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Snippet of The Movie Babble Podcast: The Road to the 2021 Oscars

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The MovieBabble Podcast
Last Played: March 25, 2021
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The Movie Babble Podcast discusses some of the lesser-talked-about categories: Best Visual Effects, Best Sound, Best Film Editing, and Best Song.
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old Hollywood. But I am very happy with what we saw today. So let's kind of get going here so we'll jump into the best visual effects category. Um, so the nominees here we're loving monsters. The Midnight Sky, Mulan, the one and only Ivan and Tenet. Um, this is when we kind of look back to this category, years and years from now, pretty much like it's going to be one of the weakest years ever for fishable effects, I think. And it does have to kind of do with covid and just not many big budget movies coming out. But even then, they didn't really go with any traditional, let's say 1917 or first man type pics here. I mean, 10. It's similar to, and it's not like a C G I fast. It's very much practical effects and the way the cameras utilized, So that's kind of your closest to it. But yeah, it's a it's a category that I think 10. It's the easy front runner and we'll probably see it pick up an Oscar here. It's interesting because I was looking at this earlier and thinking I have no idea who's gonna win this But I guess that does make sense. It's definitely the most buzzy of all of these. I doubt one of the only Ivan is going to be the one. Take the Oscar when this is all said and done, Um, but yeah, it's just it's this. I feel like this is this category is the hardest hit from this year. There's just the field, just isn't as great. There's no Avengers movies or things like that in here. But, um, cool to see love and monsters in there. I haven't seen it, but a lot of people really like it and are recommending it. So I'm looking forward to in the five years that we have between the nominees and the actual ceremony that we have this year to actually watch that all the others I haven't seen so as cool as that one got in there. Certainly, Um, there was one welcome to trash can that I was hoping would get in just because of how kind of cool the the the uh what they did in that movie was with a deep fake visual effects. But it didn't quite land here, and it maybe it was a theme It didn't land in the documentary section, either, so it got blanked after looking good after the short lists a few weeks ago. But personally, I think 10. It's the winner here. I mean, Tenant uses the least of facts out of these five movies, but it's the biggest and grandest. I just think it's the proper one to award, especially because 10, it really didn't do too well at the Oscars this year. I mean, I think that's a story that I'd love to discuss, Um, with how that movie was handled in terms of its campaign. Like Like maybe if people don't like 10, and I think the craft of what went into making that movie has to be recognized, I think a lot. I mean, a lot of it was shot backwards, even on camera. The editing, uh, I think there's just a lot that went into that movie that just from a Craftsman Ship point of view, it deserved a little bit more recognition. So I do hope it does get a victory here. Individual effects category. I mean, one of Rose's just like maybe it's because of Nolan coming out hard against HBO. Max calling it the worst streaming service. But we had, uh, the Oscar streaming site, which has over 200 movies on the Warner Brothers, didn't even submit tenant. Um, no screeners were sent out for this movie. Um, they really didn't push it late in the game. And I think it could have done a little bit better below the line, Uh, if it was pushed. But really, this movie getting in is based off pure, just voters voting for it. So they get in with two nominations here. But visual effects is the one. I think they'll win. Yeah, definitely. I feel like no shot like for above the line stuff. I think this is one of the more like, strange Nolan movies, and I think that it's just kind of dense, and I feel like that would have turned off a lot of voters. But, yeah, there's no question that this would have done this. Would have made a killing if they actually went for it. And all these sound and effects categories, and maybe even editing. Honestly, it might have been an outside chance for that as well, but it's good to see it here. Yeah, it's the one that has the least effects, but kind of the most, if you will. I mean, I think it's the winter here, so we'll move on from the bat, um, and move up to best sound. So with best sound, we have Greyhound manc, News of the world, Soul and sound of Metal. These are a solid five nominees to Tom Hanks like movies getting in there and also the first nomination there for Apple TV. Plus there with Greyhound. They also got Wolf. Walker snuck in there as well. Uh, not stuck in. It was pretty favorite to get nominated, but Wolf Walker's got nominated as well. So greyhounds here, um, I think sounded metals the winter personally for best sound. I just think you got sound in the title, and it's just a movie that I think utilize sound the smartest, uh, out of all these five. So I'm rooting for it to win. I really hope it wins, and it would be one of my favorite winds of the night. If it does happen, Yeah, it'd be weird if it didn't win. The movie is literally about sound so like, I don't know how many of these movies you as their sound better. Um, I think Soul is a pretty inspired pick because I think that movie does have a way of creating a really interesting atmosphere out, and I think the sound has a lot to do with it. So that's a pretty cool pick that I don't know if I necessarily saw coming, but, yeah, it's definitely sounded battles category. Yeah, and you know, especially with that sound with the sole pick. Even it represents now a Pixar film and just animated film period that has broken outside of the traditional, uh, box that animated movies are kept in right. You've got the best animated feature category and best score and best song. That's usually where you see those movies, um so soul breaks out, gets into the best sound category here, and I think it's deserved. I mean, I think the movie does sound really, really good. I think Greyhounds County, your typical war action movie that gets in every year similar to News of the World and then make I think utilize sound in a good way similar to once upon a time in Hollywood, getting this nomination last year just kind of the sound mixing element and just the atmosphere. But yes, Santa Metal should be the winner here quickly, just for fun. Because this is the first year they've blended the sound editing sound mixing. So now we're like the baftas, right? Best sound, period. Um, if it was a split category here, what do you think we'll get in for editing. What do you think we'll get in from mixing? Um, And then I'll say my picks because I got five for each kind of set up. Oh, jeez. I'm not prepared. Um, I'd have to go with I think manc would get between bank and sound of metal. I'm trying to say which we get which, uh, I'd say manc gets mixing and metal gets editing. Yeah, you think? I think so. I think I would agree. Personally, I think that's a pretty solid pick. I think I don't think greyhounds big enough for people to hear it and and kind of watch it and get it a victory and what would be editing? But yeah, it's tough. But here we are. Best sound has been merged. I liked when they were split. I understood the difference, but Oscar voters don't really understand the difference. So here we are. Um, so, yeah, best sound. It's going to be going to be big. It will be the first time we've had just a period kind of best sound winner. So very historic. So we're gonna best film editing now, Um, the Father Nomad land, promising young woman sound of metal and the trial of Chicago seven. Um, I'm happy to see the father get in here. I think a lot of these were mostly expected. The one that was expected and missed his manc, which kind of hurts for them, but they still got 10 nominations on the night. So Well, what do you see in this category? Winning. Personally, I'm a trial kind of predicting for that. I hope it's not trial because I don't understand why it's here. Personally, I think that's one where it's the most editing, and it's using a lot of quick cuts to kind of artificially inflate like the driving force of that film. Like I guess I can, I guess I assume it worked clearly because it got a nomination. But I just Saul through the rules and that too easily, you know, or it's like, Oh, we're gonna do all these cuts to, like folders closing and like, pens like like getting pointed out and things like that. Like it just It just felt really, like forced me. Um, but that being said, I think it could win. Yeah, you know, I I think it is the front runner and, you know, personally, I agree with you with the with the It's funny you mention that that's the little kind of cuts, folders closing and depends kind of way. I mean, I agree, but I think the last 20 minutes of this movie were edited really well, personally. Like I, I like trial. I thought it was good. It's one of my least favorite kind of the awards contenders, but I thought it was a good movie, and the last 20 minutes or so were the most memorable for me besides that cheesy ending. But the last 20 minutes, I thought, were edited in a way that was pretty entertaining, and it kind of brought the movie together. Well, that's what I think to when I think editing for this movie, just that end. But yeah, you're right. I think it is it is that kind of quote unquote. Most editing that kind of gets you in there. Um, similar to Bohemian, perhaps City winning best editing a couple years back. Um, I think it's a very similar a similar scenario here. I'm happy to be the father, which would be my personal pick. But I just don't know if there's anything here that challenges trial. Like I don't sound a metal tied them at the critics' choice, but I just don't see sound of metal pulling that out here. Um, maybe if Norman Land runs the table on Oscar night, it could pick one up here. But I think trial is a very safe favorite here. Yeah, I would. Yeah, I'm keeping it. Keeping an eye on the father even though I haven't seen it. But from our conversations and literally everyone I've talked to, they say that the editing plays a really big part and why that movie works. So, um, I wouldn't count that one out either, but I'm just I'm just kind of hoping the trial doesn't win this. Well, now we'll move on to the best original song here. I'm kind of glad I went with one of these kind of on my last little predictions there. So this one. Well, for me. So the first one Here's fight for You, which was from Judas. I hear my voice from trial and then who civic got in from your vision. That was kind of a last minute ballsy pick. And it got in, um, and then scene from the life ahead and then speak now, which is probably going to be our winner. I think one night Miami didn't do very well here with the nominations, so I think they are kind of That's where they're going to put all their chips in into that sound into that song category story. So I think speak now is our front runner. Yeah, shout out to your revision, which is a movie that I just don't remember, but I think it's really funny that it's going to be in here. I just like because we're going to have the moment where they have to read the entire title of Borat two and then also having to say Eurovision Song Song contest. The story of Fire Fire saga is also really funny, and I can't even say it. I'm stumbling over the words. So that'll be a funny moment. Yeah, you know what? The other one that I was hoping to see You may be surprised with the Wuhan flu song from Berat to Yeah, I think that might be able to edge Laurie for the for the Oscars, but that would've been hilarious. There's a kind of close enough, but yeah, I think speak now has got to be our front runner here, so
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