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Snippet of The School of Greatness Hall of Fame: Andy Frisella: Turn Your Scars Into Strengths

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Listen in to the importance of having a bigger purpose behind their business. Whatever the product being sold is, the new generation of buyers want to be attached to a bigger purpose.
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One of the things that I think is important is that any entrepreneur today, I believe, needs to have a purpose behind their mission behind their business. Otherwise, you're not gonna get the millennial customers who want to buy because of a purpose. They want to believe they want to consume something, whether it's supplements or a service software, whatever it is. Clothing line. They want to be attached to a mission bigger than just product. And that's why I think it's so important to talk about what our purpose is. As a company, as a business owner, as an entrepreneur, I suppose just creating courses like Give some of that for a bigger purpose back to something and have that lead with your mission that way. And what do you guys do about that with your company? Well, so you know, my my biggest thing with with first form I'm gonna talk about that because it's a global brand. Now, um, $160 million a year? Yeah, and we're selling national and international. We've got 3000 outside reps were not multi level. We do direct rep program. Um, we call it the Legionnaire program. So we we go out, we find people who, uh, you know, trainers, influencers, regular people who want to start a business. We teach them everything. How to do it now. We don't have them do all the annoying stuff that, like, you know, people, right? It's none of that. It's they're selling. Yes, representatives of the brain they sell probably make money. What's different between that and then, like affiliate commissions, um, like influencer just makes money off commissions. Basically, it's, you know, it's very similar. So it's, uh it's actually the same thing. A lot of it's just in person, you know it. Got it, got it. Um, so the the thing is, you have to understand people and they want to be a part of something. Okay, we all have a need to to feel a part of something. And so many brands right now are discounting this aspect of their business now. And in the aspect I'm talking about is culture. Okay, now, if you want to look at a case study on culture, let's look at Harley Davidson. Alright. You can go to any tattoo parlor on the face of the earth and they will have a book of Harley Davidson tattoos. That's culture that's people saying, Dude, I belong to this. No matter what color I am, no matter what gender I am, no matter what sexual orientation I am, no matter what. If I ride a Harley and I mean another person that rides a Harley were automatically connected. Okay, that's culture. And so many brands are not understanding that that is the ultimate competitive advantage that you can create, because once people decide that they're a part of something, it's very hard for them to decide that they're not a part of something. All right, So, for example, like, let's say, just use hardly, for example, Victory Motorcycles, which is a terrific brand. They made the excellent motorcycle. Some would even say far superior, the Harley. But people will not switch because they don't have a culture, right, because if you write up the community, that's right, right? And so it insulates you from your competition is strong. Culture does. So you know all these people trying to compete on Price or trying to compete on you know all these different things when when rise quality doesn't really what they should be doing is trying to create a situation where customers feel engaged with the brand 100%