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Snippet of The Philip DeFranco: David Dobrik and Durte Dom Accusations

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PDS 3.17 Let's Talk New David Dobrik Durte Dom Accusations by The Philip DeFranco Show.
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But with that said my request out there. Let's talk about this first thing today. And that is the huge new bombshell allegations against David A Brick and Dom's giggle itis a k a dirty, dumb kind to get you up to speed about what we're seeing now, and or to kind of highlight the the escalation of events in this story. Let's first mentioned when we last talked about this. You know, this story initially started as David Debris. If you're unfamiliar, massive, absolutely massive creator, I think a few people that he used to film with our part of the group that he films with, called the Vlog Squad, coming out with accusations that can kind of be summed up of David Foster is a kind of toxic, cult like environment. Some of the accusations escalated from there. He had set a former member of the blog squad coming out and saying I was actually assaulted in multiple videos is one of the most notable and he ones being the first one where he thought he was kissing another member of the blog squad, Corinna. But he actually ended up making out with a I believe at the time 45 year old Jason Nash. Following that, a member of the Vlog Squad, Scotty Sire, essentially came out with this big videos saying You're lying providing a video. And what David Gilbert said was evidence that that Seth was lying next and audio saying, Essentially was down for kissing prank a third time. But what was not there was any evidence that Seth was okay with the first time, which appears to be the first time that he was tricked and if anything, knowing that he was actually tricked the first time, it resulted in many people believing, well, he was kind of just worn down. At that point, things have escalated even more from there because yesterday insider released an article which, by the way, I think it's so weird that they initially decided to release it behind a paywall first. Like I get that, it's a business, but that's kind of just insane to me. If you genuinely think that there is a predator or someone that needs to be held accountable, why block it behind money? But main point. You had insider reporting that a young woman who was featured in a David debris clogged back in 2018, claimed that she was raped by a vlog squad member Dirty dumb, the night they were filming a vlog for David's channel. Now, if you try to go to David's Channel to find this video, you cannot find it. Also, it appears a collab DRM are blocking re uploads of video, which at this point it's just evidence. But the main thing here, because the Internet is the Internet. Of course we found the footage. I'm gonna be showing clips of it, but not featuring anything with the victim in it. But I think it is important to actually look at the footage because it just makes you realize how horrible everything is, especially after you hear her description of the night. So let's walk through it. This video, which I believe had five million views by the time that it was removed, features a number of girls, including this is not her real name. But insider called her Hannah, who was 20 years old at the time. And then it you have dirty dumb who says I invited these girls over to have a five cent, so hopefully I'll have a fivesome tonight as insider explains the next shot as of Hannah and her friends walking into the apartment with Hannah, saying Insider. As soon as she walked into the door, someone shoved a camera in her face with insider, noting she has one line of dialogue in the video, saying that she doesn't know who anyone in the vlog squad is. Also, as far as I'm coming over for group sex, Insider wrote. Hannah and her friend Sarah, who drove everyone to the apartment, told insider that they never intended to have group sex with dumbs. Akalaitis hesitance. That was reflected in the vlog, Joburg saying in the video over voice over. After a couple of minutes of talking, it was clear there was no five some happening tonight but then claiming. But by some stroke of luck and master negotiating, Dom made progress. So that's how you would do brick framing it. But then, as far as Hannah side of thing, Hannah told insider that she felt pressured bicycle itis and the other vlog squad members into helping them create content that objectified her, saying Beglitis took turns interacting with Hannah and her friends, and that he pulled her onto his lap at one point without asking permission, Anna saying it was very much an environment where it felt like saying no was not okay, saying it felt like from the moment we came, there was an expectation that they were doing us a favor and we had to give them content. They were verbally like, Why aren't you guys being fun? Do something sort of sexy, Also claiming that Dumb asked if she wanted to be his Instagram girlfriend, saying she could make $10,000 a week. She then describes a situation where Dumb asked if he could talk to her. She agrees. He leads her out of the room where her friends were in down a hallway and into a pitch black bedroom, also saying that after he guided her through the door, she quickly turned around and told him she wanted to go back to where her friends were, but he blocked the exit with his body. He started asking her why she didn't like him and wouldn't date him. He asked if they could hook up, she says. No, dumb allegedly tells. Are you at least have to give me a kiss and adding I was getting really scared because he wasn't letting me leave. My friends were in a totally different part of the house. I was like, What happens if I keep saying no? So I just gave him a kiss. After this, she says, she gets back to her friends, which also happens to be at the same time a couple members of the bloc squad return with a bottle of dark colored liquor. Now here, I'll say regarding who got the liquor. There are multiple claims. You had insider reporting that Tricia Pages, who was there with her then boyfriend Jason Nash, claiming that Jeff Wittig went and got the liquor. This after saying that she told Nash not to get the liquor, also saying that they left before when it got back. This is also something Jeff Wittig has denied, both in the article while speaking to the journalists, as well as on social media. But in the article, we also have Sarah, one of the other girls, saying she remembers Todd Smith and what it coming back to the apartment with Smith holding a bottle of Jack Daniels whiskey with Hannah saying, At this point, I can't really remember much. I just remember being really uncomfortable and being honestly, really upset and angry that my friends thought these guys were really cool and they're really just objectifying and gross with insider reporting, Hanna said she drank so much alcohol the night she filmed with a blog squad that she blacked out and going on to report. Sarah told insider that Hannah wanted to go to Beglitis Room with cellulitis in their friend Audrey. Though Sarah said she could tell that Hannah was drunk, she was comfortable with letting her go into the room because Hannah wouldn't be alone. But with her also going on to say there was definitely a lot of alcohol being exchanged and kind of like nudged toward her. There were definitely times she was drinking it of her own volition. But there were also times where he was clearly trying to get her to drink, more going on to say Hannah was able to walk into the room, but also adding she was not fully coherent and articulate. So you have the situation where Dumb Hanna and this other girl, Audrey, are in this room together, and at this point, the video of a bunch of the guys from the vlog squad outside the door trying to listen in. Also, they without any consent, start opening the door and looking in. And after all this happens, you have Sarah saying that Dumb and Audrey came out of the room first with Sarah, saying she went in after him to find Hannah lying limp on the bed with Hannah, saying she doesn't remember having sex with the gliders and that Audrey told her that Beglitis performed sexual acts on her that were penetrated with insider. Noting specifically, Hannah said, Audrey told her that cellulitis was having sex with Hannah and didn't stop as Anna showed signs of losing consciousness. So Audrey quote took over to get Beglitis to stop, While Insider noted that Audrey declined to comment. It appears that in the text that she sent to Hannah this month about the night with cellulitis, she wrote, I remember you were starting to close your eyes and just were obviously drunk, so I finished him off just to get him away from you with Hannah, noting that after this she was too drunk to dress herself, saying, What I do remember is lying on the bed in that room, alone and my roommate at the time coming in and being super worried and putting my underwear on me because I couldn't do that by myself, Sarah, noting Hannah couldn't stand up or sit on the toilet by herself, saying that at one point she passed out on the floor briefly, also forced her to throw up, and they actually had to physically support her body as they exited the apartment. And as far as what we see from the vlog, after what apparently transpired, you see the guys joking about smell my finger with Jo'burg offering $25 to do so and several of the guys along with David joking the car that they're now going to go to jail. I just had a threesome, and I think we're all going to jail.