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Snippet of The Memory Cheats: Series 3 #74

Last Played: August 09, 2021
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Friends and enthusiastic fans Kyle Anderson (also hosts Doctor Who: The Writer’s Room) and Steven Shapanky (also hosts Lazy Doctor Who and Radio Free Sharo) discuss the Steven Moffat era of Doctor Who, via their memories and knowledge of the show. The host's casual conversations make the listener feel like they're overhearing two good friends raving about their favorite show, considering every aspect of the show.
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before we get to the end, because the end is obviously worth talking about. But, like so this does involve the Saigon's. The Saigon's are kind of like the the MacGuffin, I guess, of the piece, Um, and there's an adventure going on between the 10th doctor and Queen Elizabeth first and Saigon's that we kind of come into or like the other two doctors kind of fall into. And it seems like such a funny and weird idea to be like, Here's the mystery. Here's the thing we've We've seen the war doctor walked into the barn or whatever. And now we get to go, we finally get Thio, you know, bring in, uh, the 10th doctor, which I think a lot of people were excited to see him again. And he's just the silliest. And like everything that is the kind of like stereotypical version of the 10th Doctor is the way he is in this. And it's not a joke, you know what I mean? Like, it's just it's just Moffett being like, This is what he waas And now we In retrospect, we can kind of laugh at him a little bit more. Um, but I love the whole thing where he has the whole speech to the rabbit and, um, thinking it's a Saigon. And, like I'm the doctor for the constellation Castor bus. You know, I've lived in 1944 years of your basically a rabbit, aren't you? Just, you know, it knocks down all those sort of like, you know, those It was Miss, I suppose, is the Ted's doctor, which I quite like it sort of plays up with up to, you know, his for the first time we see him, he he is riding a horse out of the Tartus Azad just as he was riding a horse through Ah, a mere and the girl in the fireplace. You know, it's sort of like really kind of playing up the chops a little bit there on David Tennant is just great. It's sort of like poking fun at his own at his own persona a little bit too. You know, I think he's probably a little bit mawr of a womanizer. I think of this episode a little bit compared to how he actually was. But it's all it's all on the fun. Yeah, and it's all done and kind of the same way that you know it's more successful here than it was in twice upon a time. But it's the same type of thing where it's like That's not exactly how the first doctor was. Actually, it's not at all how the first doctor was, but that's how people perceive the first doctor, and that is much more subtle, suddenly done and actually a little more accurate. And this one where it's like that's not quite how the 10th doctor was, but it's how the 10th doctor was as far as people remember, um, but once once he and um Smith finally meet and they kind of do the thing that doctors do when they, you know, see each other and stuff and they're sizing each other up and they're making fun of, you know, the size of sonic screwdrivers and stuff. And that's fun. And those two seem, you know, Moffett is like playing up the differences between them because in a lot of ways it's like, Oh, they're both handsome young dudes who were, you know, skinny suits and stuff, but they are very different characters on. Then, once the war doctor shows up and they knew, know who he is, and he doesn't know who they are and, you know, And so they're kind of like, standoffish. And then he is just like That's when little bits of him being the doctor kind of, you know, where they point their sonic screwdrivers at the nights that come up. And he's like, What you gonna do? Assemble a cabinet at them, which is so great and funny and all and makes fun of And and that's the thing. It's like it's not somebody commenting on how silly the doctor is for the 50th, it's the doctors commenting on how silly they each are to each other. You know, grandpa and sand shoes or whatever shinny or whatever, like its They're all just making fun of the bits of them that are silly and worth kind of, you know, let's let's take the wind out of their sails just a little bit. Andi. I think that that works so well. And then the Saigon plot becomes kind of like the The A story for a little while is where they're all trapped, and there's two Elizabeths and just all the stuff that eventually then leads to the
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