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Snippet of Us Weekly's Bachelor Podcast - Here For The Right Reasons: Matt James' 'Women Tell All': Blake Horstmann Tells Us Why the Editing

Last Played: March 02, 2021
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“Bachelorette” season 14 runner-up Blake Horstmann joins host Sarah Hearon to recap Matt James’ “The Bachelor: The Women Tell All.”
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than ever. Um, let's talk about the tail. Although I want to start with the Victoria of it all because I don't know about you, but I was really expecting to get a lot of Victoria here. And instead we got a quick shot in a crown, a quick little conversation with Ryan and then her crying to Matt. And I felt like we were missing something. The editing here was off to me. I agree. I thought we were gonna get a lot more. Victoria thought the girls were going to go into Victoria a little bit more and just be like, Why did you say those things trying? She didn't really even give not only an apology, but she didn't really give a reason. She didn't even give, like an explanation of why she acted the way she did for me. I would have gone on there and there and just rolled over, You know, like I'm an idiot. I was a mistake. That environment got to me, you know, it was really hard. I was falling for somebody who's dating other women, and she just didn't she kind of like stuck to her guns almost in a weird way. And if anything, like Katie got ragged on more than Victoria, and that was so frustrating to watch. Totally. The only apology we did get from Victoria, of course, had the word but in it, which, if I've learned anything from reality television you got, you got to cut off the But you got to say, I'm sorry I did this. Not I'm sorry. This hurt you. I'm sorry and no, but I feel like that's the one rule about apologizing. Did she ask you? Just sensitive. Like, do you think just because you're sensitive? Like what? What, who? Who wants to be called the ho? I know it's crazy over sensitive, some women sticking up for a little bit. And I'm like, what is happening? It was kind of crazy. It was crazy. And I think there must be more to her that we didn't see on the show, obviously, because the women seem to have a good relationship with her. Matt had some nice things to say about her, but as a viewer, I just felt very unsatisfied, but not hearing her out. Even though during the season I was like, Okay, I'm over you. I don't want to see you anymore. Now is like the time the teller is the time for the quote unquote villain to, like share their side. And I felt like that was missing. No, I agree. And she almost kind of tried to play the victim card a little bit. Even she was like, You know, I've been getting hate, you know, if they're online and she was, and a lot of that shouldn't happen, like, go way overboard. But at the same time, it's like I get it if you like. They're talking about your physical appearance or kind of those kinds of things that's over the line. But if they're saying, Well, you should have called the girl you know, ho like they have, that's that's criticism that I get it, you know? And so it was. It was frustrating to watch at times, and you're right. I feel like it was unsatisfying, to say the least. You brought up Katie, who definitely was like a flip the script moment. It felt like for us as viewers, I really felt like Katie did a great job of trying to look out for the women in the house and talked to Matt in a way that I felt watching. It wasn't like I'm trying to get time with you and I'm being the tattletale because that's a delicate balance for a contestant. Um, and I thought she did a great job, but they were trying to sort of suggest that her bringing it up to map made things worse. I didn't get that as a viewer, but it was I was literally frustrated watching it like I was getting angry because I think it was Chelsea said something effective, like the house wasn't toxic and tell you told that it was toxic like what? No. Were they watching? I know they lived it, but did they want this? Couldn't have all been made up.
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