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Snippet of Vegan History and Other Oddities: Helen Keller

From Audio: Helen Keller

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‎Vegan History and Other Oddities
Duration: 03:49
How much did Anne Sullivan sacrifice to her student's education? More than most. Listen to how she balanced a love interest with her love for Keller.
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How much of Keller's education was prioritized over her teacher's desires? A lot of it. In this snippet, listen to her balance a love interest with her love for Keller. Specifically, tune into the nice explanation of how Sullivan taught her pupil to understand the words of others, using her hand to simultaneously feel the shape of words on people's lips, and feel the resonance of their vocal cords when they spoke. And hop on over to the Vegan History and Other Oddities Station for the full episode, and tons more on prominent (and often weird) historical figures.
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in 18 94 and and Helen went then to the horse humans in school for the deaf. And this is where she learned how Thio quote unquote hear people speak by learning how to read their lips by touching them. And this is really not in everyday school you can pick up like, as I was reading this, I started, like, trying toe put my hand to my own lips and seeing like how, like how different it was like. But it's so easy to get confused because, like some sounds are different. But then the way your mouth is shaped to make them is the same. Like, how would you tell the difference between, like, an M or an end? Or maybe that's similar, But, um, stuff like that words I just don't know how she did it. That's really amazing. Andi. Yeah, she had a certain position where she was touching the mouth with her hands and then, um, the throat of the speaker with her thumb, I think, and yeah, she could just she could read what they were saying. And yeah, like Helen was, really was someone remarkable because no one with her disability, her level of disability had ever been so successful at learning what she was learning. So she really paved the road for what a person, even if they were deaf and blind, could be capable of. They could be justice capable of communicating to other people. Um and yeah, I like the way she learned that was someone would speak and she would put her hand to their mouth and throat, and then they would spell out the word for her in her hand, the corresponding word. And then she kind of pieced it together from there. So then, in 18 90 six, they want to the Cambridge school for young ladies. And then in 1900 she gained admittance to Radcliffe College, which was the woman's branch of Harvard. At the time, Harvard was an all male school. This was where she first became exposed to progressive ideas. Especially there was an instructor called John Albert Macy that helped Keller Helen with her autobiography, and he exposed her to socialism. And just through the classes she was taking, she was sort of learning about different things, different ideas. And John also helped, um, and take care of Helen and John and an actually ended up falling in love. So that's Jon and Anne Sullivan like not Helen, um, and, however, and Sullivan resisted his first proposal because she didn't want something like marriage to get between her and Helen. She was really loyal and loved Helen, but eventually they married in 1905 and she was 39 which was quite old back then. I think even today, that would be considered old and especially, like 1905 like I mean, women were being married off in their teen years. I'm pretty sure So, Um, and he was 11 years younger than her. But I mean, an is so remarkable, like he was definitely a lucky guy. And at 20 four, Helen graduated with honors and became the first deaf blind person to earn a bachelor of arts degree. And after graduation, she advocated for the deaf and blind writing articles for newspapers about blindness. She became a prolific author, writing 12 books over her lifetime. She also went on speaking tours with the aid of a new interpreter, usually an and advocated for taking the blind and deaf out of insane asylums and into the proper care they needed, Um, because obviously, like, that's how she got better. It was not by going to an insane asylum where they were just kind of like sticking everyone in and mistreating them. And so about her speaking, there are clips on YouTube of her speaking so people can see for themselves, but it is really incredible. It just makes me so thankful that communication comes naturally, like when you grow up with sight and hearing. And she had to work so hard for it. And she could articulate some words better than others. And But she always had an interpreter. Um, and she learned all of that just by, like, touching ands, mouth and throat and and directing her and helping her by, um, talking to her through hand signals.
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