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Snippet of The Orson Welles Show: The Hitch-Hiker

Last Played: April 05, 2021
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"The Hitch-Hiker" tells the tale of a man (voiced by Orson Welles) who sees the same hitchhiker time and time again on his cross-country road trip. It begins to drive him into insanity when other people claim they can't see the man. The great Bernard Herrman, Alfred Hitchcock's main composer, scored the radio show. This script was later turned into an episode of the Twilight Zone.
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The stretch of road between Bougainville and Bolden is about 15 miles. I used to drive over it about once a month. George Kirby George was supervisor for the JK Landon Land Company and we used to make a monthly inspection trip over his territory. We usually worked it so that we ran into Bolton at night. It isn't a big town, but there's a good hotel there, and we could always make it back to our hometown before dark. The next day, we would take turns driving. When George was driving. Sometimes I'd sit with him. If I was pretty tired, Maybe I'd move into the back seat and sleep for a while this particular night. About six months ago, he was driving and I was sitting in the front. It was a poor sort of night had been raining and there were patches of mist that came at you when you least expected them. I've been telling George what a farmer I'd met. This will kill you. The guy looks me right in the eye and says, Boy, you won't tell me one of those things. I invented one myself 10 years ago. Did you see it work sure he showed me. You should have heard the noise. Sounded more like a young threshing machine. You've got to hand it to those farmers. You know Those guys can make anything and fix anything. Well, I remember one once in Indiana someplace. Look out! There's someone in there. Where? Oh, my God! Come on, quick! Where is he? There must be underneath. I hit him. I know that. 17 right? Wedged under the crime case. Well, is he alive? You are. You hurt badly. You move. Must be knocked out. What I see his legs are clear. I think we can get him up. Tell you what. Get in the local Easter port when I tell you. Okay, George. But easy. Go very, very slow. We got him out. I'm not sure if he was alive. His face was all mucked up with gravel and oil, but he was dead. When we got to Borden, we talked to the police. There was an inquest later. George wasn't held. It was an accident. George Kirby and I went about our business. I'm Larry Mason. I'm a salesman. I drive that stretch of road between Bougainville and Baden once a week in one place, you come to a curve where there's a sort of ravine on one side and quite a drop on the other. It's not dangerous. There's a good, strong guard rail clearly marked. The locals just call it the Gap. This night a few weeks ago, I was driving alone, just coming to the gap. When I saw somebody ahead of me at the side of the road. It was a man giving me the thumb. I pulled up and opened the door on the left. Thank you. Going in Going down the border? Yes. Be there in 10 minutes. Ah, don't often see anybody around here at night. Cigarette? Oh, tribal soup. I think I'll have one. Don't blow that light out. Hold it there a moment. What's the matter? Why are you looking at me like that? It's all right. You can put it out now. Well, thanks. What is your name? Larry Mason. Why? You're not? I'm not What man? I'll know him when I see who is this man. What do you want them for? He killed somebody. Killed someone. It was here. This road. He ran him down and kill him. Oh, an accident. He said he wasn't to blame, but he was driving the car. The man was just standing there, hitching a ride just as I hitched a ride with me. Well, maybe it was foggy or something. Drivers should be careful in the mist. Look, I suppose you'll find this guy. What are you gonna do? Huge. What? Wait a minute. You can't go around killing people like that. They said it wasn't his fault. Yes, but I know better. I will find him. I didn't like it. I was sure the guy was batty. Anyway, he didn't say any more than he seemed to shrink back in his seat, almost as if he wasn't there. I stepped on it. The sooner I got to broaden, the better. I like it just as we were pulling up. But I spoke to him again. Look, about this guy. You say you're looking for it? Yes. You're not really going to kill him, are you? Yes, I am. But why? Because he killed me. What? I'm the man he ran over in his car and killed whether the door on his side opened or not. I haven't any idea, but I do know that suddenly he was gone. I just sat there. I've had a cigarette, and I kept telling myself, the guy hadn't been in the car. He hadn't talked to me. And all the time I knew, I I didn't know what I knew. And I threw the cigarette away and went in for a coffee. Vitti Kirk was behind the counter with the usual grin all over her fat face. Hi, Larry. Hi, Betty. Coffee? Yeah. And what else? We got some nice. Hey, what's the matter with you? Looks like he wants something stronger than coffee. Coffee will do nothing to eat. Okay, you sick?
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