of that situation. Um, and I was fortunate enough to learn that as a young age, to figure out football was really my only way out to get my family out of the situation. And I'm still like that to this day, like even though I got paid as cool. But it's like I'm still fighting for the next contract. I'm still fighting for my second contract. I don't want to say third because I'm gonna feel like, Oh, you have to be nine. I want to feel like every year I feel like somebody's somebody's coming from my spot. I gotta play as a rookie. I got to do everything to make this team because nobody's gonna mess with feeding my family and and that's where that's my motivation. And that's how she kind of just had. It's like if you want something, go do it yourself. I think the biggest mind fuck for me, uh, if I was an athlete, is I hear about your upbringing and your process and how all most people probably come to you a lot for answers because they see that like you've able to accomplish things. So like if they need help, they're gonna come to you and they need advice. They come to you. But then you have, like, there are a group of fans that will then call athletes spoiled and entitled because you signed a contract and and it's like it's like the notion as though you've always had money or the notion that it's always came from money like, No, we have got it out of the mud. We found a way we stuck to our process and believed in the process to get what we have. Like, Why are you hating on us for getting paid, like why you're worried about the wrong thing? You need to worry about your life and how you gonna get out of your situation. And don't worry about the next person's life like be happy for that person. Regardless, if you know them, I don't know. And then there's the notion that, uh, all of this shit is fragile and that it could end at any time because none of us know. I I think about that for my own stuff all the time. Oh, you know what we're not liking you on TV right now. We're gonna go with somebody else, and it's like, what if sometimes it's subjective or a new coach comes in and he wants his guys or the new GM didn't draft you. And, um but I think how how do you maintain the perspective to not worry about all of that and stay in that focus grind? How do you Rivera used to say this thing, Uh, control what you can control, and I I just ever since I first heard that my rookie year, I just carried that through on like, I only control getting easy, and it applies to it implies to everything like control what you can control. So I kind of use that for for everything. Like you used to not do that, Did you used to try and control what you couldn't control? I never I just live life like me. Personally. I just live life like I go with the flow of life. Like if it if it takes me this direction, I'm gonna go this direction, you know, if it takes me to go left, huh? Bruce Lee, go with water type of stuff. You know what I mean? I'm gonna just go with it. And if my life takes me down this path and that's where my life and God wanted me to go, uh, some people go away from that, and that's when they run into adversity. They run into shit like that to where it beats you up, kills you mentally and physically in the inside emotionally, to where you're just stuck in that stage and you don't know what to do. And the next thing you do is just run for help when you're not even trying or you did try and you just keep telling. I mean, my biggest thing, what coming to failure was playing baseball when I went, Um, everybody brings us up. This is still funny to me when I went like over 39 Yo, it's like that woke me up to, like, failure like, and how to deal with adversity, how to deal with people coming after you. And it was my dad and I laid in it. And people still bringing up like that happened 67 years ago. When you're still bringing that up like minor leagues. Yeah, and people don't even know the full like before. Long story about it. They just don't want to Over 39. Yeah, I didn't play baseball for X amount of years, and everybody knows if you know baseball and play baseball, you gotta play every day consistently for years. It's not like football basketball. You can take some years off and go out there and still ball Shaq, Do you know why they say it to you? It's two reasons. One is what we talked about before, which is unhappiness within themselves but to you're going to get in interviews because there's a laziness that comes with, in my opinion, Google culture. Which is I have to talk to Shaq Thompson. I'm going to Google him. Oh, this popped up. Okay, I'm gonna ask him about no doubt and they think that you've never had to talk about it before in your life. They always think they're first. And I had had previously this I had called this lady at one time because she asked me this and I was like, Yo, it's 78 years ago. You still bringing this up like move on. That's like me saying, Oh, you got divorced 67 years ago. Hang out. You're divorced. Call. What happened? You're gonna be like, man. I got divorced years ago. Why are you still bringing this up? I moved on from it.
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