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Snippet of The Sour Hour - Episode 80

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We've got mail! Listen to this audio snippet of episode 80 of The Sour Hour, Jay, Moscow, and newly-minted co-host Beevo Moore dip into the mailbag and answer questions on a wide range of funky topics, from fermentation vessel selection to bottle bombs and beyond. Tune in to hear their answers!
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mhm. Mhm, No. God, It just gets better. Wait until they It's poetry. I was gonna say lyrics, but wait for their poetry. I don't want no short. Okay. Remember this one? Don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't Don't masterpiece. Amazing. First Beethoven, then Bach and then 20 fingers. 20 fingers. Wow, that is a perfect I'm going to Google. Where are they now? Literally. Wait a second. Let me know. Let's tease that update coming in the third segment. It's gonna be our new segment. Bebo, Google something obscure co host Bebo. Computers probably riddled. Hey, if you're gonna be co host, you gotta, you know, get your own segment in here. So All right, Last show. We like biology. Great show. Awesome. So listen to that. And updates and slash. Oh, I got nothing. What do you got? Yeah, I think we both took some trips away from away from the homestead. So you weren't doing too much brewing because you were flying and lounging and vacating. Yeah, and I don't Nobody cares about my vacation because I wouldn't if I'm home, I'm not brewing, so it's like, Well, who cares if you leave? But you left and I mean, that's a good question, though. Like, I guess you trust your team obviously to do basically front to back anything any, uh, part of the process. You're comfortable letting them do without you. Is that fair to say? Yeah, So, I mean, how long would you feel? Comfortable leaving for, like, a month? I mean, where would you start to be like, No, no, I gotta be back two weeks. Okay. Really? I just don't wanna be gone that long. Basically, Yeah, I think I'll be gone two weeks later in the year going down to the Australian National Homebrew Conference. Shout out. It's gonna be in Melbourne. Are they still calling that one an H c A N H c? Yeah. All right. Yeah. So they could There O G s. Yeah, I think that'll be about two weeks. So looking forward to that, But, you know, I saw where I was in Mexico, and I wanted to shout out a couple of great beers that I had One is actually a Tijuana bury that we had a bottle of, actually, on this show, I brought it back from San Diego, met some of the birds down there. Believe that was insurgent. Yeah, I remember that. Yes. Ideo had another beer because I just saw there was, like, a one place with craft beer. I was like, Oh, yeah, I'm down with that. And then, uh, so another beer That was an I p a or Double I p A that had won silver. I think Paul Burka or J B f I was like, I'm definitely getting that. It was Agua Moloch type thing that's a little south of Tijuana. So shout out toe Mexican craft birds who are doing a good job. Where? Those. You know, you weren't near Tijuana. You were not on the other side. Yeah, you were. Container route was there. You found their beer on at places his bottles bottles. Nice. Well, that's cool. That replaces stock and craft beer from across the country. Basically, Yeah, Yeah, it was great. So, you know, I'm always gonna offer that craft beer in a different country. Right on what condition was the beer? And we're like the place that storing it right? It still tasted good. It wasn't weird or older oxidizer. Anything the EPA had was was really good. I think It was about a month old tasting. Great, nice. And then, uh, let's see what style was either beer. I'm trying to remember it's a brat. Beer can't remember the style, but it was a beer that, like was suitable for a little more age I was. And that one I couldn't. I was trying to decipher the code on. You know, sometimes there's a timestamp on these bottles, but they're going to scramble it to Sometimes It's like the day of the year, So it says, like 256. Interesting. Siri, What is the 256 day of the year? Let's let's see, What is the 265th day of the year? All right, here's what December 31st. No, wait, no. That's 365. Shit. Did you someone come out? No, It went to the year 260. It didn't quite understand that question. Uh, anyway, I never know e exactly job. And in fact, I never knew. I I assumed that non clear, you know, like month, day, year or day, month, year. I always thought anything