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Snippet of Tripple Click: Super Mario 3D World Is A Relaxing, Fun Whimsical Journey

Last Played: February 26, 2021
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The sequel feels like a whole new game that constantly delights with new ideas on each level. Players can choose to play as Mario, Luigi, Peach, or Toad. Although multiplayer is optional, it isn’t recommended as the aspect of players’ characters bumping into each other is fundamentally stressful. Solo play is suggested for challenging levels.
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he couldn't wait to play supermarket. That is true. So yes. So, Maddie, I'm just gonna go around and we'll say our thoughts just kind of overall thoughts on the game. Um, what are your thoughts? I guess. What were your thoughts when you first played it? And what are your thoughts now? Going back into it. And just three d world. We'll get into masters very later. Of course. Yeah. So my thoughts when I first played it, I played it co op the whole way, which is an extremely difficult way to play this game. I would not recommend doing this. We beat it. Um, but there are a lot of fights involved. Someone I was dating dating several people ago. Um, and this I don't know. But it's in a way. It's not a great memory, because I'm remembering how difficult the game is co op and also how difficult the game is at the very end of the game. There's some levels that get quite challenging that you should probably just play by yourself. Quite frankly, I didn't I didn't beat the game in time for this show, but I do remember it gets quite hard Um, but I don't know that it's actually that hard if you play it solo and I'm playing it so low now and I'm like, Oh, yeah, this is actually really fun It's not. It's not stressful at all, but you can play for player co up in this game if you want. Thio. Um, and the other thing I remembered about it, is it Mario? Where's the cat suit? And he's freaking adorable. I remember that the first time around. That is the big upside of this video game. Uh, he can climb up walls or Princess Peach can or whomever. You're playing us a cat cat suit. Yep, and climb up walls and do a little scratching attack move that has a super cute animation. And it's just fun. It's a fun, three dimensional Mario video game that I liked at the time playing it now. I didn't remember a lot of it, so it really feels like a new Mario game came out several years ago, and I haven't played it since. So it kind of feels like a whole new dangle Mario game. Uh, yeah, those were those were my initial thoughts. For now, I'm having fun playing scenario. Nice. Cool. Kirk, What about you? So yeah, I actually had a pretty similar experience with game Maddie. Yeah, I played it through mostly in co op in a previous relationship. It was very stressful. It was, you know, And it was fine. Was it's just for you guys because it was relationships that didn't work out because of the game. Who can say, Yeah, you could say, but But it was, you know, it kind of flew by, I think, because of that. Like it, it didn't sink in as much, playing it through another person just because we were playing together. And it's like when you're playing with this game with another person, you move through the levels a lot more quickly. It's all a little more chaotic. And for me, the delight of Mario Games and especially this kind of Mario game, which I also consider three D land to be this kind of game is just how many new ideas there on every level. And it's just constantly delighting you with new ideas. And when I'm playing by myself now, which I have been this time through, I'm just I'm loving it like I'm finding that I love it like I did not love this game before. I thought of it as a sort of odd game. And I love it now because of that, because of that feeling of constant delight and new things. I mean, it's every freaking level of this game has some weird, cool new idea, and a lot of them are developed like they're developing ideas from Three D Land, which was released for the three DS and is a fantastic game and was one of the first Mario games I ever really played like, Obviously, I played Super Mario brothers like the original and world, but I never had a console. And then I think I might have played one of the ones on DS when I got a D s. But are the Gameboy ones maybe? Yeah, I guess. But, like on Lee a little and not none of the three d ones. I just had never played any of those, really. And then, um, I played through three D land and I loved it. I mean, that game is amazing and has a lot of those same ideas where there's, like, you know, platforms that shift when you jump, for example, is one that I really love, where you have to think ahead and it becomes more of a sort of puzzle is you figure it out because you can't jump there because that floor is gonna go away the minute you press the jump. But there's a lot of little clever ideas like that and that just seemingly endless cascade. And I remember feeling a little disappointed by three D World when I played it on the Wii U because I was sort of ready for a new Big Three D Mario game. I was ready for Odyssey, basically, and I'd never played Galaxy and I'd never played Super Mario three d, even or sunshine. And so at the time, I was like, I really want, like, the full open thing where there's no timer and you could just walk around, and now I feel like I've really gotten that like I played out to sea. Then I played it again. We talked about it on this show, and then I played Galaxy and love galaxy. I mean, God, I had just stopped galaxy because I just was playing other things. But that game is like, I wanna go back to that game. It's so good. I have so much three d Mario now that this fits in a kind of a different space and it's so cool like I just love it. It just is this relaxing, fun, whimsical journey of delight. So I'm really into it, like far more into it than I was expecting. Do you feel like the co op in Galaxy? An Odyssey is more satisfying to you Kirk than in this game, because it's just interesting to me that both of us didn't like the co op in this particular game. I think I prefer that well, it's a different kind of cooperate like this is designed for multiple people playing on the exact same wavelength. They all have the same moves, and you're actually kind of bumping into each other. And that's what makes it stressful. Where Galaxy odyssey and buzzers fury, which we're not talking about. Yeah, but like all of those air designed with that kind of one person is the main player, and one person is just sort of the auxiliary helper character, and I like that set up a lot, and that works also because Emily doesn't play as many games. And if we're gonna play Coop, it's really fun to play in that way. Defense a year playing eso It's just kind of different. It's kind of different, but I don't love the way that you're bouncing into each other and like that design is just It's just kind of fundamentally stressful, angry. It's interesting, Kirk, that you talk about this game borrowing things from three. Deal in because I actually the thing that struck me on this play through, I got so like world three. Um, over the past couple of days, the thing that really struck me is how much it takes from all of the previous Mario games. Sure feels very much like one of those and and all Mario games or self referential. A lot of incentive Siris are. But this game, more than anything, is like literally. You look around at everything and you just see ideas from previous games, whether it's like the toad houses that give you items, which is yeah, I mean, it's really that, I guess, more of a reflection of my limited frame of reference because I'm not a Mario experience, no No, I'm not saying that you're wrong. I'm saying because there's a lot also taken from three D land. I'm saying that That's really what stood out to me is that this game just feels like it was made. It almost feels like it was made by people who are fans of all the others, of all the previous games and, like wanted to stick in a ton of ideas. There's a lot of stuff in there from Galaxy. There's a lot of stuff. Um, the concept of like the world map is like a blend of like like three D ideas and also the kind of straight line approach way. Talk about the world map for a second. I love the fact that I remember loving this about the way you that you can walk around on the world map like it looks like Super Mario World's world map. But then you could just freely walk around and jumping, break bricks and find stuff and find secrets. And there's like its secrets to find what a fun little trick. Yeah, there's just a lot of stuff in there that is very enjoyable. Um, even the concept of getting to choose whether to play is Mario Luigi Toad or peach? Those are the four characters you can choose from the Super Mario brothers to for the nes. It's like the same exact and they all the same traits to Luigi can jump a little bit higher. PH can kind of float in the air. Toad is, uh, Toad, Toad e Just not have any special abilities. And Super Mario to Toad is a deformed abomination. E like Captain Toad. Another thing that's in this game is planting the seeds for Captain Toad Treasure tracker. Yeah, I was going to say, Captain showed is one of the super innovative. I mean, Captain showed treasure tracker is brilliant. And the reason that existed because of this wonderful game on captain showed the concept is so they're all these little mini levels on the I guess, many games. I would call them on the world map and you can go to them and you control Captain Toad and Captain codes. Gimmick is that you can't jump. So he has to solve these kind of puzzles. These kind of diagram a looking three D environments on dodge enemies and collect things without collect stars without actually jumping, which is like, if you take the fundamental ability of a Mario game away and it Zaveri strange. But the other thing that really stood out to me about playing three d were three D World Now is after Odyssey. It just feels very different. Um, in a lot of subtle and not so subtle ways, some of the abilities that you have an odyssey and you have in some other three D games like being able to duck and then back flip to do a super high jump you can't do in this game. Um, even, obviously, the hat throwing thing, which I was very used to you can you also can't do in this game. But that was totally new for for Odyssey. Um, but there are a lot of like tricks there. There's there's kind of we'll get into this a little bit later, but there's a fundamental line between, like the quote unquote linear Mario games and non linear Mary games that I want to talk about. And one of those kind of distinctions between those types of games is in Marios move set and the way that it feels to control him. in the linear games such as this 13 game really encourages you to go fast a lot of the times. And in fact, if you start sprinting, you'll get, like, this boost of speed as Mario, which which doesn't happen in the nonlinear games. Andi, I think that's also really interesting. And it makes the game feel very speedy and very like addictive because you're finishing levels really quickly. Um, even if you stop to find all the green stars, all the hidden challenges and stuff, you can still finish each level. And, like, I mean, you have a timer, so it's gonna be five minutes, max. And that's a huge difference between linear and non linear games. The clock ticking down in the linear. Yeah, and it feels so, so different and so interesting. And yeah, I find it really fun, and it just makes you want to keep playing and playing and playing to the point where you're like, Wow, I just play this way too long. Um,
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