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Snippet of The Nerds You’re Looking For | TV/Film Podcast: Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Exemplary Sequel

Last Played: December 30, 2020
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Listen now to snippet “Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Exemplary Sequel” from The Nerds You’re Looking For | TV/Film Podcast. Difficult gameplay and moving storyline.
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But Moon Studios really brought the thunder with this sequel, literally and figuratively. They took everything that worked with the Blind Force and brought it to this game, but also improved upon the few things that could be proved upon. They even brought things to this game that I didn't even notice were missing from the first game because I loved it so much. All studios from this day forward should take a page out of Moon Studios playbook, as faras Sequels are concerned because they knock this one out of the park. So let's start with the story honestly, with these solo reviews, because I review mostly video games with them. I don't take a much time with the story, as we do with movies and TV s because you can still have a great game with a piss poor story. Obviously, it is so much more difficult to make a great movie or TV. Siri's without a great story. However, one of the things I loved so much about Ori and the Blind Forest was the story. It was super depressing, but surprisingly great. I had heard great things about the game before I started playing it like I said, so I expected it to be this well made platformer, but I didn't expect it to hit me in the fields like it did. That being said, the blind Forests had the luxury of me not expecting much from the story. But now because I love that game so much, especially the story. I had really high expectations for the sequel story, and I really appreciate how this game story starts off so much less depressing. Then the first game. It was a really nice change of pace. I expected that gut punch that I got from the beginning of blind forest and it just wasn't there. Honestly, this story starts off and it really wasn't anybody's fault. It started off as like this innocents childhood mistakes that I think everyone has made a similar type of mist ake. Now it does pull on your heartstrings later, but at the very least it did have that nice change of pace. I expected it to be super depressing at the beginning and it wasn't so much. It does kind of creep in there towards the middle on the end, but I expect that with a nori game, so I was okay with that. I also really appreciate it. And this is something that you don't always see in video games, and I really appreciate it with this game. Is they kind of gave the big bad of this game a sympathetic backstory. You really kind of felt for this character, and I really, really appreciate it. It's a it's an element. I think it's overlooked in other less than stellar games. All right, so now that we're through with the story, let's get on to I mean kind of the most important part of a video game, and that is gameplay. Soas faras. The gameplay is concerned. Like I said before, the first game is a near perfect platformer. As far as the game mechanics are concerned, this sequel does all of that. Everything that worked. They took all of the great game mechanics from the first game. But then they also added elements as well, which is what all Sequels need to dio. There are new characters were side missions in this game. Now, most of those side Miss missions are nothing to write home about. I have to be honest. Most of them are fetch missions which can be kind of annoying in other games, but the main game play in this game is crazy, difficult. This is a very, very difficult platformer. And so when you have this really intense game play and then you couple it with some lighter side missions, I really think that kind of it feels like it's a It's a much needed breath of fresh air. And so I definitely appreciated that. I also love that they put in some or conventional boss battles in this game versus the original. Sure, there were boss battles in the first game, but most of them were just kind of running away. And there still are some of that running away, boss battle E thing in will the Wist. But there are some mawr conventional boss battles, and I really appreciated the fact that they were able to kind of mix in some of that stuff within the same boss battle. So there's a couple of boss battles in will of the twist that start off as you just kind of fighting the boss like a conventional boss battle, and then once you get to a certain point in the battle, then it becomes a runaway type of thing and then you go back to fighting them, and you kind of bounced back and forth a couple of times. And so I appreciated that change, your pace, even within a single boss battle. So I thought that was a really cool idea to put into this game. I will say one of the few things that I didn't like about this particular game was one of the boss battles. Most of these boss battles and in the game in general was really well made, the perfect type of difficultly. It felt more like Celeste where it was difficult because they thought of so many different ways that you go about each one of these levels and they made it difficult based on each one of those angles that you could go about each one of these levels. Unfortunately, there was a particular boss battle where, and I felt this a little bit when I was playing cup head. So this boss battle remind me of playing cup head even though I really do enjoy that game quite a lot. Some of the boss battles and some of the stages in cup head didn't feel difficult because they were built well. They felt difficult because it was just chaos. Everything was just chaos around you. And there was so much going on around you that when I beat a boss, I wanna feel the satisfaction that I beat it because I'm good at the game or I beat it because I learned the pattern and got better at beating this boss. Not because I felt like I got lucky. And there's one particular boss battle in this game that I just felt like. I was lucky that I beat him because it was just chaos and that was really frustrating for me, especially in a game that I really, really loved. I also loved how each area in this game felt different as far as the game place concerned. It very much felt like playing a Zelda game where you go to each dungeon or area and you have to get a certain item or certain ability. And you knew that once you got that, it would open up ah, part of the game for you and that was really exciting. Now it is very much rinse and repeat in this game, but it's so well made that you forgive it for that thing. I especially liked the dark level. There's one particular level in the game where you basically can't see where you're going, most of the level, which is interesting, because obviously this is a platformer and that makes it even more difficult not being able to see where you're going. But also, if you stay in the dark too long, you die. And so that added even harder element to this game. So I definitely appreciated that. I also like the flying Mission as well. This game just does a really good job of mixing up the game play, which I appreciate because this game is a little bit longer than the original. I think it took me about 12, 13 hours. Now Steam thinks it took me like 25 hours because a lot of times I would pause it because I would get frustrated with this game and kind of do other things and then come back to it. But I think ultimately it took me like 12, 13 hours to beat it, so it's a little bit longer than blind forest, but they did a really good job of kind of mixing up some of the game play elements. So as far as the graphics concerned, obviously it's really important to have a great looking game. And, honestly, Ori and the will of the wisp can be summed up in one word. Breathtaking. They didn't change much from the first game because they didn't really need Thio. I think some studios fall into the trap of changing too much in the sequel you, either. You have, like, two sides of the spectrum. Either they don't change enough or they change too much. And I think Moon Studios was that perfect middle ground between those two things. When a game looks as good as or in the blind Force did, why change it? I will say that even though this game is a two D side scrolling er of sorts, I was really impressed by how some things it felt three d and the way that developers developers used the entire screen. In many areas, you could see like trees or characters in the foreground as well as the background, so it had a three d feel to it, even though it was two d. Also, the boss battles and the side characters as far as that character design is concerned, looked really, really cool. So in conclusion, Orian, the will of Whisp is everything that you could ask for off a sequel to a near perfect game. Other than maybe changing the title of a little bit to not have it as many s sounds, it took the many things that worked well in its predecessor, left alone what could be left alone and added what needed to be added. Nothing more, nothing less. And what resulted is what is the closest to a perfect video game, at least a perfect platform. Er we may ever get. It's not my favorite video game of all time, but if I were talking about some of the best quote unquote, technically sound and best video games of all time, I think Orient the Will Whist has to go on that list and their four out of five stars. I gave it 4.5
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