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The Best Podcasts For Valentine’s Day Romance Although Valentine's Day is just around the corner, the myriad places where we would normally find love may feel a little out of reach as the Covid-19 pandemic rages on. However, love will always be around you— despite whether or not you're spending this holiday cozied up with a significant other or all alone. Don't believe us? Just sit back and listen to these stories and advice from folks who have found love, folks who have lost it, and folks who are still looking in this list of the best Valentine’s Day podcasts. Vurbl Audio for the Holidays
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Kirk had been in love with Jenny since college, but she had no idea who he was. Then, some 18 years later, a Facebook algorithm brought Kirk back into Jenny's life— only this time, he was going to make her remember him. So, when they were only on their second date, Kirk offered to help Jenny with a very big task: making a baby.
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or with so good to see you. Kirk had flown 3000 miles for a second date with Jenny Alden. But before he even walked inside, let me just give a little piece of info. Been full transparency, like, Yeah, I'm not drinking tonight. I'm not drinking for a couple of weeks. And if you even think about sex, I could have triplets right now. He's like, Okay, what is this? I am not drinking. I'm not wearing deodorant. I may be grouchy. I may be a little crazy because I'm getting my eggs frozen on. And I was like, Okay, so I'm in the process of doing hormone injections, and I don't know if I will be moody or cranky or bloated or break out, but, hey, at least you'll get to see me at my worst. And if you like me, then then we're off to a good start, right? I'm like, Okay. Cool. I knew about the procedure. I'd actually helped a couple of people with it, you know, I knew a little bit and said, Yeah, you know, however I can support Great. He was like, Can I drive you to the surgery? I was like, Wow. This new guy I just met is so much nicer and more compassionate about this elective procedure I'm having. And my husband was when I had a brain tumor. I was like, Okay noted, This is a good guy. This is a really good guy. The Saturday dinner date went well, so well, it continued into Sunday. They spent the day together, and for both of them, it was just really, really great re meeting as adults. I just appreciated who she waas e. I mean, she was so smart, so thoughtful, so truthful. I saw how she was so caring and nurturing about her friends. She was the Queen bee without being the queen. Suddenly, all of those important meetings he had to be back in New York for on Monday didn't seem so important. He had a friend in San Diego with a nice house who invited him over. So Kirk's like, you wanna go to San Diego so, like, yeah, why not? As long as I come back in time to get shots tomorrow, the doctors Kirk pushed his flight back, and on the drive down he was desperate to figure out whether this meant their relationship was getting more serious. Are we in item? Are we exclusive? It gets trickier because we've only spent a couple of days with each other and I'm done. But I'm still trying to somehow play it cool, because I know that they're all I mean, she's getting text left and right, like we're literally on dates. And so finally, you know, she turns around to me and is like, Hey, there's a guy who's asking me to go you know, super V I p to like the MTV Music Awards. And I'm like, Oh, wait Oh, yeah, I'm still on the roster like there's a whole team playing for this girl and I'm like, Hey, Kirk, can you put on your friend cap for a second? He's like, Sure, I'm like So I'm on this great date with this new guy, man, but someone else and might be them TV movie movie awards. And it's too soon to like, you know, whatever. Like, I don't know which ideo he's like. This is a good question, E. I was like, Oh, this is one of those girl tests, all right? Like if I get too anxious like you know, don't respond or you know, Then she's gonna think I'm, you know, not understanding and thoughtful and sensitive. But if I'm, like, sure, go like she's gonna go to the MTV Awards with some dude like some hotel suite, like no chance, like so I'm like, uh, this is brutal. And at that point, we parked the car to get out to meet his best friend, Tommy for lunch. And we're like, Well, Tommy, he says, Tommy, what do you think? And Tommy's this German. He's like, You can't be serious. Like you like her. She likes you. You get rid of everything else, you stop that nonsense on. We're both like, Okay, so I'm relieved because I'm like, All right, we're a thing just like all right. Well, I probably should just, like, you know, let a couple people know I'm like, Well, why don't you just not respond like this is what these millennials do like, Just don't respond like this is this is the thing. No, no, not for Jenny. You know Kirk, he jokes, and he just ghosted the girls in his life, whereas I, you know, would write each guy I was kind of seeing, like high. You're such a great guy. I was really nice meeting you, but, you know, I I reconnected with old college friend. He's like, Jenny. What are you writing over there? I swear to God it was At least it was over an hour. And I'm like, Either you're writing a novel toe one person or you're dating, like, 38 people in your specifically making different notes to each one. Either way, I'm OK with that. Like, sure we're now exclusive. So I win. Whatever was happening here, Kirk didn't wanna let it slip away. Like I'm not letting this go, you know? I mean, it's it's sort of like battling a fish that, you know, like a Moby dick. You you're searching for your whole life. The white whale. You got it. You know, like I'm I'm in the white whale. Doesn't know the year end. So So he delayed his flight another day that night in San Diego. At dinner, they took another big, unexpected step. Everyone's drinking shots, and I'm not, and I So I'm sorry. I'm getting my eggs frozen and one guy there's like, That's so great. That's how we had our daughter. He goes, you know, just freezing your eggs. That's a really new technology. The eggs could be frail. They might not survive the d thaw. He looks at Kirk. He's like, you got to make a Saigo and crooks like he has no idea what the words I go means he's like, Yeah, man, I'm like, No, Kirk. I think he's suggesting we make like an embryo like a baby. And cargoes. Yeah, I'm in like, Yeah, I'll make a baby with you tomorrow. Jenny, it happened that fast. I absolutely know that this is the girl. Yes, looking at it objectively. It's a pretty big, crazy random decision. For me, it was the easiest decision. Never. As it turns out, the best kind of grand gesture of all is the kind where you don't even think twice when the opportunity to do something really big comes up. Jenny had seen so many guys come and go When things got rough. Kirk was different. They hadn't even had sex yet. And Kirk was already giving his sperm so Jenny would have fertilized embryos on. When she woke up after the procedure, Kirk was by her bedside. They found out together. It worked. We found out that we had fertilized eggs and made a healthy baby boy and girl embryo before we ever had sex, which is a modern day love story. Jenny and Kirk State lasted four days. It started with a dinner party and ended with an immaculate conception.