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Snippet of Verity: He Blew Up Traditional Fandom

Last Played: August 09, 2021
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Deborah Stanish, Lynne M. Thomas, Tansy Ryner Roberts, L.M. Myles, Katrina Griffiths, and Erika Ensign host the witty and interesting podcast, Verity, where they discuss all things Doctor Who. Notice anything unique about those six names? They're all women! Though the podcast isn't focused on their gender, they do offer a different perspective to the iconic sci-fi series that their male counterparts may have missed out on.
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I think we have those. We just get involved from different dessert place. All right, So why don't we talk a little bit about the characters The arc of the characters this season? Costanza, you had mentioned last week that it was a delight to you to see you as this development because this really was very much eight. Yeah. Season where last season, the much of the story focused on Ryan and Graham. And we didn't see that quite as much this season, which, you know, I'm okay with, um I still loved their interactions. And I loved there stories on this show, but I did really enjoy seeing you as blooming and growing. Um, And then I know you wanted to talk about the doctors characterization. So off all the between the doctor and the companions, who do you think had the most compelling character growth this season? Oh, goodness. I want to say yes. But quite frankly, I've been thinking about Sasha. Dewan is the master an awful lot? Oh, you're not alone, huh? It's it's It's a very strange thing because I really, really and I'd like I have thoroughly enjoyed Diaz's growth this season. I really, really have. They have. They have created ah whole lot of depth for her character, and she has gotten to do so many things that she has learned so much. And she is such a delight, and her own delight with her growth is a thing that I am particularly delighting in just the whole, like, you know, didn't deep it didn't materialize in the middle of the volcano results like that sort of stuff. I love that two bits because, especially for women oh, that confidence is sexy. The confidence is sexy, but it's also that thing of acknowledging when things work, acknowledging when you make progress because we're taught to a certain extent to just move the goalpost to the next thing and someone like you, as who is a perfectionist who wants to help people exceptionally and who wants to be the doctor more than anything else she wants, like her whole thing is like, That's a terrible idea, doctor. Let's go do it together like That's totally her. She wants all of these things. So to have her actually acknowledge the growth that she's going through and to not and I say this with all love because I love taken is a character, but to not be bitching and moaning about it constantly about how it's so hard and how she doesn't want to do it and all of that. But to just be like this is amazing and look at what I've learned. And, hey, I did this cool thing by myself and being so like just the deep disappointment that it wasn't an alien planet like that, she discovered, like all of those things are so important in her jumping into the What were they calling it with, Oh, with Space Moses When before they went to Gallifrey? Yeah, when she's just like everybody is talking about, should we go through? Should we go through? And she just walks right. She's like she's just like she's just going through the She's not even slowing down. She's just walking. She's like, I'll see you suckers on the other side. She was ready. Um, I think that's fantastic. And I think it's something that we don't see nearly as often with female characters, quite frankly so. That is a thing that I have absolutely enjoyed two bit, and she's doing it in a way that is not. She's doing it in a way that's quietly confident and competent, but also not shying away from that confidence and competency. So she's not saying I'll go. I'll be the one to go in first. She's just doing the thing like women do the thing, you know what I mean. And you know she's totally Griffin door. Let's just be honest, absolutely. But she's also not feeling the need for everybody to look at her doing the thing. She's going to do the thing regardless, and she is going to probably acknowledge that she has done the thing. But she doesn't. She's not doing it for she's not doing it for the cookies. No, she's doing it for her, selling it for herself because she's doing anything to Dio because it's the right thing to do. She's doing it because she's a human and we fight back and we do what we can to make things better, because that's what you do is a human like That's you know, it is court of who she is, and that's why she's going to do. And to which Graham even acknowledged in the last Yeah, that was so beautiful and it was done in such a way that it wasn't patron izing. It wasn't a pat on the head with a good girl. You are. It was just so respectful and loving and honest. And it was honest and direct and vulnerable because it's not, You know, Graham isn't exactly known for complimenting people either. Yeah, you know, in the same in the same way that yes, it's like, Oh, you're not so bad human yourself. I'm from Yorkshire that za love letters, right? I just spilled my guts for you. So eso But But you think Sasha Dewan is that has had the had the best dark? Is that what you're saying? Or you're just saying Sasha Dewan Because, you know, I think this is a season that has fundamentally redefined how we think of some of the major characters in this Siri's. Honestly, I think the Jodi's performance this season has fundamentally redefined how we think of the Doctor. You add Joe Martin to that, and it really has fundamentally different redefined how we think of the Doctor. The candid explosion has fundamentally redefined how we think of Gallifrey and how we think of Time lords and how We think of continuity as a concept, and I think Sasha Dewan has has fundamentally redefined how we think about the master because we have gone, you know, we've had a run If you he's he's really, I would argue, the oldest schoolmaster since Del Gatto, because he's got the confidence thing. He's got the sexy thing. He's got the flirty thing, flirty thing. He's got the just a little bit off to the just a little bit off, but not actively wacky, like a cartoon character thing. Um, and he's doing all of those things in a performance that's actually quite subtle. Like I was seeing some gifts go by. Someone was doing a whole whole Sasha appreciation thread. And I was seeing gifts of some of his just more subtle beats as an actor, where he's like he's talking to Jodi and he looks at her lips, which is something I had missed in the episode. I know what you know What, You know what I'm talking about. That was Stage Young's threat. Yes, it was. Thank you. Sage and bonus hair flip, right? Yeah, but like all of those things are very thought out. Choices on the part of that actor, and they are designed to amplify Theus specs of the character that he has fully bought into on day work incredibly well.
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