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Snippet of Triviality Episode 194: We Didn't Start the Fire

Last Played: February 23, 2021
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Savage Superstar Ann Gerring hosts this week’s great episode. Ken and Matt take up the challenge once more to see if they can take down Neal and Jeff. Matt starts a new Instagram, and the teams learn that William Joel is sensitive. Which team will rise above?
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once. All right, question number one in the category. Sic semper tyrannis. Leon chul. Gosh was an American steelworker and anarchist who assassinated what? President in Buffalo, New York, at the Pan American Exposition. I believe we can lock in. You okay? Yeah. Matt, I always get confused Name wise between the Garfield assassin and the McKinley assassin. But since she said Buffalo, I'm pretty sure that's McKinley. Sounds like it. Okay. Yeah. And we, too, went. William McKinley points all around. It is William McKinley and Ken for you, The assassin of Thea other president who named is Ghetto. Okay, It wasn't Monday account. We're undefeated this year. We've got every question right. 2021. Great success. All right, Number two. Your category, not a Lisa. Left eye Lopez Question. Well, instinct does have a song. Well, instinct does have a song on no strings attached called Space Cowboy. Joey from France has an imaginary friend who is also a space cowboy. No word from Steve Miller on his opinion, though. What is Joey's imaginary friend's name? Shame. I have been watching some friends reruns on TBS while I eat my breakfast because I just can't handle any other content that early in the morning, which is, like 11. 30. So you you up for brain mush while you eat your mush? Oatmeal? Yeah. Um Okay, So the song you were talking about, Ramblin Man, that's by, um oh, the Almond Almond brothers. Okay, I thought maybe it would be a good space you've got You've got the Joker. You've got jet airliner. You've got fly like an eagle. You've got those air, Your Steve Miller songs. Joker sounds right, But, I mean, that's kind of, like, reminds me of top Gun. Their names were, you know, joker, Maverick Goose. Um, I don't know if you want to just go with Joker. It's an informed guess. Okay, so with the u p e i o u p a we're gonna lock in with Joker, and we just said Harold Oh, you were so close. I thought you might get there. The references to the Joker, but the answer is Maurice O. Some people call me Maurice. That's right. Good question. All right. Number three in the category. Army and memes. Three universal camouflage pattern. Or you see, P is a digital military camouflage pattern that was formerly used by the US Army in their Army combat uniform. It was chosen after lab and field tests from 0304 showed it to provide the best concealment in many different operational environments. But my husband, the former Army sergeant, would have to disagree quickly gaining Internet fame. A photo of a soldier wearing this camel pattern was completely camouflaged while doing what I always thought that this camel pattern was to take cover in like digital surroundings. Like if you're in virtual reality, you know, like the seems very early two thousands there hiding in a bit. Yeah, like like it was exactly what it looks like. That is 100% what it looks like you're in. Disclosure is gonna say you're in disclosure and Michael Douglas is looking for files e. I can't recall this one. Do you want to say eating breakfast? That's pretty funny. Um, e guess that's fine. E Any ideas? It would be, I would think would be some kind of outdoor activity because you'd figure it would just be something random, but user tag playing. Sure. Laser tag. Laser tag. Alright, We're gonna go with an activity that some might want to be camouflaged for, I suppose, and we're gonna say milking a cow. Oh, I love that. I want to see that picture. No, this is actually, um, he was laying on an ugly couch from the seventies. It's like your grandma's couch that has that flower pattern. He is completely camouflaged. It's so great to see photos of people who are like, there's a photo of my husband in Afghanistan wearing this camel pattern. And then there's a photo of this guy on a couch and I'm like, Why did we Why did we choose this? This is not the right the right style of uniform, and I'm so glad that they don't use it anymore because it's terrible. Show me ugly couch from the seventies Was your husband also covered in really tight plastic as he walked around. But like a grandma, cops like a credible way. Got it way got there. There's such a long pause. I was like, Oh, no, don't want it to sound weird. Lord, what a day! Alright number for your category. Birds aren't riel. Frigate birds are pretty cool. They occasionally rob other seabirds for food, and they have the largest wing area to body weight ratio of any other bird. What Oceanic Island country's flag features a gold frigate bird on a red field above the water. Don't kill the seabird. Uh, and, uh, I'm not confident on it, but we'll lock it in. So you got your got your Albania? That's a big one, All right. I think it's on the wrong the wrong way here. So we got Let's do by region Indonesia. Probably not. I think Papa New Guinea has a bird on its leg. That's the right area. I don't know. Yeah, but I don't know if that's the one thing she's describing, but I think that might be something. All right, let's go with that Papua New Guinea. And, uh, we are going to go with a country that used to be in the past. But now they're in the future. They moved their international date line, and we're gonna go with Kiribati, Kiribati or cure Abbas is correct. We weren't getting there, so I don't even feel that is care about t related to Keira Knightley. Yes. Okay. They're cousins. Yeah, number five. Your category. What a dick. My hometown of Clarksville, Tennessee, is known for many things, including my alma mater, Austin P. State University, in the 1987 NC Double A basketball tournament. Austin P lead number three seat Illinois at the half. What famous broadcaster former N B A head coach and member of the Basketball Hall of Fame, stated that if my all the modern one he would stand on his head Onley toe have Austin P upset Illinois 68 to 67? Um, we can we can lock in then. Great. Yeah, n b a coach. I mean, when she said, What a dick. Um, I was thinking of Dick Vital. I don't think I ever coached a team. I think he was just a broadcaster. Richard. I don't know if any other coaches. I was thinking of the really tall Walton, but he didn't think he was a coach, either. Just a play player. Um, yeah. I don't know any coaches named Richard. No, I'm not great with the MBA. All right, let's go with, um, I can't remember the Knicks head coach. All right, well, just a dick. Vital coach of the Pistons back in the seventies. I'm pretty sure it's his Dickie v Dick. Vital This is Dick Vital, and I have a great story about this. Um, my dad was a sports broadcaster. He was a broadcaster for Austin. P. State University did play by play and, ah, little bit of color commentary back in the day, he got to emcee the event where, um, that Austin P held Austin. Hell, that's great. Event where they brought everyone back after the tournament ended. Just as a congratulations for such a Cinderella team doing so well. And they invited Dick Vital. When my dad got to emcee this event and as part of him seeing he is announcing the head table, he's like to my right, I have so and so and his wife, so and so the president of the university, blah, blah, blah. I have the head coach, blah, blah, blah and his wife. So and so And then he points to Dick Vitale and he says, And this guy, well, I'm gonna overlook him like he overlooked us. And so my dad got to play a sick burn on Dick Vital, which I think is the greatest thing in the history of the world. Did he end up standing on his head he did? Yeah. He stood on his head and had a few of the like starting players hold him up at the game. And there's a photo of that to you that my dad has great.
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