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Snippet of The Ringer NFL Show: Will The Second QB Pick Be Zack Wilson Or Justin Fields?

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Although there’s a lot of buzz around the topic, it seems that Wilson, who’s being compared to Patrick Mahomes, will be the one. More questions regarding Fields. It isn’t fun being a Jets fan but they have some great QBs to choose from this year.
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do you want to talk to you guys about the quarterbacks that probably going to go in the first round for this year's draft? So you've got Obviously, we know Trevor Lawrence is going to go first. The Jaguars aren't trading, but DK I'm curious if you see a theme or pattern anything between Zach Wilson, Justin Fields, Trey Lance, any of these guys, What do you think of when we take Lawrence out of this group? What do you think about this group of dudes? Yeah, I mean, I think to me, the biggest question is whether Zach Wilson or Justin Fields it's going to be the second quarterback picked. And I mean right now the consensus has Zach Wilson being the guy. Like most. I think the hype right now is all about Zach Wilson. Um, there have been more question marks about Justin Fields, I guess over the last couple of months, after every, after all, the season's been over, um, forever reason Zach Wilson is ascended. Justin Fields has kind of fallen off, you know. Some some analysts will have him 2nd, 3rd, 4th. You know there's a lot of buzz this morning because Chris Simms ranked his quarterbacks as Zach Wilson has the number one guy, even over Trevor Lawrence. So Zach Wilson has a ton of buzz right now, a ton of hype. And so it's looking most likely, like he's going to be the number two, like the second quarterback picked. And, um, if he is, I think the Jets are going to be the team. I mean, they're probably not going to trade out of that spot. Move on from Sam Donald. Roger. What is your impression of this whole situation with Zach Wilson? Justin Fields. My my first thought was like, It kind of reminds me a little bit of the scenario we we saw a couple of years ago. You had, um, Mitchell. Travis Ki kind of emerged as this like the the overall consensus top guy in a class that also had to Shawn Watson and whiskey on him. That's I'm not just the meanest thing you can say about any person. You remind me why. Here's why I'm doing that. So just take the Zach Wilson versus Justin Fields thing and say Wilson is too risky. Fields is said to Shawn. Watson is actually Shawn Watson has a lot of similarities to Fields, I think. Um, so Fields accomplished. High pedigree, big game, battle tested, big program, you know, national title games. You know, all that stuff versus Wilson, who is a meteoric rise, er kind of a sandlot playmaker. Now, this is kind of getting off the analogy, because I don't think that's necessarily what risky was. Sandlot playmaker, off platform throw or fun style. But he didn't do it against top competition. So I guess my question is Zach Wilson closer to mainstream whiskey or see closer to my home city. Of them are homes. In this scenario where no, we're not comparing anyone in the homes. That's a rule no one gets compared to Patrick Mahomes. A lot of people are doing it. I'm not doing it. I'm saying a lot of people are doing it, which I think is absolutely absurd. But, um, yeah, to me, this this whole situation is very fascinating. I think Fields is to me, the clear number two quarterback in this class. But Wilson is definitely the consensus number two guy right now. What's your take on the Jets? What? What should they do? I found myself at this point. I'm excited about four of the five quarterbacks and extract. Besides Mac Jones, I talked myself into pretty much any one of them being the number two. I think Fields is the one that to me has stood out for the longest time that has been the most consistent and the guy who has so many of these traits that seem to be successful in modern quarterbacks. It's funny. I've kind of changed my philosophy on this almost 100%. I used to look for players who, like, had great, you know, efficient stats who were, you know, setting records in terms of efficiency. Like to, uh, like Baker. And then I've kind of been disappointed in both of those players. And then you've seen players who have these athletic packages, Um, and you're able to throw on the run and have great arms. Those guys are the ones who have been successful in the NFL. So I've gone 180 degrees. I don't like back Jones and I like everybody else. I think that's definitely fair. I with regards to what the Jets should do, I should mention I'm a Jets fan and you know it's not fun being a Jets fan. I've also talked myself into the fact that most likely what's going to happen is like three of the quarterbacks are going to do really well. And the Jets are going to take the one who doesn't put the number two pick like you can absolutely book it, you know? I mean, we basically did this with Sam. Donald, right? You know, there are multiple other great quarterbacks there. Uh, you know, they could.