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Snippet of The Wicked Library: Keeper of Souls by Owl Goingback

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A mystic Native named Digging Owl is held captive by Spanish invaders. Upon his arrival, they stole his medicine bag, but he finds it and frees his spirit to find the king who stole his freedom. He lingers in the king's sleeping quarters when the priest walks in. Digging Owl, invisible as a spirit, continues to linger as his presence is noticed by the priest, who is not happy that he is there.
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room that must lie beyond, one of which had to be the king sleeping quarters. There were many rooms in the castle, and the searching took longer than he'd anticipated. Every moment he spent away from his body was dangerous. There was no telling what would happen if a guard discovered his body without its spirit. Digging Owl was about to give up his quest and returned to his body. When he found what he was looking for, he located the king's chamber on the level above the throne room. It was decorated with layers of deep red fabrics, etched vessels of crystal and numerous items of gold. In the center of the room, upon a raised diess sat a massive bed framed by four pedestals of ebony wood and crowned by a canopy of the finest silk. The king looked like a little boy in such a big bed, his pale face illuminated by the moonlight streaming in through an open window. Still not knowing why he'd come or what he could possibly do to procure his freedom, thinking I will move to the foot of the bed. There he stood, looking down at the most powerful monarch in all the world that he'd been in the flesh. He would have killed the king to avenge the suffering of his people. But while he was in the spirit form, even his most violent attack would be but a gentle caresses of wind. Instead, digging owl willed himself to relax, turning off the tiny voice that always spoke inside his head. With a voice gone, he was able to listen to another tiny voice, that of the kings. The king's troubled thoughts came bubbling up like water from a underground stream. They were confusing, and it took a great effort to decipher them. They were mostly thoughts of conquest and power, and of those who had ruled Spain in the past, picking through the thoughts, digging our learned of a woman named Isabel at her husband, Fernando, they had united several squabbling provinces into the powerful Empire of Spain. It was Isabel who ordered the torture and deaths of all those whose faith was different from her own, and it was her hand that had signed the document allowing the soldiers to enslave and murder digging owls. People digging owl probed, further learning of the tragedies that befell the Children of Isabel and Fernando. He saw the death of her only son, Juan, barely six moons after his marriage than the death of her oldest daughter, also named Isabel. 10 moons. After that, he witnessed the suffering of the one called Wanna, the one he'd seen in the vision as her husband turned against her, then her father and finally her son, Charles, at first digging a well thought that a curse must have been placed on the royal family, perhaps by one who had died because of the orders of Isabel. But he quickly dismissed the idea. Whatever plagued the family had been around long before the time of the Inquisition, long before the one called Columbus set sail for the land of digging owls, people stepping closer, he broke the contact with the king's mind and began looking at his body. Instead, he squinted his eyes and cocked his head slightly, studying the face and outline of the young monarch of blackness like a shadow clung to the body of the king. It was the same blackness worn by the sick and dying, but this was not a sickness of the flesh. It was one of the spirit looking closer, digging our realized he could only see two spirits aligned within the body of Charles. One of the king's souls was missing. Digging our looked again just to be sure there was no mistake. The king only had two spirits. Could it be that the Spaniards only had two souls digging? Owl Didn't think so. Assed faras. He knew everyone had three. One soul was the tiny light in the pupil of the eyes. Another was the shadow that each person makes. The third was the image one sees in Clearwater. Even the Spaniards he'd accompanied on the expedition had three souls. So where was the king's other soul? And it wandered off. Doubtful. If it had, it would have left a trail clearly visible to anyone of medicine. No, someone had taken Charles's soul. That same someone could have also taken souls from the other family members. That would explain all the suffering. But who would do such a thing? And why? As he pondered over the whereabouts of the missing soul, the door to the king's chamber opened, and someone entered the room. Digging Owl was so surprised he almost ran for a hiding place before remembering he was invisible. It was the priest named Antonio who entered the room. The same priesthood stood beside the king's throne, closing the door behind him. The priest made his way quickly to the king's bedside, digging out all expected him to wake the king. For he moved like a man on urgent business. Instead, Antonio leaned closer to the bed, pulling something from beneath his robe. It was a tiny glass bottle fastened around his neck by a gold chain. The bottle was a translucent blue. In it, something glowed and wiggled about as though alive. Digging out all knew at once that the priest possessed the missing soul of King Charles and the person who owned the king. Soul also controlled the king. Leaning forward, the priest whispered. Time is running out. You must act now. Your mother is a danger to you. As long as she lives. She must be killed, but it must be made to look like an accident on Lee. Then can you rule Spain with a free hand on Lee? Then he stopped suddenly, turning his head to the left, looking straight at digging owl, though he hadn't moved, hadn't made a sound digging out was certain the priest could see him. Worse yet as Antonio's eyes began to glow red with a fire all their own, digging out realized that the man before him was not really a priest after all. Nor was he a man. You missed the priest, his voice becoming more animals than man. His eyes glowed brighter as his body began to change, shaking off its disguise. Digging, Howell stepped back in fear. The priest's body shimmered like smoke over a cooking fire. The black robe, no longer a necessary part of the disguise, fell to the floor. What once was a man became something farm or terrifying. A shapeshifter digging owl watched in horror. As fingers lengthened and sprouted clause teeth became fangs. Priests lower jaw cracked and popped like logs on a fire, his face elongating into that of a wolf, his body hunched, shortened and grew muscular. Hair sprouted thick and dark like grass. After a spring rain transformation, complete digging owl stood staring at something that could only have sprung from the loins of the evil one. It was this preacher horn of darkness that had stolen the king soul on possibly the souls of the leaders before him, manipulating the Spanish monarchy to cause the greatest suffering to millions. Worse yet, it was about to add digging owls sold to its collection. There is no place to run, no time to flee. Though he was still in spirit form, the shape shifter could easily kill him, for it was a creature of darkness, existing in both the physical and the spiritual worlds. Digging out all braced himself is the creature lunged for him, but it knocked him over as easily as one bends a blade of grass across the floor. They rolled, digging out all, trying desperately to keep away from the creature's deadly fangs. He grabbed its wrists, but it changed into mist and slipped between his fingers. Once free, the shapeshifter changed back into a beast and resumed the attack. Klaus ripped across digging owl side, sending tiny rivers of fire through him. He screamed in pain. The shapeshifter changed from a wolf to a cat, then to a serpent and back again to a wolf. You cannot kill me, CIA. It taunted, for I am too powerful. The blood of the dark one flows through my veins. I will destroy you as I have destroyed your people. The shapeshifter made a diving lunge, grabbing, digging out his left leg and tripping him as he fell. Digging Owl brought his right leg up and stumped on the shape shifters face, freeing his other leg jumping to his feet. He ran for the door way, but the shapeshifter cut him off. The only exit blocked. Digging owl took advantage of being in spirit form and dove headfirst through the floor. He felt a slight tingling as he passed through stone falling from the king's bedroom to the throne room. The maneuver must have thrown the shapeshifter off for digging. Al made it across the room without the creature coming after him. He was just about to leave through an open doorway when the shapeshifter burst into the room from the other side. Digging owl was knocked backward, powerful hands wrapped around his throat, claws digging into his neck. He lashed out, striking at the shape shifters, head and chest, trying to break free