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Snippet of The Zane Lowe Interview Series: Lady Gaga, Part 1

From Audio: Lady Gaga
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In an interview with Zan Lowe, Lady Gaga shares her feelings about social media. In gaga's opinion, social media is a false economy and the currency is shallowism. She goes on to say that being on social media for likes is a bottomless pit and that in her opinion, your morals matter more than the number of likes you can get.
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in me saying yes. Do I think it's unfair that celebrities are like, put in this place where we're not allowed to have problems? Yes, But at that same time, I would like to validate the problems of all these other people that are not famous, right, and then also validate the fact that, like on the Internet and through social media, we have created these, you know, millions upon perhaps billions of enigmas that are are, you know, avatars of who we are online in order to deal with ourselves. And it's part of how we feel safe. But it's turning on us and it begins to turn on you because you start to feel the economy. It's a totally false economy, and and the currency is shallow. It right? It's like you can't be. You can't be pretty enough on instagram. You can't be thin enough. You can't be hot enough. You can't be rich enough. You can't be. I mean, if you're not in it for impact. Like if you're not like famous because you're trying to help the world or make an impact on the world. The return on what you're putting in is A is a like and that is a bottomless pit that is like you are literally circling the drain going Oh, I'm valuable. If I get a ton of likes No, that is not what makes you valuable. What makes you valuable are your values, your morals, your ethics, your code, how you act, how you treat people, your behavior. That's what makes you who you are not how many people like your post Once you realize that once you come to that conclusion and you identify that you know there are more significant tent poles you should be planting rather than the ones that are planted for you or that seem to, and they move with.