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Snippet of The Oldest Profession: #OldProProject2021 Portland, OR

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Last Played: December 16, 2021
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The Oldest Profession podcast has partnered with multiple cities to create an organization called #OldProProject that seeks to advance sex workers rights by elevating the stories of sex workers from history Here, members of the Portland, OR chapter of the #OldProProject discuss their current art installation that commemorates the life and work of Ashley Moody, a local trans sex worker who passed away in 2019.
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I'm Kathleen. I also go by, um, Baudouin Art. Um, some people also in town know me by Levi by my stage name. Um, I am one of the two artists on this project and absolutely happy to be here. Scarlett, Um, I also go by the alias bad and nationality, and I am the other artist working on this project, right? Thanks for being here. How did you guys get involved with the GoPro project in Portland and tell us not just how you got involved, but what are you guys working on in Portland? So I was approached by Savannah. Um, randomly. We were just chatting about some other things, and she was like, Hey, so we're working on this project, and I'm wondering if you want to get a group of people together in Portland and coordinate an art project which, um, was a bit intimidating because it's kind of hard. I mean, especially during a pandemic. And also just sometimes Portland is hard to gather. Um, it's like herding cats. So, um, I reached out to Kathleen and scarlet and cat because they were the people that I had seen have the most presence in Portland and who I felt like could contribute a lot of really good energy to this project. And thankfully, they have been awesome and committed to this all the way through. And I had been wanting to document the project, Um, as I do photography on the side, mostly for sex workers. And I just wanted to be able to utilize that skill as well while documenting the process, interviewing folks, um as I could and also just helping people feel supported in this the whole time and relaying any information that Savannah had for me, that I could relate to them, um, that she wasn't relating directly. And it's been really great. I mean, I you know, I've been a sex work a long time, and I've always been really fascinated by, you know, the history of Portland, which, you know, I I've only lived there a few years, and I just wanted to see something manifest using our voices and having people really highlight what was going on. Um, and I'm really glad that Cat mentioned they had to pick a person and cat mentioned Ashleigh and another person, but we got more permissions from family and consent for Ashley, and it's been great. Um, the art that's come from that topic of Ashley has been phenomenal. And I'm really excited to paying the banner and to have people see that on a main thoroughfare, which is Mississippi Avenue in Portland, which is historically where also black families have been moved from and we are hanging at, or gallery, which is black owned and operated. And Hezekiah Torrey Isse Lee tried to make statements around the gentrification of that neighborhood. You mentioned the location, the geographic location of this of this artwork, Um, in this area that's being gentrified. Folks are being moved out of their homes. People of color are losing their homes. Um, all at the same time that you have folks like Ashley who are caretaking, um, in these spaces that are, um, neglected. Um, um and our our consumed you know what I mean? Just consumed. Yeah, consumed by change, consumed by so many so many things. So let's hear about the artwork, and then we can come back to some of these other things. So originally we have the idea that we were gonna do a mural on the side of a building, but that became increasingly harder to procure. Um, and so we redirected and we decided to do a banner and Prince, which we will also donate those funds to the organization of our choice, which is we've thrown out some ideas, but we're still not completely 100% decided on that yet, but that's what our motive is is that we wanted to have something that we could display publicly. And so we chose a banner, and then I contacted or e gallery, and they agreed to let us hang it there. But further information about the art, I'll let believe to the artists. Yeah, it was. It was a world when trying to find, um, a while. Scarlet did a lot of work for us to figure out a space. And, you know, I think it was a little bit hard to find a place that, you know, we would have art standing there for a while so that we could really, um, commemorate Ashley. Um and, you know, we redirected. We thought a banner would be appropriate. We can, you know, move it around town. It can change locations. It can. It has more longevity. Um, and then We wanted to do something personal for the family by creating a print of similar artwork to the banner and then do a print of that and, uh, sell it amongst us and raise some money for whatever organization which
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