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Snippet of Weekly Shonen Jump Podcast: Manga Creators

Last Played: March 29, 2021
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Alexis is the Editor of One Piece. David is a translator for Undead Unluck and Kaiju No. 8 for Viz Media. Finally, Brandon is a letterer for Shonen Jump. Alums of the manga industry share what they do to create new manga for readers each week.
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have three amazing guests. Um, and you've probably heard that voice before, but we'll start off with the guy that was on last week. Alexey, how's it going back for another week? Alexey, the editor of one piece, Black Clover. What else? I don't have as many series now, Robocall. It's We're only having, like, 3 to 4 series a week. I used all my good series ended, but there's always more serious down the line and looking forward to that. But they really need to bring chance on them back. Yeah, I think everyone everyone misses chainsaw man. Um, yeah. Excited. Well, hey, you know, when you're when you only have a few series edit leaves you more time to read other series. So, uh, you know, that's maybe a blessing in disguise. Hey, I read every chapter every week, no matter what. He's, uh he's called the professor for the job of the deputy editor in chief, which doesn't need anything. But that's my title. Uh, cool match. Yeah, it's cool. It's cool on a business card. Um, next with us. David. David. How's it going? Hey, I'm doing big and fine. How about you guys? How about any of you guys doing good doing all right, All right. No one ever asked me, actually, as the host. I mean, like, I feel like I'm in courtesy. Right? If someone asks you if you're doing fine, you want to give them the same, you know? Yeah. Yeah. No, I'll do what we're doing. We're doing good. I mean, the work from home life is full of always new adventures and new discussions, but, uh, staring at the same window every day is kind of old at the same time. So as a translator, I can you know, these white walls are the only things I see every day. So it's it's not in a week I've seen in pictures. It's pretty cool. Uh, but, uh, I guess I should introduce myself. I'm David. Evelyn. I'm the I'm the dummy that they got on the show. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. It's so short. Like that Twitter conversation last time. Yeah, I'm I'm I'm I'm the translator of undead and luck. Uh, number eight. And, uh, the new series I got is I tell c. So those are three series I do forbids, But other than that I am a freelance translator for pretty much anything you can name. I probably step my put my finger in that kind of media. So nice have you? Have you done any video games? I have. Nice. What's that, like just briefly. What? It's like you. Well, I'm currently doing a video game right now, Uh, and it's basically like the like. You get a bunch of Excel spreadsheets and a deadline, and you get no context. It's just have to go. Yeah, it's pretty. It's It can be frustrating if, like they don't have their stuff together. But, like if you've, you know, basically got it down to a science, then it's no different from translating a manga or a novel. Or, you know, for anime, I can enemies even more frustrating. Really? Yeah, sometimes what makes it? Because the material the materials that you get aren't usually in order sometimes or like they only have half an episode finished. So you have to work off Anna Matics or you have to work off of like a draft of a script that's not finished, and sometimes it's different when it actually airs, A whole bunch of stuff can happen so it's kind of frustrating. A lot of stuff is frustrating like that, but, you know, I don't want this to be the David show. David, I wanted to ask you a question, but how about let's let Brandon introduce himself? Then I'll come back. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, Let's do that next, next to the last. The last guy with us. Brandon. How you doing, Bud? Audi? Uh, I'm Brandon, Bolivia. I'm an English literature for manga. Um, and in Shonen Jump, I do Dragon Ball, Super hard boiled cop in Dolphin and number eight Nice. Three bangers. Yeah, all all of you here. And I am, like, blessed in this presence right now because all of you work on series that I really, really enjoy. So my brain is just like, yeah, I want to talk about energy to want to talk about, you know, uh, you know, I want to talk about it. All I sell seeds have been really enjoyable. So and, uh, Alexey, obviously, you know, Robeco is due to our so get credit for. You know that about that pirate guy. Now he sucks. I mean, it was a two piece by piece in the wing. Don't let don't let the one piece podcast guys hear you say that, man that going for you Never tell that will not show again. I'll walk up to Stephen and stay to his face.
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