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Snippet of The Secret Life of Dietitians: Don't Fumble Your Vegan Diet

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Hosts Amy and Laura have some advice on how to get the most nutrients out of your vegan diet.
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Let's back up and talk about like the health benefits. So we're talking about here because I think the majority of people who go towards a vegetarian or vegan are doing it because of the health benefits. Occasionally, it's also that it will right side of things and environment and other issues. But primarily it's for the health benefits, right? You know, I think there, you know, there's a lot of sustainability and those types of things that go along with vegetarian diet. But let's talk about maybe some of those health benefits. You know, we know a well planned vegetarian or vegan diet can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer type two diabetes, other chronic health conditions. They also be affected. Yeah, even if you don't have those, you could lower your LDL or your bad cholesterol and improve your glucose levels with this type of diet, right? And we know that vegetarians on the whole are probably consuming more fiber more potassium, which is great for blood pressure, vitamin C and e phytochemicals, because hopefully they're eating more fruits and vegetables than somebody who isn't a vegetarian or vegan and ideally, maybe less saturated fat. Your average sugars and other processed foods. But again, it depends on whether it's a well planned or more of a haphazard vegan diet or vegetarian diet, you know, on whether that would be appropriate. Yeah, because we all know are people out there who are following these diets and maybe not doing it the right way. And so, yeah, you're vegetarian. That's great, but you're not eating the fruits and vegetables. Still, that's not gonna help you free all the time, I have to say, for people who are choosing to follow a gluten free diet, whether rather than a medically necessary free diet, you see that a lot, you know. But even sometimes with folks who are on medically necessary gluten free diets, they tend to gravitate towards anything that's labeled gluten free. Whether that's a gluten free bun or gluten free cookies or gluten free brownies, you know they tend to gravitate mawr towards just anything that's a substitute for something that they were missing on their free diet. So I totally get it right, and I can, you know, see how that that can be in a lot. We applied to a lot of different diets, for sure. Absolutely. So maybe we want to start with some of those main nutrients. And I think probably you probably hear this is the dietitian. And I know I do as well When somebody says they're vegetarian or vegan, The first reaction of everybody. Oh, my goodness. How are you going to get protein, right? Yeah, yeah. Protein, I think, is the one nutrient that a lot of people are afraid of going vegetarian or vegan because they feel like they're not going to get enough protein when in reality, that's probably one of the least, uh, worrisome nutrients, as far as I'm concerned, is a dietitian. I agree. I think you know, most of us eat more protein than we need. And I have. I mean, maybe folks who are, you know, a little older who have maybe have more trouble eating. Ah, larger quantity of food might have trouble if they were vegetarian, are beginning getting enough protein. But I would think the average young to middle aged person is not gonna have difficulty getting in protein on a vegetarian or vegan diet. Right. Special note with athletes e on. That's That's where Justin Fields is in a real advantage right here. You know, I'm sure he has a goal of protein to hit every day. That that dietitian who is working with him is making sure is he's hitting, right? Right. And that that Z I worry about that because I think that in a way, vegetarian and vegan and this is kind of a, uh, almost a privilege diet. You know, it's not something that might be accessible to everyone. And so that's important to realize that if you are considering doing this, you do need to do it with caution and with care. And make sure that you do seek out those re sources that are available thio you to help you with that transition. But in terms of protein, I think you can just take some of the lessons that we talk about. What we just talk about basic meal planning. So protein as part of every meal and snack yes, so important just for satiety, but also to make sure that you're meeting your protein needs. But, you know, I think there are, like you said, farm or nutrients of concern than protein when we put into a vegetarian diet. But first of all, We'll probably we'll go ahead and put a link to this to calculate how much protein you need. I think that's the other thing. There's an impression that we need just a humongous amount of protein in our diet and not the case. E will put up a calculator on the website. If you want Thio, calculate the amount of approaching you need a day, but generally we take your weight in pounds and you multiply it by 0.0 point 4 g. So the example would be a maybe somebody who weighs £140 times 1400.4 g equals 56 g a day. Not a lot again. Seems like Oh, I thought I needed 200 grand protein today. Don't right. And I think the thing in the thing that might be confusing with the protein is the idea of where does it come from? Well, if you're not eating me, if you're not, you know, where are you getting protein? And in the case, right. In the case of vegans, we're talking about getting quite outside of the box, at least with your vegetarians who are consuming your dairy and your eggs. We know those air. Great sources of protein, obviously. Of course, you don't want all your protein to come from those. You do want some plant based proteins, so, uh, nuts. Uh, and tofu soy can be created into just an endless number of varieties to give you protein in a variety of ways. So you know everything from soy nuts, thio, tofu, thio, temp, all that right? Um e don't forget. Beans. Beans. Alright. Wonderful for protein. Go instead of maybe purchasing black bean burgers, you know, a freezer case looking at making their own black bean burgers, adding maybe some oatmeal. A za binder. You can really do some cool things with these. Look, that is a source of protein, but lentils and chickpeas And, you know, even just thinking about, you know, throwing a couple of tablespoons of peanut butter or almond butter into your morning oatmeal, as opposed Thio just adding, always adding butter or brown sugar. So almond butter or peanut butter might be a good option. Yeah,
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