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Snippet of The Strange and Unusual Podcast: 5: Killer Green - St. Patricks Day

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Audio Guide to St. Patrick's Day The history of St. Patrick's Day is full of surprises. For instance, did you know that St. Patrick wasn't actually Irish? Or that a traditional St. Patrick's Day meal would involve smoked eel? Listen to these snippets from the best podcasts about St. Patrick's Day to find out everything about St. Patrick's life and the holiday that it inspired. And hang around juicy history, cooking tips for authentic Irish recipes, and songs by rising stars in the Celtic and Irish music scene. Vurbl Audio for the Holidays
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What does the color green have to do with fairies? Which US cities recognize St Patrick's Day as a legal holiday? Do Irish people pinch each other on March 17 too? Discover the answers to all these questions and many more in this snippet full of authentic information about ancient Irish customs, and some interesting facts about modern-day American traditions.
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as a calendar inches towards March 17th. I always do a quick once over of my closet to take stock of all my green articles of clothing. I love wearing green, mainly because it's a favorite color, but also it's the color I'm most complimented on when I wear it. Turns out I really am just that vein. Since I live in New England, where march can either be freezing warm or anywhere between, I pull out the most weather appropriate green top for that particular year and then prepare for what is hopefully a kick ass Irish whiskey field. ST Patrick's Day, Living near Boston, which boasts the largest population of Irish Americans of any U S City. ST. Patrick's Day is no joke. Not only is Boston one of only two U. S cities that recognizes ST Patty's as a legal holiday, but Boston was also home to the first American ST Patrick's Day parade in 17 37. Fear of being pinched for not wearing green on ST Patrick's Day was so connected to the holiday for me that when I moved to England and high school, I was dumbfounded to find that no one followed that tradition in the British Isles. In fact, when I told them how important it was to wear Green on ST Patrick's Day in the States and what might happen if you didn't, I was met with that baffled stare I was becoming all too familiar with. It was that look that was meant to convey you crazy Americans without actually having to say it. As it turns out, ST Patrick's Day celebrations in America have differed from those in the holidays homeland since the beginning waves of Irish immigrants arrived on American shores during the 19th century, and facing major discrimination and unflattering stereotypes, they sought a way to unify their community and a way to celebrate pride in their homeland. ST. Patrick's Day became the answer as the years wore on and ST Patrick's Day spread throughout the US even to non Irish populations, the holiday became this very unique, over the top and definitely American Day and pinching those not wearing green totally an American edition. Of course, however, I recently discovered that were in green actually has a longer history of being considered quite unlucky. In fact, it was rumoured that to wear the color green was to invite death. Some sources say this superstition is due to a creature from the Emerald Isle. The ferry green is the chosen color of the ferries and mortals dawning. It is an ill advised move. But if you go ahead and wear it anyway, be sure to kiss your loved ones. Goodbye. Because apparently those fairies are petty little assholes and may destroy you just for daring to wear their color. There seems to be