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Snippet of the No Dunks Podcast: 2021 NBA Trade Deadline Primer

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On Sunday's bonus No Dunks podcast, Skeets hits you with a 2021 NBA trade deadline primer. Will there be any blockbuster deals? Aaron Gordon, John Collins, Kyle Lowry, Lonzo Ball — who will be the best player traded this week? Will the Celtics use their giant trade exception?
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one is. Will there be any blockbuster trades? Okay, my best guess is no. Like I said, it is not a particularly juicy. These aren't like street rib. Juicy. Um, trade deadline names being thrown around. We're not getting another hard into Brooklyn like deal. I know Lee's still holding out hope that Bradley Beal gets moved, but the Wizards are reportedly refusing to even engage with teams that inquire about him. That's coming from Fred Cats at the athletic. They won't even pick up the phone. Uh, somebody calling about Bill again. Don't answer it. Don't answer it. Don't answer. So Bill's not going anywhere. I don't think Zach Lavine is being traded from the Bulls. The Bulls are back. Everybody knows that. He's playing phenomenal. They're not moving him here at the deadline when they're actually might get into the playoffs for the first time in a while. I don't think Karl Anthony Towns is going to be moved, Uh, this deadline, you know, that is something. Maybe for a year or 23 years in the future. He's obviously under the huge deal. He signed a long term extension, but, uh, towns is not going anywhere posing as he was an interesting trade rumor there for a hot second. But that seems to have dived down. Now that brings us to Kyle Lowry when we're talking big names. TSN Josh Lunenburg. He wrote recently that the Raptors don't intend to move the Grote, the greatest rapper of all time, and that he's unlikely to be traded ahead of the deadline. I saw Koc Kevin O'Connor from the ringer just a few hours ago, reporting a number of teams have been calling about Lowry, including the Atlanta Hawks. Coca. Oh, my goodness, I don't even know what I would do knowing if Kyle Lowry was in the same city as me here in Atlanta. But, uh, yeah, I still think it's unlikely, Bo. There are many teams, I guess, trying to get Lowry or see what they could, uh, potentially offer to Messiah Jerry and Bobby Webster. It all comes down to Lowry would set it a million times. It literally goes to them and says, Yeah, move me, move me to a contender. I'd like to see if I can get another ring. Then I think they would try. I honestly do think they would try and make something happen. I don't think he's doing that. And I think where we're headed with him is the expiring deal. And then maybe after this season, he decided that maybe I will go somewhere else and it will be a little cleaner, so to speak. I just don't think Kyle Lowry is getting traded here in the next four or five days. Now, if one team could potentially get Lowry if they wanted, I think the Sixers have an interesting deal. They have first round picks. They've got some intriguing prospects. Tyreese Maxi Matisse Table, who is already a defensive ace. I don't think the Sixers would want to move off of him. Um, but there are. You know, there are the pieces. They've got a lot of, uh, a lot of guys on expiring deals. They have the ability to match Lowry $30.5 million salary. But it's unlikely put me down as no real blockbuster here. And, uh, I would even include, like Vukovich being moved. I guess there's a blockbuster and I still don't even think that is going to happen. All right. Second question. Who will be the best player traded this week if we don't think it's gonna be like a blockbuster name who is going to be, uh, you know, the best player, I guess. Moved in the next couple of days. Let's start with the restricted free agents cause there's actually a lot of them right, and you're seeing their names pop up here in all these rumors. Lonzo Ball, John Collins, Lowry Markkanen, Josh Hart, Malik Monk Those are, you know, 2017 first round picks who haven't signed rookie extensions, then CBS Sports James Herbert pointing out Devonte Graham, Duncan Robinson, Kendrick, Nunn. Those guys are all making, like, less than $2 million but they're about to get much more expensive, especially a guy even think like Duncan Robinson. Uh, you know, Does he get like Joe Harris type money? Burton's type money didn't play right. So we list all those guys because if their teams are not prepared to pay what it takes to possibly retain them in the off season, then you're going to explore the idea of maybe trading them. And that's why, you know, again, Lonzo Ball Collins and I think of all these names I just threw out there. I think Markkanen is the most interesting, um, from the bunch. And whether or not the Bulls would look to deal him, just where does he fit with their long term plans? They have some talented big guys. He I would be a little petrified of giving a guy like that a big extension because he can't stay healthy. He's solid when he's out there. He's just rarely out there. He's averaging 18 points per game, six boards shooting. A very respectable like 40% plus from deep, you know, has seven footer. He's he's basically Bargnani because he's a bad defender, just like Bargnani. Uh, you know, are the Bulls going to be the one ones? Be the ones that, like, give him a hell of a pay increase? Um, I don't know, but I could see other teams being intrigued by that of, like I just said, what you can do if you can stay on the floor. So maybe maybe the bulls, because, you know, do they go and move on from Thaddeus Young? No, they probably want to make the playoffs. That is. Young is helping them, and not the labor market is bad, but again it comes down to the money of like, are you scared by the dollar? Signs that he is, uh, is maybe going to demand. Similar to what happened with John Collins, of course. And the Hawks And where they're at with him. So of all those guys, I think Larry market in, Maybe the most likely. I guess I just call it most intriguing to me.