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Snippet of Well, Then: Digital Wellness and Social Impact with Kim Cavallo

Last Played: February 23, 2021
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On this episode of Well, Then, Kim Cavallo talks about her idea Unplug For A Cause and how a community can come together not only to have a larger impact, but to empower individuals to fulfill their goals.
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alongside my own interest on along the way, I got to meet wonderful people like you and other people that, as you said, became part of the digital wellness collective. Um, and I just wanted to see where I could uniquely add value because there were so many wonderful people creating nonprofit organizations, building communities, um, you know, building products on DSO for me, since I've been a lot of my background is in fundraising for nonprofits and event planning on helping to kind of, you know, build community around causes. I just thought the best way to make any kind of healthy change is to know that there's people doing it with you. Um and so we came up with unplug for a cause and developed a A product. That is an app that is a simple meditation timer. Um, it just basically allows you to set the intention that this is going to be the time I'm gonna set, you know, spend away from my phone. It tracks your time. It shows you how many people are also unplugged at the same time. It allows you to take that time that you've kind of accumulated that you have not been on your phone and use it to, um, earn a reward. And I know you know, we've done that with your company on bond. We've done it with non profit organizations and we raise money. That's what unplugged for causes. So you can, um you know, let's say as a community, we say, Well, we're all gonna unplug and raise money for be more and every hour we unplug isa dollar towards the organization. And so, for different organizations we've raised, you know, up to $1000 and helped, you know, non profits. It's just kind of a new way for nonprofits to engage their community. To be able to say, Hey, if you take time away from your phone, we as an organization, um, you know, can get some important funds that we need to do the work that we're doing. I feel like that was such an incredible way to bring unplugging toe life because it's like, Okay, a lot of us are starting to realize and become aware now that we do need to spend less time on our devices, but it can be hard to break those habits and, like you said, it can really help. When you know that you're doing it with other people, you're not alone. And if you're doing it for something, you get something in return. Whether it be the reward of knowing that you've contributed Teoh a good cause or if you get some sort of other reward that can really help incentivize you. And it's for me have been really cool to see the back end of that on both sides. Um, like you said, we did a collaboration for my nonprofit organization. Be more. And at the end of that, it was so cool to not just see like, wow, people raised a few $100 for our non profit. But to think about that, equated to people unplugged from their phones for a few 100 hours collectively like that is so powerful. And then, yeah, we did one. To where? If people unplugged under the mindful eating category, then they got a free copy of my E guide, and I still love when I get notifications that somebody has downloaded using that code because I'm like, yes, good for you. Like you took time for yourself. Toe unplug from your device and to get something really, um, nourishing and empowering and that will educate you out of it as well. Like so cool that you've created a platform for people like that. Oh, thank you. Yeah, I feel like with us it's such an alignment. Because you with you and your clients and the people you know, all your messaging is around, like, take that first step. You know, don't look at it as you know, this overwhelming change of life. Look at it, like, what's you know, What can you do today And just the idea that somebody took the time to set the intention to be healthier with their device and that led them to then grow and be healthier with eating or mental health or whatever it is that we gave them as an incentive through your your work. I just thought that was that. I also get such a kick out of that because it you know, it was You know, you've got to start somewhere. Um, And if if you're starting with hey, I'm just gonna put down my phone and be more present, and then you get this wellness reward. Um, I think that's you know that was just kind of what we had in mind the whole time. So I'm so glad we had had the opportunity to do that together. And, you know, I think the cool part about how this has evolved into now activating phone free experiences at live events like music festivals and conferences is that I've really been very conscious of this idea of, You know, it's it's good to take breaks, but what do you feel that time with? And how can you create in your own world, whether it's in your home or your office? These boundaries, You know, what is your, um, you know, relationship to your phone Just the way that what is your relationship to food and what your relationship with fitness. It's like, what is? You know, um, talk about in your own mind? You know where the places in your home that are, uh, phone free or tech free, you know, is that your bedroom? Is that your dining room table? Um, and just being intentional about space. And so when we thought of bringing these phone free experiences to, you know, music festivals and other live events, we thought about, let's give people the feeling of what it feels like to dedicate a space to be phone free and then have the conversation moving forward. How can you bring that into your own life? How can you translate into that into your world? Eso Yeah, I'm excited about all that.
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