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Snippet of The Roaring Trainers: The Team Chases Eevee And Vulpix Thieves

Last Played: April 22, 2021
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Centurion hops on a Pigeon and searches for the Coventry Boys in the air. He sees three figures riding Dodrios speed into town and walk into a building. What’s the next move for the team after they’ve separated?
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today on the Roaring trainers Canto in the jazz Age After an exhilarating battle in some heart racing rounds of flip that coin, our heroes returned to Coventry House to discover the pups and bull picks have been adopted by three strangers. But the heritage triplets are having a hard time remembering the encounter. Something sounds fishy here. What exactly is going on? Let's find out together here on the Roaring trainers Canto in the Jazz Age. Hello, everyone. Welcome to the roaring trainers Canto in the Jazz Age. I am your GM this evening and all evenings after this evening Gatlin. I'm Adam and I play Atticus. I'm Erin. I play Wesley, and I'm Nick, also known as Sin Dorin. So, uh, man, I should probably have one of you clowns to the recap. Nick, since you're not here, uh, you should You should You should do the regulars. Alright. Sure. Go ahead. Um, yeah. So, last time we we left the Coventry house and we were on our way to go to the gym, see what that's all about. Uh, then Atticus is, uh, Jerry and Kerry were farting around in the pool. Uh, and then the guy got pissed, and that wasn't cool. But he was a dick That rhymed. Yeah, trauma best. Anyway, uh, so, yeah, we kind of We kind of got some people mad at us at the gym. But then we ran into Claressa, right close to Dogwood. Yeah. So we ran to Claressa who was going to challenge them, and so she had some time to kill. So I ended up having a little battle with her and kicked her slowpokes ass like like nobody's business. Um, And then she went off to battle the gym, and then we made our way back. We stopped at the Poke Marts and did some, uh, we did the best gambling game ever. Say Wow. Oh, God, I forgot about that. How could I? What a shrewd businessman. So once we finished up there, we made our way back to Coventry House, where the pups, the new the new born pups were all gone. Uh, and the Coventry guys didn't really seem to know what had happened. They almost were in, like, sort of a haze. Uh, and we ran into sort of those. These, like three. Was there three of them. Three trenchcoat guys so, yeah, these three trenchcoat guys were leaving the house, and then all of a sudden, the pups were gone. And so I believe some evil might be afoot. Yeah, you don't know. We don't know Fucking evil e v nappers and Baltics. And that's true. And Baltic snappers and valerian and valerian napper. Maybe. Just so Fox snappers. Fox. Yeah. Yeah. Factors. What the fuck's going on, Fox. It's getting. Anyways, first note that one does not. That's not a good no. Here we go. It's getting close. So yeah, that's what happened. Yeah, No good re cabinet. I definitely won't make you do it next time because you did such a good job. Well, that's that's peachy, I guess. Like how not to do a recap. You do a good one and do a good one. And doing a bad ones work pretty well for me. Where does that leave me? Yeah, somewhere in the middle. Okay, So you three boys just found out that the Coventry boys were in a haze. They don't remember the eaves. 12 places, looking it up in there. Yeah. No. Yeah. They haven't his house. Those those three just legit adopted the Pokemon, and they're just fucking I Oh, man. Yeah, man. I don't think I remember. I think they stole them. Yeah. Why don't you guys leave? Check their pockets? For some reason? I don't know. Yeah, The best part is they were like, Yeah, it seems like a completely normal adoption. They came and took up, and then we were like, No, there's bad shit happening. They were wearing trench coats. Uh, they seem to like jerks. They must be. Yeah. Everyone knows Gatlin makes bad. People wear trench coats. It's a real big plot line for them. If there are any Trenchcoat wears out there, I just want to say, um Go buy yourself. Adams. Adams saw me wind up. Just had Yeah, yeah, yeah, it was right there. Yeah. Okay, boys. So all of that happened. What are you doing? Chase him. You're gonna chase him? Yeah, I think we may be. Punch him. Yes. Happy. Let me see your little Let's go get a really fancy one. It's a mother. Mother of pearl handle. Yeah, probably not Very practical for scooping. She's She's got herself a soup scooper. Okay, so you guys come out of Coventry House and you do not see the three trenchcoat wearing fucks anywhere. Wow, That name. Yeah, we have T w f tragical where fucks. Um Okay, well, okay. Oh, of course. A Lucas gets down on all fours and looks the dirt to roll Perception to see your fucking type. Okay, You can? Yeah. Role perception with disadvantage. Be lucky that it's not triple disadvantage. Okay, that was perception. That is still a 19 with disadvantaged. Wow. I wrote the 12. And in 18. 12 and five plus seven in perception that are you So perception some wise is fucked because I know what gallons trying to do to me. So I met a game. Don't little bit leave me alone, Erin. Okay, okay. I miss you guys. What? The 19? I don't even know what to give you. Like you like the dirt and Okay, you look the dirt, and you you get a little bit of a hint of leather. Maybe some gum. Yeah, it's a real gumshoe. Yeah, Hubba bubba not sponsored by the, uh the reflects of TRT do not reflect the beliefs of hubba bubba Inc gm. Yeah, yeah. Um, well, I got nothing. That was fucking terrible info. I don't know. They got dirt mouth. It never really works for us, does it? No. I don't know why we do it all the time. Yeah, I don't know either, but hey, guys, I have an idea. And I think, What if I What if I hop on pitching out and try and get some, get some air and see him in the air? Oh, yeah. That is the thing we can do now. I forgot about that. Yeah. Do it. Yeah. Okay. All right. All right. And I will start running this way, guys. Running in the exact opposite way Wesley walks at best. Uh, yeah. So I I released PGA dot Okay, you're released. Patriot and PGA is released. All right, buddy, we've got we've got to find some trenchcoat dudes. So let's let's let's get up in the air. And I had some trenchcoat bucks and I I grab onto him just like I did during the hot air balloon race. Okay, Pdf gives you, uh, and media and run store to Cliff and you guys bounce off the ground into the bounce. No, you guys bound off of the ground into the air and sand or in you and Peggy at our school. I'm still not used to this. That was really good. Yeah. Erin is not gonna have to touch that. Okay, so you're up in the air, and I'm going to have you make a perception check with advantage. I'm gonna laugh like the air gets less than 19, all right? He gets less than 19, but he gets way more. Yeah, it was just like them better. Uh, it's gonna be a 21 hoof. Uh, yeah, baby. Okay, so you skyrocket up into the air and you're looking down kind of in the direction that the three trenchcoat wearing efs started to walk. And you see three figures speeding into town. And because you've got a 21 you see that they are riding into town on three D, Audrey. Oh, that's like the That's the quintessential bad guy. Bad guy. Trench coats and Audrey. Oh, so you see that I'm running into town. Although they do look cool as fuck. Uh, You see them running into town and they quick make a sharp left turn down the street. And they stopped in front of this onyx colored building. They hop off of their dad, Rio, return them and they walk in
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