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Snippet of Watch with Us!: Eddie Cibrian on "Country Comfort" and Working With Wife LeAnn Rimes

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Eddie Cibrian discusses what parts of himself he brought to his role on “Country Comfort”. He’s always felt at home in a a country-western, cowboy lifestyle.
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I mean, I know all actors kind of bring something, uh, something of themselves to each role. Is there something you brought to this? That Eddie is really part of him. I mean, look, I was interesting because there's some I think in my past life I must have been I grew up around horses and stuff like that and then been on a ranch because I've always felt at home, Um, in that kind of environment, I've always felt that kind of a king like, um, uh, attachment to, like, this western lifestyle. Uh, country, Western lifestyle, cowboy lifestyle. Even since I was a little bit, I think what it was, in fact, an adviser love it. Um, so I don't know. I just feel at home, you know, one of the cowboy hat and being around horses. I mean, we go to Montana all the time, and we go to ramp this up there, and we do all that stuff anyways, personally, um, and then, you know, just being a father. Um, obviously, you know, I bring what my experience is being a father of two boys to this role. And he's the father of five kids. Um of all different ages. And so I guess that I could bring what I've kind of learned as the father and the love that you have as a father of two Children, what you can do for your Children to the role as well. So you know, all those little things kind of playing.