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Snippet of True Crime Obsessed: CBS's "The Case of: JonBenét Ramsey" Part 2

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The Story of The JonBenet Ramsey Murder Told Through Podcasts The murder of six-year-old JonBenét Ramsey traumatized America and changed the suburban landscape. The child beauty pageant queen went missing from her home in Boulder, Colorado on December 25, 1996. After several desperate hours of searching, JonBenét's body was found stuffed in a small room in the basement. Despite the quick response of police and neighbors, this case shockingly went cold and the identity of the unknown murderer remains a subject of debate today. Could it have been a cover-up: parents protecting their only living child who accidentally killed his sister? Or perhaps there was an intruder who covered every step of his trail? Follow the chronological chain of events of JonBenét Ramsey's murder as told through podcasts. Vurbl Riveting True Crime Stories
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The bowl of pineapple on the counter has been a hyper-focus point for professional and amateur detectives in JonBenét's murder. But, there were other objects in the house that may shed more light on what happened on Christmas night, 1996.
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So look, we're gonna We're not going to dive deep into this. But there's another interview that Burke does 18 months after the murder of his sister. That leads us to the fact that John Boehner loved pineapple pineapple. What's your favorite dessert? So the thing is, we find out that, like after the murder, there was an amount of pineapple that they found in JonBenet's small intestine, so saying that like it hadn't been in her small intestine long enough to be digested. So she ate pineapple sort of soon before her death. Which is a fucking morbid thing to say, but it's what it's where we are. We do know that jumping is reportedly her favorite. Dessert was pineapple and milk. There's a ball that looks like it's pineapple with milk sitting on the on the table, the ball of pop really quite a few pieces. So something interrupted, interrupted, did not finish eating. We're told in this section that Japanese favorite dessert was pineapples and milk. Is that a thing? You know, we're going to get into that in a minute. I I I googled it. Colorado. I mean, where you at girl, let us know, is that a Colorado thing? I don't know what the hell that is, but pineapples and milk, I feel like the acidity And, like, I just feel like that. Can't that can't I mean, I guess it's kind of a peanut colada, but excuse you. You blend the peanut colada and you put the alcohol in it, and the alcohol clears all the bad stuff away. So Spitz is like, according to my information, that's a horrible impression of him. Oh, look who spits impersonation. All of a sudden, you know, it's like it's horrible, it's just so bad and it doesn't exist moving on. So he's like, according to my studies, jumping, ate dinner and then had pineapple after that. So he's trying to say that like she had dinner that was fully digested and the pineapple definitely happened well after dinner. So he's like, all right, they had dinner at Fleet and Priscilla White House. They were home by, like 9 30. This is all. According to the timeline, John Ramsey puts Jon Bonet to bed because she was already asleep in the car. And then we get this crime scene video that has, like all these images of the bowl of pineapple and milk. And then I have in parentheses, which is insane, and then also like a high ball of tea. And it's like it's like on the same table that the the now infamous flashlight was also on. It's like right that's like all together. It makes no sense. So, Dr Spitz, this is the original picture of the pineapple. What we know from forensics is that both Burke's and Patsy's fingerprints are on the bowl, and Burkes are on the tea cup. So we somehow we learn that Patsy has said she would never have prepared that ball of pineapples and milk because the spoon didn't match the bowl. The look on your face, Patsy said, a lot of things you know, Patsy girl like like pick a lie and stay with it. Who is she? J. From cereal and also, like, Just say, I don't know. I was exhausted. It was Christmas and night. I never, never in my house, never in my life because she's like I never would have given birth to spoon that big. It just looked weird in the bowl. I just never would have done that. And I'm like girl. You have to like little kids. I know I look again, not a mother, but I've seen in every on every corner of the Internet parents just, like throw shit at their kids. And they're like, good luck to you. So no matter what size the spoon is, are they Are they quiet? Have they shut up for 10 minutes? Eat out of the spoon, please. Patsy. Don't have to be a mother to know that. You just want to. You just want some goddamn peace and quiet. It's Christmas night. My God. The happiest time of year is this, though you look directly into my heart and read my soul to our listeners. So the speculation is that Burke made this for himself that Burke got up in the middle of the night, came downstairs, made himself some pineapple and milk. JonBenet heard the action in the kitchen, and this is very real. Daisy would totally do this if, like Daisy was asleep and it was a special night and she heard activity down in the kitchen. She would totally get up. Let me tell you, as an only child who grew up in a house of parties I remember. I remember laying in bed and hearing the like laughter hold downstairs and just being like, Well, I fucking hate this. I'm going down there laughing. I know. And I'm gonna tell you that's a fucking shitty thing to do to your parents. Daisy doesn't do us every day. We're just trying to hang out with their friends for five minutes. I was cute. I mean, coming downstairs. Very cute. I would also serve them the appetizer, serve them drinks I knew from from the womb I knew what I knew. How to be a good and daisy. I will say Daisy will walk around and pour the first round of wine for everybody. She's six. It's amazing. I know you're welcome. I mean, I get kindred, which is also why I'm like, Wait. So you're telling me that Bird was asleep throughout the hysterical 911 call? Like kids hear stuff. I'm just saying No, he definitely wasn't. And so, John Bunny, Here's the activity in the kitchen. She gets up, she comes down. It's just Burke. Apparently, Burke is like eating his pineapples and milk. And the theory is that John Boehner, like, steals a piece of his pineapple and he gets super mad. Let's remember, according to the documentary, he has a history of violence. He's nine, and he, like, picks up the flashlight and goes and hits JonBenet's so hard that it kills her. And in the moment the parents realize what's happening and they decided they immediately that they have to cover it up. I think this could have been the tipping point that started the entire rest of the cascade of events that happened on the day she died. It could be right, and we're talking about this one, cause Spitz is like I have Children and grandchildren and great grandchildren. He's like, I'm 800 years old and he's like sometimes kids and Laura's like they want to be cheeky, don't they? She just reaches over with her hands and she eats the pineapple, which it makes sense that there's no DNA there am I right? Clementi. And they're like, Yes, so can we get past the pineapple for like, five seconds? Because I'm just I'm going around in circles here and like I know it's important, but no one's making it clear why I should 100% care and I care. I care. Like I don't think needs to be solved, but I just They just throw something right at me. Remember the stun gun girl? I've been talking about it for two episodes keeping me up at night, Right? No welcome. Welcome to the staying up at Night club. Are you feeling about back again? Thank you very much. And remember how they were like, Well, that wouldn't subdue her because it made this and they asked them they were like, how much do you weigh? And he was, like, £200 Shut up. And I'm like, you look great, girl. It was meant to subdue her, which was never going to happen. And so it turns out through, like, another 20 minutes of testing. It turns out that maybe, maybe, maybe maybe the marks on the side, or like the lower back of JonBenet could have been made by the parts of a train track that was in the train track room. They say it earlier like we called the rec room. They called it the train room. You've got this train room and pieces of track here in this room. And then there were pieces of train track in the crime scene video that were on the floor is works room as well. And they thought it was maybe the little things that made the tracks like, come together. These pins connect the tracks together, and you can see that the scaled pictures of the two outside pins of the train track matched exactly to the injuries on JonBenet. I thought it was an incredible discovery to find a toy in the house that could have been responsible for these injuries. That's so horrible. They thought maybe someone poked her with it to see if she was alive. And they thought that maybe a little kid would do that. I don't know. Yeah. And you know what I gotta say? Like, this is where we actually do see some science because, you know, again we see the stun gun like where the marks would be. It doesn't match up at all. We see, like an actual measurement of where these train track marks would be. And it matches up perfectly. And like this makes sense to me. And I'm not saying this is what happened, but I'm saying that parts of this story could be true in parts of the other story could be true. But this train track thing, it makes sense to me. Yeah, because the intruder theory that she was stunned, gunned to or tasered to be subdued just doesn't work. So now they're trying to find, like, Okay, it wasn't an intruder. What in the house could make that kind of mark, And then it looks to be that, like, that sucks, right? You know, the the episode just sort of ends with, like, we're back in the room and I feel like Dr Spitz and Dr Lee are sort of bickering again. And then it just sort of like Clementi just sort of takes the room. And he's like, you guys. The most likely scenario of JonBenet Ramsey dying is exactly what the grand jury who heard all of the evidence and saw and heard all of the witnesses and all of that, like exactly what they wanted to indict them for. And that makes the most sense to me, too. I think the most likely probability is that the adults in that family, John and Patsy Ramsey and this is consistent with what the grand jury wanted to indict them for staged this to look like a monster predator had come in their house and killed their daughter. It's my opinion that the Ramsey family did not want law enforcement to resolve this case, and that's why it remains unsolved. They didn't want law enforcement to resolve this case, and that's why it remains unsolved. The question is just like, Why did law enforcement go along with that? Yeah, that's the thing where it's like like it's really just all bad because it really ends with like, Well, it wasn't an intruder.