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Snippet of The Mancave Movie Review Podcast: Terminator

Last Played: February 09, 2021
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Listen to a Mancave Movie review of the film that took the sci-fi genre to new heights, Terminator. Hear their full review for more.
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But you know, it's it is what it is. It's much like Star Trek. It's like aliens. It is a franchise. It has. It has a Siris of books that had a brief TV Siri's. There have been four movies to date. I would say of of them. The third one is bad. The other three. This one is a classic. The second one is very good. The third one are the fourth one I like, but I It's more along the lines of a war movie. Um, shortly after. Yeah, I like that one, but I look at it. It's very much a war movie. Yeah, that that has a different feel. And it is. It advances the story. And I really like that. Yeah, I like that movie a lot. This whole Siri's created in a lot of ways bond and interest in in a big surgeon in this type of a movie making, and I got to give Cameron credit because he he in many ways kind of revitalized the science fiction genre in theater because what you had had between Star Trek and Star Wars were these space epics, and he he took it and do the budget limitations, which is amazing what he did with six million and what he converted that into you. Definitely a B grade movie. Um, what? What he created was an interesting, ah sub genre of science fiction that then took science fiction movie making in a different direction. And you could say Blade Runner got there first, but this one was much more viable and commercially successful and struck a nerve. Which you reference, Steve. Um, with with people, right, this was a time period where there We were experiencing a lot of exploration into a lot of these deeper concepts. E I think that all started in the seventies, but we've now got the technology to really? Yeah, put something on screen that that that will capture your capture your mind and help you understand? You know, in this case, you know, this the seriousness of the situation, Um, and for everything that it iss um, you know, it's it is still a movie that, um is very gritty and is it's sort of in your face and you see a role that Arnold isn't used to playing or seeing him play. And so it's completely out of type. But it also I think, ushered in the era of, you know, one liners, which I think this movie will always be known for. Well, but, you know, again, it goes back to this was, you know, Arnold's essentially after the Conan Conan and, uh I'm sorry, Conan the Barbarian and Conan the Destroyer. This was like his third like, major film or feature film. And I think people were still people knew who he was from, obviously being Mr Olympia for all those years. And I think it was just one of those where he's just the big, lumbering guy out there. And But for some reason, uh, you know, this movie propelled him, uh, you know, into a major action star that had more than what I think. What was a tribute, like 16 lines or something like that in this movie, I mean, it's you hardly 18 lines and less than 100 words. Yeah, so you know they're Ugo in Part of it is, and maybe they thought, you know, that's all they could do is just look big, mean and menacing. But I'll tell you the one thing about this movie and his portrayal in it is there was a menace about him. That really kind of gave me the creeps because you just kept there. I mean, there was something about the look that he had, and everything just was kind of terrifying because you're thinking, you know, this guy is not going to stop. He's just gonna keep coming and coming and there's nothing you could do about it. And that's Yeah, that's what I meant when it was out of character for him. Yeah, it's his third one, but he really has not played a dark role like this. Really sense, right? And so this this is why it really stands out for him. I mean, to the point of I mean And the second one, Uh, I mean, he sort of becomes a Well, I don't want to ruin it. Hey, has a different role in the second one. Yeah, and a kindlier. He's just more misunderstood. Three pro. He was re program back to your menace. I think that that's what really works. Well, is no he the way and I got to give Cameron a lot of credit, you know, he shot most of this at night, almost all of it at night and the angles they used, the way they shot. Um, Schwarzenegger, who originally did not want this role he wanted Kyle Reese. Is he one of the role of Kyle Reese? And that's what he was originally looked at for, and Cameron Cameron convinced him to take. This world said, It will make you a star and there's something like you said There's something even watching this movie today, malevolent and unstoppable. And it's really And I said, I have to wonder if it's because of his body building background. The way the man, whatever you want to say about his acting chops, the way he can physically exude. Ah, presence on the screen and you put him in black. Put those shades on him and you have him carting around a, ah, an automatic weapon. He inhabits that role so well that he doesn't have to speak because, as Jeff mentioned, you just know this just by him before you even get to the back end of the movie where you see the the the XO scour the skeleton of the Terminator that he is the Terminator
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