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Snippet of The Michelle Obama Podcast: The Gift of Girlfriends with Denielle, Sharon, and Kelly

Last Played: January 25, 2021
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Michelle and some of her best friends, Danielle, Sharon, and Kelly, discuss finding your friendship crew. They define friendships as creating a circle of trust, genuine love, and more.
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for me, one measure of like finding my crew is not just sort of how doe I relate to them, but are they open enough and are they kind enough? And are they secure enough to be friends with my friends? And slowly, over the course of many, many years, you guys have come to know each other. Aziz Well, if not better, and connect even better than you. Connect with me, right? And you know it's the sorority of you know. It's that circle of trust I should say that we had because, you know, we had this really tight group of people who knew you could say what you wanted to say. You could do what you want And it was going nowhere to this day, you know, No, nothing has ever leaked out from this group about what was going on, because we understood how important it was to guard your privacy. But that's the way it is with, you know, with your girlfriends that you trust, whether their first lady or there anybody you know, I have girlfriends that, you know honestly, that I would say if I kill somebody, they would say, Girl, let me get a shovel. Okay, let's just let's just go, you know? And you know, I mean, because that, you know, and to be ableto have that kind of relationship with somebody where, you know, I could say something really terrible and, you know, I don't mean it about the person like my husband, but you know what I'm saying? All right. I feel that way today, but you know that you're not going to sit there and look at him the same. You know, you just know that that's how it is. That's the cycle of of how you're feeling and toe. Let someone vent Condit's. It's an amazing pressure release because I can say it to you, so I don't have thio e Think you're I think you're right because they're still trying to protect him. Right on all of this, in terms of managing your emotions and how you're feeling too. So you're not burning him with it? You know, you already had the weight of the world literally, you know, on his shoulders. And so e think I think you developed a plan. I mean, I think you took it as you know, this is my job. to figure out and unhealthy way, and it's in them. Tell you it is a terrible place to be as a spouse when whatever it is that's bothering you always seems petty. I know compared Thio. Oh, I've just got to go solve Mideast peace today and it's like What did you pick those? You leave it on the kitchen counter. I mean, it's like it always, you know? So you're like but yeah, that's where your girlfriend group and again taking this away from the White House and from me in particular. I mean, the truth is, is that we've all been that way with each other and with the women and women friends in our lives where you know, having a crew that you can go to and say whatever is on your mind and not be judged for it, give yourself a space to blow off some steam. This is why when I look at some of these reality TV, I have ah, love hate relationship with it. But I I never liked the way they portray women friendships because they're always so catty and bickering and argumentative in ways that I have never experienced among my women friends ever. Um, and that is meant so much to me to have women who are secure enough to have friendships like that that aren't possessive but are, you know, they're broad and they're open, and they're, you know, they're inviting. You know, if I ever get to a point of friendship where I can't say, tell the truth and know that the trust that we built up can sustain whatever that truth or whatever that maybe it isn't even. Maybe it's my truth, and it's not your truth. But you know, if the friendship can't sustain that, then something else is wrong, and at some point in time, it's going to come out. It's going to show itself, but you can't do that if you don't have trust. You know you can't do that. If you don't know that you can come back from it and that there's genuine love. You know, I know for me, the people that can get me riled up or people who I care deeply about. I have such wonderful friends in my life that it's, you know, I want as much for them as I want for me, but I feel like you all feel the same way. You know, I get that back. That's why these relationships that sustain themselves over so many years because I feel like you guys have literally written and died with me. That's what we do. But you got going on now. I just had a moment e Just a moment. You know, I have my movement. I know. Yeah, I know. What's the moment? We love you, Kelly e. I was thinking that your girlfriends of sort of, like the study, and even if your personal relationships are kind of going up in, uh, you guys have been my rock? Yeah, Yeah, for the last couple of years. Mm. But isn't it amazing how quickly, though the time has gone by, you know, because, you know, I have always thought of myself as the new friend like you relative to, And I'm like, wait a minute. There was 13 years ago, you know, new relative to you know, we have sort of moved into a different category, and I tell you, and it is I mean, e can't tell you how many happy memories I have of all the things collectively. Individually, you know that we have had over these past, you know, 11 years. A group off of good girlfriends provides ah, lifeline that is unlike any other.
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