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Snippet of The Offical Guide to New York - Do Not Get On The Pedicab In NYC (Audio)

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Charles and Dustin have returned, hungover, from a long weekend in NYC and they are going to tell you everything they learned about the biggest city in the state of New York. In this snippet, they speak of that person on the Pedicab? You know what they do right? Just in case you don't, you should know to never stop a pedicab, unless you'd like to spend hundreds of dollars.
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my good buddy Charles is down there in Texas. What's going on, man? I'm I'm barely hanging on. I'm not gonna lie to you. Uh, you know, like I said, we He said we went to the to New York this weekend. The city by the bay, which is a wonderful place. Don't get me wrong. So your brotherly love? Yeah. I mean, it's got all sorts of sweet nicknames that I learned this. We learned a lot this weekend. The big orange, the big orange. I mean, there's there's just hundreds. Um, but something I want to talk for a second about is, you know, like I said, I'm from Texas. I went to the to the to this big city, the big slick city to go see all these to go see all these things, right? So I'm an artful guy, you know, I think a little bit of our trip, you know, we saw a lot of each other, but there were points where you did some different stuff and I did some different stuff. And I consider myself a pretty sophisticated, an artful guy. So I found myself on Broadway. I went to go see the new Harry Potter play, which was fucking phenomenal, by the way. I highly recommend everyone Go see it. I know nothing about Harry Potter. I've seen the first movie on. It was amazing, but so we we get to intermission of this play and we're going to this five star restaurant up on Third Avenue to meet the US and and my good buddy, our good buddy Alan, who's going to service that this wonderful place called Tony de Napoles, which is about a mile and a half from Broadway. So me being the nice guy because I'm there with Mrs Charles and my mom and a good her good friend, I don't want them to have to walk that far, So I would come out the front. I see this petty cab there, and I was like, Oh, shit, I'm going to be a hero. I'm gonna put the ladies in this petty cab and let them get down there, and I'll just run my ass down there and meet him there and pay the Cabinet. I'll be good now for far less sophisticated listeners, what is a petty cab? So a petty cab is a rickshaw that's attached to a bicycle. It's got a you know, this little enclosure on the back with three seats and it for three people to sit in. And then there's just this one man that bikes you from point A to point B. So I put them in there and I should mention that it was raining as well, and it was quite cold. So I put them in there. Uh and you guys texted me, and I was I was running to the restaurant. I meet you there and they tell me the pedicab was 180 fucking dollars. And I was like, Get the fuck out of here. No, I was like, That's that's there's no way eso I come to learn a really hard less and obviously because, you know, I am from Texas. I was wearing my 10 gallon cowboy hat and my my nice snakes and snakeskin cowboy boots, so they obviously saw me coming a mile away. Petty cabs in New York City are $7 a minute. It took them 27 minutes to get from Broadway to the restaurant, and as they're they're telling me they were like he was so nice before. Before they had to pay, he was stopping and showing them these things. He was pointing out random restaurants, that they had no idea what they were like. Okay, cool. Whatever. You know, um, So my advice is if you go to New York, you gotta be careful. Don't fall for the petty cab. Don't do what I did. Don't pay. $180 to go, Uh, 1.3 miles. Yeah. I mean, Mama Charles comes in the restaurant singing the praises of how nice the guy was stopping it. Every yellow light. And then Charles comes in. I I hear him coming down coming down the stairs because his spurs air hitting, hitting the ground when he walks. Any says I can't believe it? I can't believe it. $180. Petty Cab. And Alan had showed me this when we watched. He and I took a little tour of Central Park and he showed me Yeah, don't get in one of those things because you see it in the fire. Fine print. They charge by the minute. Yeah, that that was the whole Another discussion will have on another show. Is I actually went. Read the laws involved in that, And it's actually pretty scam me in and of itself that New York's not doing much about it. So, uh, we could talk about that for a whole another day. But why don't we roll into our can check can check.
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